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Move over.....Ry Cooder becouse the King of Slide is here!!!This is real blues with a raw edge.One man with his Dobro,a mean slide technique and a voice gargled in whisky! - besonic.com

© 2004 R Cat Communications - All Rights Reserved
01. Blues following me. 02. San Antone boogie. 03. Dark Street. 04. Can't stand it. 05. If we all sing the blues. 06. Rainbow talkin'. 07. Nobody home. 08. I just want you to remember. 09. Overseas blues. 10. How long?. 11. Howlin' at the moon.
Texas Jake - Vocals, Guitars, and everything else.
All songs written by Jake Lee. Recorded at Jake's place in Dallas, Texas.
Produced by Arthur Dill.
©2004 Slidecat Productions. (www.jakeleeblues.com)
Texas Jake (aka King of Slide) - Blues Following Me

Texas Jake (r.n Jake Lee aka King of Slide) is an exceptional blues and slide guitar player. He can write songs that evoke true blues styles and traditions in each and every aspect. There are some real stompin blues tunes too in his catalog that sound every bit like the classics the rest of his songs do but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Jake's been 'at it' since he was thirteen years old and since then he's been involved in the business of writing, performing, and playing 'from the heart - making music the best it can be' all over the States in particular. As a guitarist, he's a difficult act to beat; there's some exquisite picking combined with the most astonishing slide phrases you're ever likely to hear from the genre that lead us to R&B and Rock n Roll.
Now, when I say Jake's been 'at it' it's really a massive understatement. This man has jammed with the likes of Freddy King, Rossand Roland Kirk, Janis Joplin, Peter Greene, Taj Mahal, Jerry Garcia, Dusty Hill, Cpuntry joe McDonald, Sam Hokins, Bukka White, Johnny Winter, Berry Melton, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller, Tracy Nelson, Powell St. John, Elvin Bishop, and Mike Bloomfield to name but a few! The thing is, these artists have had the pleasure of jamming with Jake!
Blues Following Me is a self made 2004 Jake album that captures the man's skills and talents as a songwriter, singer, player, in a way that leaves you astonished from the moment the Play button is pressed. Southern blues with trinklings and sprinkings of Chicago blues just about sums up the general theme for this masterpiece but to be honest, that perception would be slightly unfair becasue there's a lot of the artist's heart in here. aAny bluesman of this calibre would tell you that it's not an easy thing to achieve but let's get the album playing and go from there..
Blues Following Me opens up an exciting heart and soul massaging album. It's actually quite a spiritually uplifting song and it has to be played loud in order to 'feel the blues thang going on' simply because there's alot going on vocally and guitar wise. Jake has a deep soulful vocal that give you an indication in every breath of his genuine passion and talent for the blues. San Antone boogie includes some excellent slide work below an almost casually paved vocal that is Jake's trademark in a song meant to be blasted across those summer interstate drives. When Dark Street opens up with it's Delta-esque slide intro, you're watching things get better by the second. It's a very accomplished instrumental filled with Jake's inimitable fret work and you don't want it to end. Can't stand it brings in Jake's superb vocals with intricately balanced drums and bass besides some real skilled blues guitar. It's a track to cherish becasue Jake's having fun here and it shows in the electrifyingly bright blues playing. If we all sing the blues is one of the most brilliant millenium blues tracks I've heard in quite some time. The guitar treatments are almost identical in tone and frequency to what Eric Clapton tried to achieve in his monumental 461 Ocean Boulevard album back in 1972. It's a truly amazing track worth a couple of listens before moving on to Rainbow talkin' which has to be one of the most historically faithful acoustic blues tracks I've ever heard. the truth is, it would be very hard to distinguish this track from the legendary blues renditions offered up back in the 30s and 40s.. it takes some real skill to be able to pull that off and Jake has accomplished it with seeming ease!
Nobody home has a harder cutting blues edge than the previous tracks with it's driving rhythm and superb guitar work that is now an expectation for anyone into Jake's approach to the blues. Vocal treatments become a little more contemporary as the track moves forward but in each instance, the guitar is like honey to the bee.. a symbiotic realtionship between extraordinary skills. I just want you to remember is, like Rainbow talkin', another of Jake's faithful to tradition blues offerings where you can quite easily feel like your back in the Delta with a true bluesman holding you spellbound for however long you need to be. It's Jakes versatility in style that allows such things to happen, and on this album... it happens alot!
Whether Jake actually realizes it or not, he wrote Overseas blues for me and it's going to be really hard for anyone to convince me otherwise! Besides that one - http://www.rcatcommunicationc.com

