Texas FX

Texas FX


Texas FX is an up pace country band that likes to bring the southern rock live energy to their shows. They aren't out to impress anyone. They're just doing what they love to do.


It sounds like every teenager's dream - you walk down the halls of your high school and spy kids you don't know wearing your band t-shirt and singing your tunes. But that's the gig now for Texas FX, a country group founded in February of 2008 by a group of Hays High School Students. Texas FX is Hayden Thomas on lead guitar and vocals, JW Welch on rhythm guitar and back-up vocals, Josh Delgado on drums and Jon Johnson on bass and vocals. For their musical influence, the boys look to the "red dirt" alt-country sounds of bands like Cross Canadian Ragweed and Randy Rogers, but they try to bring the energy of Southern rock to their live shows.

Set List


My Lovin'
Tonights The Night
Time For You To Go
Rescue Me
Last Thing I Need
In Shame
Everythings Gonna Be Alright


Love-Roger Creager
In Oklahoma-Cross Canadian Ragweed
Wear My Ring-Bart Crow
The Weight-The Band
Opheilia-The Band
Cry Lonely-Cross Canadian Ragweed
God Bless this Town-Wade Bowen