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Tess Posner

Oakland, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Oakland, CA
Established on Jan, 2018
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"Tess Posner | "Supernova""

Oakland's Tess Posner blends classic vocals and personal lyrics in her feminist anthem, supporting victims of sexual violence. - PopDust

"Tess Posner, Supernova"

As impressive as Tess Posner’s project One Thousand Petals was – and still is, with each re-visit – this latest single Supernova is categorically in a league of its own.

Released on international women’s day of this year, Supernova deals with relationship trauma head on – showcasing the abused directly addressing their abuser, and paying a mighty tribute to the me too movement of recent years.

The story-line is fairly clear-cut when it comes to the lyricism of this release. The point though, is not to dwell on the pain or the struggle, but to resolve and see strength in overcoming. This is precisely what the song in full represents – the verses detail the hardship, and the hook turns to the idea of this supernova; this incomparable explosion of brightness and power. The intimacy and honesty of everything leading up to this helps create a captivating sense of contrast and lets that central concept hit with all the more impact.

The first thing to grab you about this single is the sound of Tess Posner’s voice – this melody and these from-the-heart, genuine lyrics pour through with emotional soul and a compelling, entrancing air of realness. The performance is beautiful, as is the melody – simple, short lines pave the way, a dark and reflective mood, before rightfully exploding into a huge moment of brightness and musical optimism.

The song’s hook is everything the title promises, but it’s these sections surrounding it that really let it shine. Posner’s voice is stunning, and this melody is so uniquely appealing and quite addictive in nature. The various lines of the song quickly become like anthemic bars of togetherness – the sort that could be relevant to anyone, and that would indeed bring a crowd together in a wonderful way at a live show.

Supernova is a superb song that’s likely to stand the test of time over the coming years. A great release from a fantastic songwriter.

Download the single via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Tess Posner on Facebook & Instagram. - Stereo Stickman

"The power of Tess Posner’s ‘Supernova’ on International Women’s Day remains forever!"

Tess Posner is a glorious Oakland based singer-songwriter by music love and a social entrepreneur & CEO of AI4ALL by day. She’s involved in a million things though just at the glance of it! As an activist, she supports women and under-represented communities and that’s exactly what comes with Supernova today. Released on International Women’s Day “the song is meant to honor the courage and bravery of those who identify as women, trans or non-binary who are coming forward” in her words. Learn more about the lyrics and the track here.

If Massive Attack hanged out with London Grammar and Zero 7 perhaps Posner would be somewhere in the middle of things, roaring away passionately into the nu trip-hop / electro scene. Self & social empowerment needs a lot of inner strength, however once helping others the forces multiply. It’s so great to see talented people in their day/music jobs giving out so much of their creativity, that we can fully understand! From the #metoo movement to the next, we follow Tess as our bright star shining away. This track is in for serious replays! - Give It A Spin

"Tess Posner reveals her new single, 'Supernova'"

Hailing from Oakland, Tess Posner, is a indie artist who released her most recent single 'Supernova' on International Women's Day. The track tells the story of a woman who, through the trauma of nearly dying at the hands of her abusive partner, realises the strength of her power. Its lyrics center on finding a place deep inside of ourselves with the strength to speak out about abusers or oppressors: “You can try to hurt me but I am bigger than you ever imagined, and my inner strength is like the brightness of 10 billion suns.” - The Digital Fix

"Tess Posner releases debut single – ‘Feels Like Freedom’ out of forthcoming EP ‘One Thousand Petals’"

Oakland native indie pop singer-songwriter – Tess Posner – presents today her debut single. ‘Feels Like Freedom’ is part of her debut EP called ‘One Thousand Petals’, scheduled to be released on December 1st.
Expect this Winter to start with ‘One Thousand Petals’ covering your homes instead of snow. With a soothing retro vibe inspired by her personal stories, Tess Posner cuts open through memories and pulls out forgotten feelings that are coming back to life only to bring comfort to those listening to the EP.
‘I wrote this song because I had to. My first ‘me too’ experience happened when I was just 15 years old. I shut down. I trampled my own voice, and my own feelings, as far down as I could. Embracing emptiness felt like an escape from everything pushed down below. Years later, coming back to myself, I realized that kind of escape only built another kind of prison. Writing songs has become a big part of the alchemy of rediscovering my own voice. This song is dedicated to those of us – and the parts of ourselves – whose pain goes unspoken, yet longs to cry out: May we all be heard.’ – Tess Posner
For her debut EP, Tess joined forces with producer Alicia Champion (Glee, Steven Tyler, Patty Larkin.) The magic comes out of Durga Sound Studio, located in Oakland, California, where Tess tracked vocals.
The album starts with the original version of ‘Love Song (to Myself)’ and ends with the acoustic version of it. Those attending the release party Tess will hold on December 1st will get the chance to listen to all songs live in an unforgettable acoustic session.
“One Thousand Petals” Tracklist

