Tetra Fever

Tetra Fever


It's official - British Rock'n'Roll has never been sexier! The magnetic 4-piece musical enigma that is Tetra Fever is a searing and sonic rock sound that is charismatic, uniquely styled and intent on delivering a melodic and energetic riffs and songs that prove how reactive good music can be!


Tetra Fever is a band like no other you have ever heard - subtly and effortlessly combining searing rock, psychedelic riffs with and a sexy groove with pulsating energy that transports you across the entire musical timeline and back!

The band was born in the wake of the 2005 Glastonbury festival, where singer Patrick Lynch & guitarist Adam Wilding first met amongst the highly charged festival atmosphere discovering they both had a taste for artists ranging from P.J. Harvey to Hendrix, soon after instant classics began to be written as Mr. Mark Field joined them after an impromptu jam session.

Fast forward a few weeks and the band were completed by Motown girl Lexy who - with a hint of flair for Ska and Hendrix -brought the final piece to the puzzle enhancing the band to what they are today - a delicious blend of rock and rhythm that touches your heart and dazzles your mind!

Since then Tetra Fever have exploded into the Realms of Original, Groove based music. The band BELIEVE in rock'n'roll and have been dazzling audiences around London over the past 2 years with unavoidable guitar riffs and alluring vocals that make sure every aspect of their sound is riddled with energy and hysteria!


EP release - "Tetra Fever" in 2007.

Some songs from their current EP (to be released this year) can be viewed at www.myspace.com/tetrafeverband!

Set List

The band's set list is typically between 7-9 songs long, though they are flexible and have plenty crackers in our repertoire! Sets sets can last from 30 - 45 minutes but Tetra Fever have enough massive songs for longer if necessary! Other than that it is all Tetra Fever no covers!