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Not Worth My Tears

Written By: Tess Langguth

Not Worth My Tears
An original song by Tess Langguth
Verse 1:

You have a way with words, don’t you
And you don’t care who you hurt, do you
I thought you were something out of a fairytale
You had me fooled, I trusted you and you let me down
But now I know the truth, and I’m too good for you

I gave you everything I had, and then you broke my heart
You’re everything I hate, you tore my world apart
Used me up and left me here
I wanna cry but you’re not worth my tears

Verse 2:
I tried to separate the lies… you told
You’ve woven them so intricate, it’s hard…. to know
Cause you know exactly what to say and when to say it
At the end of the day I’m angry, but I don’t regret it

Cause I learned from you,
I’m stronger then the things you do

Runaway With You

Written By: Tess Langguth

I know you like to runaway, never stop and stay
I see it in your smile
I know that you might be afraid, so many times betrayed
That nothing seems worth while
but when you look at me I lose my mind

If you stay with me
I'll never let you down, I'll give you everything
and if you get the urge to leave this town
and find something new
if you let me I'd runaway with you

verse 2:
when you came into my life, I didn't even mind
I knew that you would leave
but now, when all is said and done
you're the only one I love, yea you're the only one
this is more than I have ever felt


I thought that you would only be here for a while
but now that I'm addicted to your smile

chorus x2 ( will you )