Love Song (to Myself)
Feels Like Freedom
Take It Back
Love Song (to Myself) – Acoustic - Vents Magazine


Following up on Tess Posner’s debut EP, ‘One Thousand Petals‘, ‘Supernova‘ tells the story of a woman who, through the trauma of nearly dying at the hands of her abusive partner, realizes the strength of her power. Its lyrics center on finding a place deep inside of ourselves with the strength to speak out about abusers or oppressors: “You can try to hurt me but I am bigger than you ever imagined, and my inner strength is like the brightness of 10 billion suns.”

Tess is releasing this new single on International Women’s Day 2019 (March 8) as a message of hope for the one in three women who have experienced or will experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.

Tess Posner is a singer/songwriter from Oakland, CA. She melds a fusion of electronic and pop influences with deeply personal lyrics to create universal themes around power, trauma, transformation, and female empowerment. In her day job, she is a social entrepreneur working to bring diversity and equity into technology, and runs an international nonprofit. - Rock Your Lyrics

"Tess Posner, Supernova Review"

By day Tess Posner is the CEO of AI4ALL, a US nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy. Posner began her music career as a teenage in coffee houses, her passions also included activism, by supporting women and under-represented communities. In 2018, Posner released her debut EP – One Thousand Petals, it introduced the public to her depth as a songwriter by highlighting songs that deal with issues relating to power and those of women in the fight to be heard or to simply be themselves. Her lyrics are personal as Posner too has gone through a journey of struggle to strength, her songs highlight the fight of reclaiming one’s own voice – they also invite the listener into the process, reinforcing togetherness and offering a level of determination and pride that’s easy to make your own. Posner has a new single that stems from this same theme titled “Supernova,” that was just released on March 8, 2019. - Staccatofy

"Tess Posner: “The Mask”"

"Tess Posner is an absolute delight to listen to. She has a very soulful and haunting voice, while the song is beautiful, heartfelt, realistic, and distinctive. “The Mask” is one of those tracks that you can leave on repeat and you will not get tired of it that easily. Lyrically and sound wise it is so strong and powerful that it really moves you. Tess Posner is on fire showcasing the uniqueness of her voice and songwriting perfectly. When Tess is playing to her strengths, like she does here, there’s no stopping her." - Jamsphere


  1. EP: One Thousand Petals, 2018
  2. Single: Supernova, 2019
  3. Single: The Mask, 2019
  4. Single: New Angels



"Part of what is exciting about Tess as an artist is her willingness to explore themes beyond the surface." -Jamsphere, 2019

Tess Posner began singing in coffee-houses as a teenager, and continued as a passion throughout her ten years as an activist – supporting women and under-represented communities. Less than two years ago her passion for music reignited, and not without influence from those experiences – her songwriting deals with trauma and self-empowerment.

In 2018, Tess released her debut EP – One Thousand Petals – a well received project that introduced her sound and her values as an artist. She collaborated with producer Alicia Champion, producer and artist and recorded at Durga Sound studio in Oakland CA. Musically, Tess Posner brings together elements of inspiration from the likes of Tori Amos, Massive Attack, Portishead and Fiona Apple.

In 2019, Tess released three new singles- including “Supernova” on International Women’s Day collaborating with Producer Trey Vittetoe (who’s produced Selena Gomez, Mylie Cyrus and Katy Perry among others) which received praise for its vocal performance, honest themes, and catchy melody and won press coverage from Pop Dust, Vents Magazine, Rock Your Lyrics, Staccatofy, and the Digital Fix among others. In 2019, she's headlined several shows in the Bay Area and played at Serenity Gathering, a festival with over 5000 attendees.

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