Teutonic Knights

Teutonic Knights

BandRockNew Age

After 30 years of trial & error and trying to be as different & unique as possible (if there is such a thing), we fall somewhere between Amedeus & Zappa. Maybe we are a little different...we let are fans be the judge.


Broought up & weened on the Beatles, we all appreciate the more melodic direction in music. Our music covers all directions. One second were playing a beautiful tune that belongs in Broadway play, then shift to a rap parody in a heart beat.


None to speak of as of yet...we can only dream.

Set List

We do mostly covers cause we play venues that call for that so, we aim to please of course. We do mostly 60's & 70's tunes, with a few 80's thrown in. We cover mostly rock, R&B & funk tunes.