Texas Crossing
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Texas Crossing

Hamilton, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Hamilton, TX | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Duo Country Traditional





“An amazingly captivating couple! The band has an ability to make each person feel the passion in their music and that is what makes it wow...” - Daniel Clifton


“They are absolutely mesmerizing together!! Their mission is to bring back the old traditional country that people don't just do not get to hear too much anymore, and add a new twist to it bring in the younger generations.” - Daniel Clifton

"Honest, believable country Sound"

“Texas Crossing brings the heart of country back to the forefront. With an honest, believable sound, this award winning husband and wife duo capture the soul of music and deliver audiences a memory of past and present. Rarely do we see the purity and originality that side steps the mainstream and takes us back to our roots.” - Russell Koontz


“Texas Crossing_, the husband and wife duo comprised of Colt Buckelew and Tiffany Valentine recently released their latest EP: Heaven, Hell, and Mexico. One of the songs from the project is the emotional “Cry.” The song, a mid-tempo ballad that mixes country with a prominent electric guitar edge, is a (relatable) sorrowful, hurting tale about reeling from the end of a relationship; unsure of why the other person left, wanting and needing to be left alone to go somewhere to sort out one’s feelings and just let it all out. While Buckelew sings lead, Valentine provides the soulful harmonies on the aching number where one can sense the hurt in their heartfelt vocals. “And the tears are falling down like rain And only I, only I can feel the pain And I need somewhere to run and hide To a place where no one can hear me cry”” - Tara Joan


Still working on that hot first release.



“Texas-based acoustic troubadours; Texas Crossing have an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of their listeners’ emotions with their heartfelt originals, and passion filled covers.

Catch any of their live performances and you'll find them semlessly moving between traditional country to classic rock while performing the songs with the passion each song deserves. Yet, it all manages to sound cohesive-- “strangly familiar” as one fan called it-- and all apart of the unforgettable experience.

It’s not unusual for the unusual to happen at Texas Crossing's loose and free-spirited performances—you never know what songs they’ll bust out with.

This is a duo who REALLY knows how to entertain all types of crowds. Audience members have described Texas Crossing as “excellent musicianship combined with entertaining showpersonship,” “music with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along,” “high energy with a feel-good vibe,” and “lots good-natured fun.”

This powerful husband-wife duo have now played over 800 shows in their four short years with performances that have taken them across Texas! What started as small flame has turned into a raging fire one that is staying lit in the hearts of fans and listeners.

Songwriter, Colt Buckelew, strives for his compositions to have memorable melodies that stand on their own, yielding an unmistakable music foundation for their compelling lyrics and melodies. For the band, it's all about the song. They deliver musical hooks, deft arrangements, and lush harmonies that provide a just “right amount” of color to support the emotional core of each song.

Colt Buckelew (Lead Vocalist/Lead, rythum guitar, and songwriter) has been in the music industry for well over 35 years. Traditional country and classic rock music are what he prefers. Equipped with a deep and raspy voice, and charmingly good looks, and music encyclopedia of knowledge, he has given a new sound to old country. His ability to poetically comprise such heartfelt lyrics helps one to identify who his musical idols were!

Colt writes with a passion that comes from his souls and transcends into their musical creations. Together they share a great ability to write and perform Texas Outlaw Country originals in both traditional and non-traditional styles. Together they prove that music should be about how it makes the listener feel. With thought-provoking songs, they are Today's Country with yesterday's heart and soul...

Tiffany Valentine (lead vocalist/backup vocals, rhythm guitar, booking agent, manager, promotional team), provides both distinctive and soulful vocals as well as the backup harmonies! Assuming the responsibilities of being the Manager and booking agent, Tiffany has the least amount of experience and time in the industry.

Tiffany's passion for music is evident in her performance as she leaves her songs 110% on the stage for her audiences in a memorable experience Everytime. She has the incredible ability to make sure you feel the songs as deeply as she does.

Before finding her acoustic calling, Tiffany majored in Psychology obtaining her Associate's as well as working herself through her Bachelor's program leaving only 5 classes, she had already decided performing was her purpose in life, and left school to be a full time musician along side her original inspiration for music: Colt Buckelew.

Earning herself the title as Lady of Lone Star by being unmatchable in her promotional and management skills as well as being equipped with a persistent attitude she's reignited the sparks of Colts once shattered dreams of playing and writing music.

Did you know? The joining of the two artists was in a sense only meant to be a hobby for the couple to bond over. When Tiffany graduated her Associate's degree in Psychology in 2011, her grandparents asked what she wanted. Since her grandfather built guitars and was dying of mesothelioma, she figured it would give her and Colt more time to bond over a common interest; their love for music!

In June 2018 they released their much anticipated EP; It's all over. Texas Crossing has gained much recognition, and radio play over Internet and terrestrial radio shows across the world!

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