The Blues is still alive!
After a long hot day in the mississippi everyone gathers to play some blues. This song has that feeling. That Robert Johnson is playing the blues for you right in front of you. This song captures the very essence of the blues. With a John Lee Hooker type voice and exceptional picking and sliding. Great sound and feel that takes you back no doubt. Press Play NOW!
- www.garageband.com

Da Real Blues
Wow, in this day of electonic enhancement and instruments, this music ignores it all. This is a song that ole Pinetop Perkins would have appreciated. Closing my eyes, and listening to this tune I felt as though I was in a smoky room down in New Orleans. Fine arrangement based on traditional Blues theory. Yah, I'm bobbin' my head in agreement to this song.
- www.garageband.com

A solo acoustic performance. Very vintage, sound, if i didn't know better i would think this was an old Robert Johnson recording, or Son House. I like the minimalistic approach, the idea that one person and an acoustic guitar can create a recording that is as soulful and interesting as a 5 or 6 piece band. Nice guitar work. He uses the slide in all the right spots.

- www.garageband.com

true blues
this is the first song that actually sounds like real, pure blues. just the man singing and his guitar. i cant really understand the words but i do like the sound. im more of a blues purist so i like the real delta blues. youve got an original sound but it sounds like delta blues. the only con i have is this song is kinda long but sometimes it takes longer to get your message across. if someone tells you they dont like it they dont know what blues is.
- www.garageband.com

If You Love REAL BLUES....
Oh yeah, gots the blues here wit me to night. I can feel the mud. Man, I love this. Gives me goose bumps--you just don't hear the real thang like dis no more. Gots the feel, the mood, the groove, in short, this is what the BLUES is all about. Thanks God, we still have real artist around like dis. Vox great, slide doesn't leave me wanting anymore. Teach me how to this! THE REAL DEAL!
- www.garageband.com

This is real music, played raw
this a typical example of good blues music, great fingerwork on the geetar and not a bad voice either, if the voice was a little crispier it would sound even better, more clarity, i would love to go see this guy, cause hes good and has class

James C.
- www.garageband.com


1-Blues Following Me slidecat productions
1-Tales from the Badside of Town slidecat productions
Both cd's are being streamed on various stations!Two of which are Texas Noise and Pittradio.net



TEXAS JAKE has been performing on the"underground"blues circuit both solo[on resonator guitar]and with electric-slide guitar[Les Paul]with his band the"Houserockers"for many years.His burning passion for blues started at an early age.At 13 years old he was already on the road traveling with his thumb and his guitar through the Mississippi Delta,Texas,Oklahoma,Alabama,Louisanna,Arkansas,Missouri,and as far away as California.Picking up gigs and makeing a lot of friends.He moved to Northern California during the 60's ,and was part of the San Francisco music scene,working for Al King Productions[Sly Stone's agent]and Bill Graham at the Filmore West.Through the years there have been a lot of bass-players,drummers,keyboardist,horn-players etc.but the central theme has always been the same.....play from your heart and make the music the best it can be!I have personally known and jammed with many greats over the years includeing........Freddy King,Rossand Roland Kirk,Janis Joplin,Peter Greene,Taj Mahal,Jerry Garcia,Dusty Hill,Country Joe McDonnald,Sam Hopkins,Bukka White,Johnny Winter,Berry Melton,Boz Scaggs,Steve Miller,Tracy Nelson,Powell St.John,Elvin Bishop,Mike Bloomfield,and many,many more.Jake made 2 L.P.'s[now out of print collector items]the first being named "Im Blue"on the now defunct American music label.The secand was a limited pressing called "Texas Jake and White Lightning"on the Mercury label.He also worked for Mercury Records[S.F.] as a studio musician.This is his first C-D ,featureing all original songs.Jake is eager to play his slide-guitar blues for you,and hopes you will enjoy it and become one of his friends!8/2004 Arthur Dill Producer.