An acoustic trio on the cusp between good, old fashioned songwriting and and rocking so hard you tilt your head to the side in confusion. Combining solid vocal harmonies and rythmically complimenting melodies, Teuce brings with it a package of genre influence never before seen in three white guys.


The hardest part about being in a band is coming up with the name. For those who never had to tackle this task, it is as arduous as any other. Writing a song or lyrics, getting everyone together for practice, working during the day and playing at night, all fall short. Finding the right name for our group had many phases, coinciding with changes in the members. Originally, and excitedly, we were '3toabed'. Being enamored with the idea of a trio, we believed this name to be the preverbial 'shit'. We were oh so wrong. Everyone would simply question any perverted undertones to the name, which we would simply respond to by shaking our heads in dissappointment of our fellow man. During this time we had both a drummer and a keyboardist...neither lasted. We trecked on under various names; Punch The Castus, Blue Jean Queens, The Bearded Ladies, 5piece3, etc. Finally we stumbled across the idea of using something both simple and meaningful to us. With the most recent addition of a percussionist wielding a very interesting and mysterious instrument, Teuce was born. However, we can not devuldge the secret behind the name's creation. You have to come see the music for that one. Oh yeah, about the music...it rocks...seriously.


EP - 'Making Grown Men Cry'
Slide Song- music:Sean Grabiner, Mike Lang
lyrics: Sean Grabiner
performed by: Teuce, 2006
Conversations- music and lyrics: Sean Grabiner
performed by: Teuce, 2006
Corrina, Corrina- lyrics: Bob Dylan
arranged by: Sean Grabiner,
Mike Lang
performed by: Teuce, 2006

Set List

We have over thirty songs to play that we can mix and match to create many very different sets with different feels. We are prepared to play up to three hours of music consisting of originals and well chosen covers. We have enough material to play a mellow acoustic set with a rootsy folk based feel, or we can also play a higher energy set with a little more improvisation and really funk it up. What we love to do is to combine the elements of both, and create a set that moves, keeps people interested and really showcases our wide array of influences.