Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Someone once described the Tevellus sound as-Egypt in the year 2185. A space age gypsy caravan. A blend of the ancient and the futuristic. Tevellus is a group from Providence,Rhode Island performing a hybrid of middle eastern belly dance music,jazz-hop,raga-roll,electronica,film and dance.Dance!!!!


More than your average group, the performance experience becomes a blend of the ancient and futuristic.Tevellus has been constructing a fusion of styles including Middle Eastern, Indian, Funk, Jam, and Jazz - blending up drum Layers from all traditions into a construct of unique, fiery music. Accompanied by the dance of the captivating Ms Fury ,Tevellus takes the audience on a journey of exploration into soundscapes of the worlds cultures and brings them into new spirit. Originally formed in 2005 as an acoustic guitar and electronic percussion duo, Tevellus has grown to a full-size troupe, including baglama saz, tabla, sitar, drums,electric guitar,bass,cello,keyboard, various percussion and guest reed and string players. The Tevellus debut was released in 2009, "Blue Star" the bands second album releases spring 2011-both on the bands own Sign 11 label.


Tevellus- 16 tracks,74 minutes. - 2009 Blue Star - 16 tracks, 76 minutes - 2011

Set List

we play all original compositions and improvisations. we are an instrumental band, although the human voice does make an occasional appearance in our music.