Tessa Bickers

Tessa Bickers


"Tessa Bickers can be many things. She can be delicate, almost brittle, and I think that if she wanted to she could make a song about spilt milk seem like a genuine tragedy".


Inspired by artists including Tracy Chapman and Eva Cassidy, Tessa Bickers went out and bought a guitar between two lectures at Bournemouth University and taught herself to play.

Signing up to indie record label Smalldog, owned by fellow singer/songwriter from Bristol, Caroline Martin, Tessa released her debut album Pot Luck, which has received rave reviews from fans and magazines alike. NME Magazine said it “would bring a tear to a glass eye”, while PartinKingston.com said it was their “favourite CD by a female singer/songwriter in many, many moons.” She’s also building up quite a following on the live music scene having spent the past year gigging in every available venue from churches to children’s parties, with a few festivals in between.

Tessa’s already had the honour of supporting artists including Nick Harper, Judie Tsuke and The Inspiral Carpets and was one of a few UK artists to be flown out for Holland’s Acoustic Music Festival in April. She was voted one of the top 15 Unsigned Aritsts of 2006 by listeners of 'From the Underground' and her song 'Chasing Shadows' was one of the most requested on their radio station. Her song 'Under the Skies' reached the final ten of the folk section in O2 Unsigned. Her anti war song 'In the Dark' was used by George Galloway’s political party, Respect, for its campaign.

Tessa is the granddaughter of World War II Fighter Ace Sir Douglas Bader made famous by the film based on his life, "Reach For the Sky". When she’s not gigging you can normally find her at the bar drinking cider, the results of which can be heard on her self-released EP The Hangover Sessions.


"Pot Luck" Album released 2006
"The Hangover Sessions" EP released 2007
"Al O'Kane and Tessa Bickers" EP released 2007
"Chasing Shadows" on 3TR FM playlist.
"Live Sessions" on Brisol Uni Radio.