Austin Allsup

Austin Allsup

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

From the outskirts of Fort Worth, where the high plains meets the hill country, amusical dust storm 51 years in the making has stirred.

When a coin flip, a plane crash, and a winter rock tour gone ary are what seperates you from life and death, you tend to take music a little more seriously.


26 year old Austin Allsup is a sight to behold. With shoulder-length golden locks, skinny, boot-cut jeans and tattered rock n roll t-shirts, he fits more into a punk dive in New York City than a honkytonk in Texas. But, with a grin he points out his friends are "all honkytonkers", and he well.... "aspires to honkytonk".

His music, like his past, is a culmination of all things Texas. A nod to Buddy Holly here, a little Waylon Jennings there, and a little Bob Wills in between. These influences have helped craft Austin into a performer who knows no boundaries, much to the chagrin of his father, someone who broke a few in his day touring and producing records with all three music icons.

With his dad on tour with Waylon and Buddy in 1959, a young rising star from California, Richie Valens replaced Austin's dad on an airplane after a coin flip, and Austin has a different take on life than your average garage band musician.

"Music has been in my blood since birth. I didn't know how or why until I hit my teens, but from the begining, I felt drawn to it like a kid to a candy store.

Add a little Red Dirt from the hills of Arkansas, and the men


Album: Crying Out Loud - 2010
Album: Intensity - 2005