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""Absolute Zero" Review (by Grinding The Apparatus)"

Progressive metal found a home in Shreveport, LA. Four talented young folks previously put together a promising EP/demo that delivers solid, well-composed instrumental progressive metal. Some time later, a member of the band emails me and says the older stuff has been updated and new stuff had been made, making it a full-length. I can't fault them for working hard and delivering well on the EP's promise. Tetrafusion will undoubtedly satisfy your desire for solid progressive metal.

There is an undeniable neo-classical edge to this currently-unsigned band. The instrumentation is interesting and flows quite well. Transitions work, and they come at just the right points in each song, allowing them to permeate before naturally changing direction. 'Absolute Zero' doesn't try to be one step ahead of the listener. Everything the songs set up are delivered upon. It's heavy, but it is oftentimes more relaxed and deliberate than all-out pulverizing, which is something uncommon and welcome.

I must congratulate the production value of this release. While the cover art is a bit bland, the careful mixing of all the instruments used is so clear - almost futuristic. The music lends itself to an otherworldly nature due to the wonderful balance between each instrument. The songs are much better off because of this, and the listener is seldom bored.

Tetrafusion, more akin to an instrumental Kamelot than a Dream Theater, are very successful at what they do. It's easy to get mired in the countless prog albums put out, but this one is instrumental, making it a bit different. They've only been together for a few years, but if this album is any indication, we'll expect many good things from these guys soon. Great work all around. - Grinding The Apparatus

""Absolute Zero" Review (by Progression Magazine)"

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http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/406/pmad.png - Issue #57 / June 2009

""Absolute Zero" Review (by Rock Hard Magazine)"

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http://img338.imageshack.us/img338/9179/dsdad.jpg - Issue #267 / August 2009

""Absolute Zero" Review (by Decibel Magazine)"

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http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/9382/6546546.jpg - Issue #59 / September 2009

""Absolute Zero" Review (by All Metal Resource)"

Recently, AMR had the opportunity to review Scale the Summit’s latest album Carving Desert Canyons, which I thought was a very well put together all instrumental album. Upon finishing this album, I really wasn’t sure that Scale the Summit would find much success outside of their niche fanbase or the progressive metal community because of the complete anti-thesis they work with in comparison to modern, popular metal. However, along came the promo album for Tetrafusion’s debut album Absolute Zero. After listening to this, there is no doubt that instrumental metal has the ability to make a HUGE impact on the metal community!

Absolute Zero, first and foremost, is a concept album. How you ask, can an all instrumental album be conceptual? To which I would answer, “have you ever listened to ‘The Planets’ from Gustav Holst?” Conceptualizing music is not a new phenomenon, and Tetrafusion’s Absolute Zero is merely a tried and true method of expressing musical art. Most metal fans however, are still hung up the traditional rock and roll methodology of lead man and the accompanying band. However, once people sample this puppy, there is no doubt that opinion will change. Now, before I sidetracked myself, I was about to explain the details of the album’s concept. Absolute Zero “depicts the life of the universe from beginning to end via the form of instrumental music,” which is direct from the booklet. This may sound straight forward enough, but the band is quite literal in its translation of concept to music with a very intricate, scientific timeline with each song representing a point along the way. Appropriately, each step on this intricate path of cosmic creation is represented by an out of this world progressive track. Ladies and gentlemen, Tetrafusion pulls no punches on this album, this is quite simply put, conceptually, instrumentally, metallic…y?, amazing.

From beginning to end, I was not once lost, nor did I succumb to boredom. Tetrafusion weaves an incredible symphony of riffs alongside perfectly projected drums and keys. I do have to admit, that as great as this album is, I wasn’t really able to follow the “story” per se. I am no idiot or anything, but the scientific concepts were a bit lofty (especially those that represent the physics of the universe) when trying to identify them with the music at hand. No matter though, because understanding the point of the music as the musicians intended is not as important, because the enjoyment factor of simply listening to each track is enough for me.

Going back to my Scale the Summit comparison. While Scale the Summit uses more of a subdued take on their metal with a more mesmerizing and trance like feel to their music, Tetrafusion is much more curious and outgoing. Its kind of funny to think that metal can be differentiated at that level, but if you have heard both of these bands, you may know what I am getting at. Oh, and did I mention that this album is completely self released? The bad ass-itude has increased 10 fold with this fact in mind.

