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my kind of bluesman
author: Maria Daines
I'm finding this song so good for so many different reasons. 1) Your voice is scarred with melancholy, a deep passion for what you are singing to us. 2) This is not usual style blues, it's almost a waltz through all the good bits of what's grand about the blues, though I hear some psychedelia in there too & some traditional in the melody you convey so beautifully. 3) Love the live drums, love the sound of that guitar taking us along for the ride, your storytelling honest voice is what has captured me the most & I can safely say I'll be spending a lot of time here on the strength of this song alone. I'm looking forward to acquainting myself with your work from here on in. 4) I also love the title and you do exactly what it says on the signpost. Superb. I think you remind me of Tom Waits in small inflections here & there and I idolise the man, but you are most certainly you, nobody else and that's the spirit of this song for me, you are unique. Yes, I'm a fan. Thank you.


killer slide!
author: whiteboy slim
by whiteboy slim 1/7/2006 Far Out Wow, this is an amazingly cool song. If you want to show some young punk what the REAL music of the late sixties was all about, this is the real thing. The textures, the layers, the tone evokes the era, (even the almost subliminal hints of fifties rockbilly that was always present in the Haight Ashbury sound). There a little Dead, a little Quicksilver (maybe a lot of Quicksilver), even a little Steve Miller (when the man could actually make real music). You, my man, are truly one of the most amazing slide players I've ever heard. One of my major dreams is to share the stage with you one day



the best!
author: global transmission
by Global Trancemission 10/8/2005 Reach Out reaches a new high ! What a great song and performance from the King of Slide. There has already been a lot said about this track so I will just add my small contibution. This is really ground breaking stuff here as Jake is now developing his own totally unique style. There is no longer any need to look for influences in this track because the end product is just so smooth and sweet that you just end up wanting more of this artists work regardless of who you may think it sound's like. The song has good lyrics too and the whole performance of this track is excellent. The production on this track is much improved from Jake's earlier tracks and the multi tracked slide guitars are so sweet and blend together so well. Jake's vocals are really well suited to this style and he really seems to be defining a new style of crossover bluesrock here. Altogether an excellent track that goes straight onto my Faves list and should go on your too !!!



This is Jake Lee's second cd,featureing his original red-hot slide guitar and vocals on 12 original tracks!He also decided to include a few of his well known original classics,like "Angel on My Shoulder" and "Sign on the Dotted Line",becouse so many of his friends had requested it.This is "swampy",laid-back grooveing,2 oclock in the morning ,raw ,Texas blues at it's best! Enjoy!
Review for "Sign on the Dotted Line" by Guy Michetti
Oh Lord!Man am I lovin' this.You truly are the King of Slide.The guitar sounds perfect!!!Your singin'is dead on in the soul of this song.
The slide work is really great.But you did more than just play this,you lived and loved it with your whole soul.Damn!!
What a feel for phraseing!!!
You can say more in a few passionately played notes in the penatonic scale than most can do if ya gave them every other note in the scale.
This creates such a mood.I am in the Delta.I am there with you.Feeling every note you play!!!
Then you start to sing and I can't hear everything you say,but I know what you are trying to communicate.
God love ya!You showed your soul on this one.
If any hell hound is after you they are going to stop in their tracks when they hear you play!!
I bow to the King of Slide and I'll sign my soul away on the dotted line to hear you play anytime!
Lord love you,bless you and keep you!


