Texas Radio Band

Texas Radio Band


Texas Radio Band play an unique blend of quirkie, indie, electronic, pop. They use guitars, synthesizers, samples, some beautiful harmonies and whatever else comes to hand at the time. They derive their influences from across the whole sonic spectrum to create a sound you WILL fall in love with.


TRB started as a school band in '98. It took them about 5 years to get into a position to record their debut album Baccta' Crackin' which was released in 2004. They gained some fans in high places and just missed out on the top 10 of John Peel's Festive Fifty later that year. Then the band imploded. Each member went on their own crusade and experienced some life. In 06, the band got back in touch and reassembled which resulted in the beginning of the Gavin project. Two years later, the album is mastered and on it's way to a shop near you.


Love is Informal // Evos
AA Side single (Boobytrap Records)
Y Tywysoges
Mini Album (Recordiau Fflach Records)
Baccta' Crackin'
Album (Recordiau Slacyr Records / Bee and Smoke)
Push'n'Shove // Kilos
AA Single (Recordiau Slacyr Records)
April 2008
I Will Be Coming Home // Swynol
AA Single (Recordiau Kimberley Records)
June 2008
Album (Kimberley / Peski)

Set List

1. Gavling
2. Pass Yu' Phone
3. Giving Up
4. Places In My Head
5. I Will Be Coming Home
6. Swynol
7. Bea
8. U & Me
9. Up LoVe ThE LiFe LiNe
10. Planet Attack
11. Lump It
12. I Will Be Coming Home II