tete octet

tete octet


Who tells of the furture, of the good and bad to come? The prophet. Who preaches the word but is riddled with contradictions? The pope. When did the two first come together and agree on something? Tete Octet.


John Teske started writing electronic music at early age, using primitive Windows recording software to make beats. Later having learned the joys of writing and playing classical music, he discovered his niche within contemporary experimental and improvisatory music. Today John is an active composer and performer in the new music scene (is this what the scene is called) in Seattle.

Ian Bell started writing poetry in high school to help him make sense of the fragmented feelings making there way to his mind and the inconsistence of ideals at large. Stories of passionately flawed love, broken civic dreams, and solutions to the both, filled pads and pads of paper. First finding publication for the poetry alone Ian quickly looked to present his words with music.

John and Ian (Bell) met in 2003 through John's older brother, Scott, who is the bassist for indie-pop band sea.mine. Finding that sea.mine wasn't the proper vehicle for all his lyrical themes, Ian pursued an audience with John in hopes of starting an electronica project. tĂȘte octet was formed and the pope and the prophet were born. As the prophet, John creates unique visions filled with sounds and tools never seen onstage before and with a zeal that only a true man of god could yield. As the pope, Ian weaves truths within deceit to put across a message to the masses revealing the light.


New Line

Written By: pope/prophet

They say that we are too young for thoughts the ins and outs they got us on the blocks but can they cut it?
We're written off cause our mistakes. We pitched the tent but then forgot the stakes. Running makes the roots grow faster.
If you feel the climates about to change the rain's down to fall we'll call. Clashing courts by cherub hands we got your list but we can't make your demands. I have read up. So slip your skin upon my bed and show me how you plan to make amends. Skip this page we're from the coming chapter. If you feel the climates about to change the rain's down to fall we'll call. Hungry hearts are waiting for the food to be served but I think we have to wait for all new lines. Hungry hearts are waking up they will want new lines. Holy hands will break us up they wont have new lines. Hungry hearts are waking up they will cry new lines. But holy hands keep breaking up the wont have new lines.

Four years without hope

Written By: pope/prophet

Street lights
they bring the night
and pea coat pockets warm my hands nestled on your chest
and my heart is bruised from pumping out the pain
four years without hope
and now you wake me from the sleep I need to cope
and my eyes are scared from scratching out the dream tonight
my chest is chaffed from rubbing out the pain


New Line Single
b-side: Four years without hope

Set List

four Years without hope
de bussy
shade of grey
mirror (come cleaner)
club captian
baby's on fire (Brian Eno cover)
new line
honey bear