author: Uncle Henry
What, you ask is a RAV-VIEW? It is where I verbally [ in writing ] prove That I am Crazy. Blues Fans everywhere have the uniquely wonderful oppertunity to get their hands on some fantastic Blues work on the internet. I get my hands a some fantastic CD's of a friend of mine and I had to let my ears hear what was on them. So I slipped them (one at a time) into my laptop and started them to playing. I don't know what the CD's will do for you, but, they took me down the Mississippi to another time. With flatboats, catfish, gumbo, cornbread, and ice tea, Small boys fishing from the pier and friends gathered round playing their guitars and singing there on the delta. Now I got three of these time travel CD's but I am going to write about the newest release. My friend featured a song on the CD titled "Blues Following Me", now don't take me wrong, this is a good song, but, old uncle Henry, here now he prefers the song he dedicated to his friends in the Republicans War and all the young men the president has put in harms way. Those are my words not his. [ I am not a Democrat either, I am an American and a Human Being ] The title of the song is "If We All Sang the Blues" Wow! Now that is a Blues Song! For the fans of "Slide Guitar" this is a CD for you, it is produced by the "KING OF SLIDE" TEXAS JAKE and if you are an all Bules fan like I am you will want it also. I know the boy call's what he does Texas Blues, but, you know them Texans they claim to be a whole nother country and to acknowlege the Delta . . . Well there is just no way, FORGET IT! Now you all go out there on my page and look at my friends list. You will find an ole boy out there with a grin the size of Texas with a 10 gal. hat on and click, no wait, make sure you see TEXAS over his head and click on the big grin of his. You can "Download" this whole CD for a little more than a gallon of gas or 3 beers. You may also message him and request info an how to get it ready made on a CD. ask about all the CD's he has and plan to get them all. Be sure to tell him either way that "Uncle Henry" sent you! Uncle Henry



author: TONY BELL
This CD is awsome.....Jake has a great "feel" for the blues and it comes through in each and every track on this album.The slide guitar on this album seems to come from a place rooted deep in the south and you can can almost sense the "Ghosts" of the old masters in attendance !!! The songs are really clever and Jake's voice is richly soaked in the blues. Keep it up Jake........you are the King.


Undiscovered Master!
author: Junior Brown
Texas Jake is the great lost Texas slide-guitarist!Lost becouse he has not yet recieved the reconition he is due for being a blues pioneer and innovator of slide guitar of the highest order!Junior Brown



Texas blues comes to town...
author: Maria & Paul
Jake slides and boogies his way into our life and he is most welcome with this album. We already have 'Tales from the badside' and of course had to get this one on the strength of that, this album takes us a bit further with his swampy insistent real-deal playing and singing, not to mention the lyrics of life on the road, you can't mistake Jake's signature sound, once you've heard it you're hooked. For lovers of rootsy blues and authentic slide guitar this smokin' album is a must, he has a feel all his own and it's loaded with heart, soul and passion.



TEXAS JAKE has been performing on the"underground"blues circuit both solo[on resonator guitar]and with electric-slide guitar[Les Paul]with his band the"Houserockers"for many years.His burning passion for blues started at an early age.At 13 years old he was already on the road traveling with his thumb and his guitar through the Mississippi Delta,Texas,Oklahoma,Alabama,Louisanna,Arkansas,Missouri,and as far away as California.Picking up gigs and makeing a lot of friends.He moved to Northern California during the 60's ,and was part of the San Francisco music scene,working for Al King Productions[Sly Stone's agent]and Bill Graham at the Filmore West.Through the years there have been a lot of bass-players,drummers,keyboardist,horn-players etc.but the central theme has always been the same.....play from your heart and make the music the best it can be!I have personally known and jammed with many greats over the years includeing........Freddy King,Rossand Roland Kirk,Janis Joplin,Peter Greene,Taj Mahal,Jerry Garcia,Dusty Hill,Country Joe McDonnald,Sam Hopkins,Bukka White,Johnny Winter,Berry Melton,Boz Scaggs,Steve Miller,Tracy Nelson,Powell St.John,Elvin Bishop,Mike Bloomfield,and many,many more.Jake made 2 L.P.'s[now out of print collector items]the first being named "Im Blue"on the now defunct American music label.The secand was a limited pressing called "Texas Jake and White Lightning"on the Mercury label.He also worked for Mercury Records[S.F.] as a studio musician.This is his first C-D ,featureing all original songs.Jake is eager to play his slide-guitar blues for you,and hopes you will enjoy it and become one of his friends!8/2004 Arthur Dill Producer



Texas Jake (r.n Jake Lee aka King of Slide) is an exceptional blues and slide guitar player. He can write songs that evoke true blues styles and traditions in each and every aspect. There are some real stompin blues tunes too in his catalog that sound every bit like the classics the rest of his songs do but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Jake's been 'at it' since he was thirteen years old and since then he's been involved in the business of writing, performing, and playing 'from the heart - making music the best it can be' all over the States in particular. As a guitarist, he's a difficult act to beat; there's some exquisite picking combined with the most astonishing slide phrases you're ever likely to hear from the genre that lead us to R&B and Rock n Roll. Collin Lynch rcatcommunications.com