Tetra Chrome

Tetra Chrome


If Bjork and Cat Power had a child, who had a child with the child of Cocorosie and Mazzy Star...we sound like the lullabies he might sing to his child, if the babies mother was Feist.


The two members of Tetra Chrome met less than a month ago on a small uncharted island right outside of the Transparent Sea while hunting for the same treasure which they came to realize could only be found when their two maps were put together.


The Fourth Color E.P. (which will feature 5 songs) will be released in may (for promotional use) on the two month anniversary of the bands conception.

Set List

Our Current Set list consists of 6 songs.
All of our songs are under 5 minutes.
All of our songs are original except for our cover of "Lovers Spit" by Broken Social Scene.