TESTPHASE Media Distortion Consortium

TESTPHASE Media Distortion Consortium


TESTPHASE is a visual collective from Barcelona. We have been working for the last 7 years in the field of VJ-ing and presented our work in clubs and festivals all over Europe (SONAR Barcelona, CLUB TRANSMEDIALE Berlin, ...) and have a residency at 2 big clubs (Razzmatazz, BeCool) in Barcelona.


VJs and visual artists from Barcelona.

Visual titbits of algorithmic decomposition on delicate cycle. Receptorflirts wirth abstract structure-spliting in a audio-video-text menage-a-trois. Flouting environments in vectorial landscapes.

We work as VJs and audiovisual artists and do in-situ audiovisual instalations as well as live visual improvisations in clubs and on festivals.
We have a broad spectrum of diferent esthetics in our sets, but in general our visuals tend to work better with electronic music.

During the last years we played on numerous festivals throughout Europe, among others on Sonar Barcelona (w/ Area3), Club Transmediale Berlin and Observatori Valencia. Besides our VJ residency in two of the most interesting clubs in Barcelona - Sala Razzmatazz/Loft and BeCool - we colaborate close with diferent musicians and bands like IRIS (Monica Enterprises) and ARBOL (Miguel Marin - Emilirecords), with whom we did a tour throug Spain and Japan.

A small selection of acts we played with:

Alexander Kowalski
Alex Under
DJ Krush
Dominik Eulberg
Ellen Allien
Jackson & His Computer Band
Metro Area
Miss Kittin
Nathan Fake
Sascha Funke

Set List

Our visual sets can have any duration between 1-8 hours, although we prefer 4 hours as a maximum.