Tessa Lee

Tessa Lee


Folky, jazzy, with hints of blues and country, Tessa Lee writes lyrics which tug at your heart strings. With an incredible voice, sophisticated harmonic structures, and a charming stage presence, Tessa Lee stands out from the crowd.


Think folky in the storytelling sense, think bluesy in the emotional sense, think gutsy in the political sense and you've got a rough sketch of the independent Australian singer/songwriter, Tessa Lee. Then of course there's the various pop, reggae, rock and funk influences which will help complete the soundwave. If genres aren't your thing however, take Duke Ellington's word for it that, "There are only two types of music: good and bad." Then take our word for it that this is damn good music.

Hailing from the south-west Victorian coastal town of Barwon Heads, Tessa began writing songs as soon as she first picked up a guitar. With music flowing through her veins, she up and moved across the continent to study jazz at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of Music (Jazz/Flute).

With no time to spare, she set about recording and co-producing her first original, independent release in the winter of 2005. "Warm Orange Glow" was launched in November 2005 to critical acclaim: Lee's song "Out of The Night," (a folk ballad, set in Fremantle, WA) earnt her a nomination at The 2005 Western Australian Music Industry's annual Song Of The Year award for Best World/Folk Song.

In support of "Warm Orange Glow," Lee gained an ArtsWA grant and toured Victoria and appeared at The Folk, Rhythm and Life Festival in Wangaratta, in December 2005. Previous shows during 2005 include supporting Kate Ceberano, Jules (The Panics), and appearing at the Denmark Festival of Voice.

During 2006, Lee spent the last ten months touring and travelling (by van, plane and bicycle!) across Canada, playing shows from the western mountains of British Columbia to the eastern coastal tips of Nova Scotia. The "bootleg" EP "Chuckin' A Sickie on Da Westsyde," (recorded at Tone Deaf Productions, Kamloops, B.C.) was concieved as a result of these shananigans. The musical mecca of Montreal has recently drawn her in and she has begun to put down roots in the great north's european city, where a sub-zero winter promises to spark creativity...


Here's To Starting

Written By: Tessa Lee

Here’s To Starting/Do you remember when petrol was sixty cents a litre/and you could measure distance by the yard and not the metre/well the world has gone metric and a little bit electric/and we’re running out of things that we don’t even need/I guess you could call me a skeptic/of this lifestyle which is just a little too hectic/someone needs to take the lead/to stop first world greed/while the third world bleeds/So step up /and change the way that you water the garden/it ain’t much/but here’s to starting/She says to me, “it’s sugar-free,”/as if that’s supposed to make me happy /as if to say “what will they think of next?”/“Aren’t us human beings absolutely the best?”/that whatever we create must automatically be great/but I can’t believe she’s fallen for that dream/someone needs to say things are not necessarily what they seem/Didn’t you learn way back when/that if something doesn’t break it must bend/that what goes up must come down/if there’s no sugar doesn’t mean it won’t put a big dent in your health/it just might do it with a little more stealth/so step up/and plant some vegies in your garden/it ain’t much/but here’s to starting/here’s to taking some responsibility /about what you put into your body/it’s too easy to blame the big companies/coz after all, in the end, it’s you who has the choice/it’s you who owns your voice/so step up/and get educated about you garden/it ain’t much but here’s to starting…


"Warm Orange Glow" (Perth, Australia, 2005).
featuring Sam Anning (dble bass), Greg Brenton (drums), James Hunt (keys) and Tim Jago (electric guitar). FEATURE LENGTH ALBUM
AVAILABLE AT www.tessalee.info

"Chuckin' A Sickie On Da Westsyde," 2006 EP.
Featuring Tessa Lee (acoustic and electric guitar, flute and vocals.)

Set List

Born Yesterday
Down By The Water
Something Good
Headin For Disaster
Warm Orange Glow
Here’s To Starting
Miss You
Not The Only Way
Nothing To Lose
On My Side
Out Of The Night
Brian's Blues
Light In The Love

Tessa also boasts a broad repertoire of cover songs from artists such as Ricki Lee Jones, Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, The Waifs, Joni Mitchell. She has much experience playing coporate functions, weddings and parties as well as concert situations.

maximum: 3x45 mins
minimum: 1x30min