The bottom line though, ignoring all the hubub about concepts, sub-genre classification, and popularity contests, is that Absolute Zero is an album that bridges all boundaries because its literally impossible to not like at least SOMETHING about this album, in fact, I challenge people out there to sample this record on the band’s Myspace page and come back here and tell me that it sucks. If you do, you won’t get any free energy drinks…simple as that, because everyone else will….free ones.

AMAZING - All Metal Resource

""Absolute Zero" Review (by Metal To Infinity - [Belgium])"

Formed in late 2006, some musicians find each other - shared thoughts and common ideas to set up a brand new project. Loaded with a good view on musical experiences and a healthy attitude, these guys found their alley to the rehearsal room - many hours and days spending, pieces fell in each other and good compositions were made. Practising as often as possible to found their own handed, musical identity - a bit later on, a couple of other musicians knocked on the front door offering their skills too. Line up completed, from that moment on - the band Tetrafusion was ready to Rock!

Well, Shreveport Louisiana USA based Tetrafusion just sent me their debut, full length output ''Absolute Zero'' - meanwhile I gave this album a few spins to made up my mind and I was completely surprised honestly. Without vocals, the band offers a unique form of instrumental compositions in a very professional way to me. Have to admit, efforts fulfilled only with instrumentals - the songs must be of an high-minded quality... if not, after a few tracks, attention falls deep down to zero to me. What I'm trying to say is that with an effort like ''Absolute Zero'', all is different. Expect the unexpected is how Id like to formulate the entire album. An obvious fact is that each one in the ranks of Tetrafusion delivers a perfect way of musical techniques.

I don't like some of the songs at all, the ones with Jazzy influences are not my alley but I still do have respect for the choice they made creating works like this. Bands playing songs from the heart without looking back to others... that's the spirit to me - hold on to your own faith in the music you like! The one with a Progressive Rock / Metal attitude deserve my attention completely. I can guarantee you all that some of the songs are just beautiful! Played with power and melody in a very technical manner and a lot of breaks, tempo accelerations up and down... it's just these kinda tracks I'd like to call superb!

The experimental aspect within the Tetrafusion ranks are optimal, sometimes with dark passages or a psychedelic feel - ''Absolute Zero'' reflects many ways of unexpected musical inversions... a real journey through impressive sound scapes. My moments of inner pleasure were during songs like 'Gravity' , 'Momentum' and 'The End'. A combination of joy, passion, sadness, melancholy and dark moments... what pleases my ears mainly are the great delivered guitar duties - breath taking riffs and good oiled solo's, dig it completely!

To bring on music without vocal parts ain't that easy to keep the songs attractive - you have to lay down a lot of emotion and passion while playing instrumental compositions. Otherwise, the possibility falling into some kind of an insipid / boring adventure. Tetrafusion keeps head above the surface and (with exception of a few songs I really don't like), they succeed entirely. Fans of Liquid Tension Experiment better look out for these guys.

''Absolute Zero'' is a very impressive effort for all those into Progressive Rock / Metal worshippers not afraid cruising down the experimental roads also. - Metal To Infinity (Belgium)

""Absolute Zero" Review (by Ultimate-Guitar [9.3/10!!])"

Sound: In the past couple years it's become increasingly difficult to find good instrumental music, let alone good music in general, but Tetrafusion's debut album "Absolute Zero" could change that. "Absolute Zero" is definitely one of the best albums of the year despite the lack of a singer. The album is based on the concept of the universe starting with the "Big Bang" and finishing with the universe's demise, without a single word being uttered. The thing I love about this album is that it feels like an epic music journey from start to finish. Every song just flows, for instance the song "Dark Matter" it begins with a cello and a piano playing together and at 1:28 the cello disappears and a perfect transition to guitar begins without skipping a beat. Another great song on this album is "The End', my personal favorite; it's a 15-minute epic and even if this were the only song on the album I would still pay 10 dollars for it. I only have one problem with the whole album and it's that at some points in the album the distorted guitar lacks tone; it's not even that noticeable and it rarely happens but that's the only thing stopping me from giving this album a 10. // 9

