Tess Barr Band

Tess Barr Band

 Hood River, Oregon, USA

The Tess Barr Blues Band plays with fire, energy, heart and soul like no other. Tess brings down the house night after night with her powerful, dynamic vocal style and crowd pleasing charm while the rest of the band provides a raunchy palate for Tess to do her magic!


Tess Barr is a vocalist, songwriter and guitar player from The Pacific Northwest and has been singing her entire life. Growing up in the 60s listening to country and western music, Tess decided that rock and roll was really more her style but always felt empty until she discovered the blues in the late 70s and has never turned back. Tess has fronted many bands since, from solo gigs to large bands, such as The Chevy’s, Coast Motel, Blues Side Out, Right Hand Drive and The Tess Barr Blues Band for over 30 years. Tess is has also been a featured NW Woman and Blues artist and guest starred with many artists. Her beloved blues heroes Koko Taylor, Katie Webster, Luann Barton, Janis Joplin, Elmore James, Junior Wells, Muddy Waters and Hound Dog Taylor heavily influence Tess’ singing and songwriting style. With vocals that give you “chicken skin”, “Tess and her band can take any blues song and make it their own”. Look for her long anticipated CD Do What You Want to be released in 2011.


Crimes And Sins

Written By: Tess Barr

Crimes and Sins
© ? 2009 & 2011 Tess Barr Words, Music and Vocals All Rights Reserved
Tess Barr
1908 Orchard Road
Hood River, OR 97031

Crimes and Sins

Verse 1
I was born to my grandparents in 1958
My mother was just a child
It seems she could not wait
I was happy and free raised with a gentle hand
Then my momma got married
It seemed all hell began.

Verse 2
He had black hair and brown eyes
He was a Chippewa
With my blond hair and blue eyes
He could not be my pa
Abused and neglected
I held my head in shame
And I lived my life through tearful eyes
I never knew my name

What we have done to our children
Is what they will become
I only know my childhood
As living on the run
The sins of the mothers
We mirror in our eyes
But the crimes of the fathers
We keep buried down inside.

Verse 3
When I just thirteen my ma said
Go ahead and go
I can’t keep you here it isn’t fair to me don’t you know
I can’t help you I can’t save you
I don’t know where you belong
I never did look back I knew my childhood was gone

Chorus Repeat
Verse 4
Well I spent my whole life a thinking
That I was to blame
For the guilt and the anguish
Of my mothers pain
But it is my two children
And husband I adore
That taught me what a family is
And I don’t run no more

Chorus Repeat

Oh the crimes of the father we keep buried down inside.