Lyrics and Singing: Despite the lack of any singing in "Absolute Zero" Tetrafusion still does a great job telling a story. In the song "The End" the band has no problem expressing the feeling of inevitable doom and chaos. Even without lyrics, this song has epic written all over it. // 9

Impression: The thing that stands out on "Absolute zero" is the amazing layering and the unbelievable transitions. I listen to a lot of music, but never have I heard a 15-minute instrumental song that kept my interest the whole time. "Absolute Zero" is definitely a modern masterpiece. I, without a doubt, put this in my top ten best albums of 2009. If you don't get hooked within the first song this album isn't for you. "Absolute Zero" is a definite buy for people who like Dream Theater, Genesis, Between the Buried and Me, Yes, King Crimson, or progressive rock in general. Although Tetrafusion is amazingly talented they have yet to have any real commercial success, and That's sad thing about music the best bands are always in the shadows of bands like My Chemical Romance or The Jonas Brothers so I ask that everyone help support Tetrafusion and buy "Absolute Zero" you wont be disappointed. // 10 - Ultimate-Guitar.Com


Our debut album, "Absolute Zero", was released worldwide on February 17th, 2009 as a full-length completion to our previously released EP, "Absolute Zero EP". Tracks from "Absolute Zero" have received airplay on:


KNDS - 105.9 FM (Fargo, ND)
WEOS - 89.7 FM (Waterloo, NY)
WKGB - 92.5 FM (Binghamton, NY)
WZMR - 104.9 FM (Albany, NY)
KZZE - 106.3 FM (Medford, OR)
WVBR - 93.5 FM (Ithaca, NY)
WBGU - 88.1 FM (Bowling Green, OH)
WCHZ - 95.1 FM (Augusta, GA)
KKFI - 90.1 FM (Kansas City, MO)
WYBB - 98.1 FM (Charleston, SC)
KPFT - 90.1 FM (Houston, TX)
KYRS - 89.9 FM (Spokane, WA)
WSCA - 106.1 FM (Portsmouth, NH)
KTUX - 98.9 FM (Shreveport, LA)
KSCL - 91.3 FM (Shreveport, LA)
KLPI - 89.1 FM (Ruston, LA)

Heritage - 103.7 FM (Perth, Australia)
Radio Mercure - 93.0 FM (Oise, France)
Radio Centrum - 98.2 FM (Lublin, Poland)


LG73 - Online (Canada)
HGRNJ - Online (Worldwide)
PRM (Prog Rock & Metal) Radio - Online
MePertenece Radio - Online (Argentina)
Many More Radio - Online
RoboBomb - Online
Beauty From Ashes Radio - Online
PROG.FM Radio - Online
Prog Palace Radio - Online
Aural Moon Radio - Online
Mothpod Radio Podcast - Online
Progressive Positivity Radio - Online
Music World Radio - Online
Total Rock Radio - Online (London)
NWL Radio - United Kingdom
TLP Radio Show - Online
Phoenix Radio - Online
The Metal Deli - Online
Braingell Radio - Online
Ultra Rock Radio - Online (France)
Full Metal Radio - Online
Maximum Ink Radio - Online
Pro Radio - Online (Poland)
The Metal Mad Man - Online
Wake Up Dead - Online
Jango Radio - Online



Tetrafusion is an experimental/progressive metal band based out of Shreveport, Louisiana. After releasing their debut album “Absolute Zero” in February of 2009, the band has already begun to garner global acclaim from rave reviews, press, and new fans worldwide. While the band is currently in the studio to record their sophomore album as of August 2009, plans for vocalist Gary Tubbs (also the group’s keyboardist) have quickly taken shape. Choosing not to have used a vocalist for their debut record, Tetrafusion forced listeners to direct their attention to the music rather than on the lyrics, where it should ultimately be focused. Although soon introducing lyrics to current and future listeners alike, the music itself will continue to remain as the primary focus in all future endeavors. While continuing to hone and polish their style as a result of sheer musical innovation, Tetrafusion promises to stay true to their home in the progressive genre in all future and upcoming material. Expect the new album in early 2010!