Tex Ward

Tex Ward


Tex Ward is a singer songwriter with original songs that range from intimate acoustic ballads to catchy pop rock tunes. Whatever the sound, the simple story or the heartfelt emotion can be heard clearly and felt deeply, his songs are bound to leave an impression.


The journey taken by Tex to arrive at this point in his musical journey has been long, turbulent and interesting.
More than a decade of collaboration and performance in a series of bands has helped to create the sound he ascribes to now as a solo artist. It is a style hard to define, these songs resist the urge to be pigeonholed into one genre - lyrically mature and complemented by melodies that lean on one occasion to pop, on another to rock or even a slight country tone. They follow a mood or a circumstance, these songs are Tex's heart on his sleeve.

The journey began at the end of the 1980’s with the formation of ‘The Spills’, an original band dedicated to the performance of the original songs written by Tex. This was followed by several reinventions; with each change in members and each new name, Tex was gaining more experiences to channel into his music and lyrics, and furthering his craft.

1996 saw a move to the country – Kalgoorlie, a booming mining town, lured people with the promise of easy money. Tex was worked the pub scene as part of a hybrid original/cover band. Performing cover songs did give him the opportunity to indulge in some of his favourite musical influences – such as The Pixies, The Stems, Radio Birdman, Smashing Pumpkins and Hoodoo Gurus – as well as the standard pop/grunge/alternate favourites of the times.

Tex stuck his toe in and made a little ripple in international waters in 1999, travelling to Hong Kong to perform some acoustic gigs while playing a bit of cricket. Although the performances were satisfying, the product of this visit was the creation of some new songs that had the ability to reach out to people.

On returning to Perth, Tex reunited with some former band mates to perform as Swede at the 2000 Big Day Out festival. Swede played on the Essential stage alongside other local bands such as Wax Tadpole and Eskimo Joe.
X-Press magazine described the band as ‘playing REM-esque rock songs, and doing it well enough to impress’.

After the Big Day Out, Swede reformed as a 3 piece punk/pop outfit – New Fourth Army. N4A recorded several demos and performed at various venues around Perth, teaming up with other local bands such as The Critics and Dragwire, featuring ex-Beaverloop front man, Leon Ewing.

The break up of New Fourth Army saw the establishment of Tex as a solo artist. This journey has been the inspiration for many songs which form the collection of work that Tex has created in the years since.
While he has not let go of the rock/pop vibe of his band days, Tex has moved towards a more personal, acoustic, storytelling style of performance.

In the last few years, Tex has returned to Hong Kong, performing on local radio and releasing the EP Mabel’s Daughter – a tribute to his mum. He also released a song for the Phuket International Cricket Sixes organisers to promote the game, resulting in nomination for the ICC 'Best Spirit of Cricket Initiative' Award.

Tex's songs have been heard locally on Groove FM, and currently has two projects in the pipeline - an LP of original works, and a compilation of his favourite jazz standards, another lifelong passion.

Tex plans to be out performing these songs in the near future, so stay tuned!


One Word

Written By: Tex Ward

One Word

It’s a fact that we pine
For the things we know we can’t have
And it’s true, I will love you
For as long as I am sane to
So I sit in the dark
Seeing nothing in the distance
Asking why, as I cry
For what seems to be the longest time

I’m better off, but I know I’m not
Lay waiting just for you to find me
Living in a dream
Pinning all my happiness on hope
Summon all my might
Try to find the lights
Even if you were to come around
I couldn’t bring my self to say
Not one word

I’m full of ideas, I cant say
Not one word

My eyes, alone, would tell
You I’m scared
The day, you left, I ceased
To speak it weird
Refuse, to communicate
From that day
I’m mute to everybody but you

It’s my deep unholy oath
To reserve my given right
That’s to sit here and wait
Am I senseless an I poor
Yes I’ve heard it all before

The blood will wash away over time
If only you could
Sit here and wait

If only you would
Humour my plea and be with me


Written By: Tex Ward


V1: Could be I’m wrong
No chance I’m right
All that surround me
Tell me that honesty’s right
Could be a path I’m up to explore
Could be an option wise to ignore
Don’t have a dice
So I’ll use this coin
And if it lands heads
Then this could just remain our secret
If spinner lands tails
I’ll take a breath
And pray you’ll forgive me
Avoid all this mess

Ch: Tails came face up, laughing at me
At that point in time not much
Mattered to me
So I sat you alone
And rehearsed all my lines
I entered the room and
Told you I lied

V2: You boiled red, composure it left
Threw out a right
Never failed to connect
I stood there bleeding
You just took off
Relied on the spinner
And the spinner was wrong

Ch: Tails came face up, laughing at me
At that point in time not much
Mattered to me
So I sat you alone
And rehearsed all my lines
I entered the room and
Told you I lied

Bridge X 2

Chorus X 2

A Lot Like You

Written By: Tex Ward

Took me six long years to figure out
Life ain’t easy and filled with doubt
Believe me, it gets worse
I wake in the morning
I wake to pills

Checked for blood on my window sill
That’s right, I locked my keys inside

And I don’t even know
Why this blood from my nose
Wont go

Took my chances, rode my falls
Slept all day, I ignored my calls
Pale white, pale white and terrified

You came along and you walked that way
With a smile and a glance
You rejected me - that’s why
That’s why I’m terrified

And I don’t even know
Why this blood from my nose
Wont go

Every kiss takes me away from this
Gives me a chance to reflect
On what I missed
Never believed this could be true

I wish you were more like me
Now I’m a lot like you

You know, you’d laid it all out so..




Written By: Tex Ward

Stars above, each one a past
Each one a story, as different as the last
Holding strong, strong and bright
All behind, black and grim

Hasn’t an enemy, never presents a need
Neighbours much
Distant and far away, never concerned as they
Slowly turn to dust

Caught sight a fading light
Tailing down, falling down
Size of a pebble for it hit’s the ground
Around, ground, losing it all past the clouds

Here’s a star that’s light once showed the way
My star, my

Head is light can’t comprehend
A star, my guide, my guardian
Big black hole vacant lot

Where my star once shone
Where my thoughts got lost


Written By: Tex Ward

You started taking all those pills
Numbing pain and cheapening thrills
How the excuses never last
Just covering up your lonely past

My back still twitches when you talk
I still hate the popping cork
Sunday’s champagne steady flow
And all the bullshit that goes

The pleasant memories all distant
The ones you stole the ones you bought
Deception remains common ground
And makes you rich, sold for the pound

The fact that you don’t care for me
You know I care less everyday
Too soon to say
But I think I hate you

Be kind, not in a million years
Refined it, killed it off, drowned in tears
Removed it, stricken it, from the pile

Emotion not used, emotion not worth the while
Sorry I’m afraid
Time for me to leave, and there’s no chance
You’d ever follow me

The fact that you don’t care for me
You know I care less every day
Too soon to say
But I think I hate you


2006 - Mabel's Daughter (EP)
2006 - Cricket Is - Phuket International Cricket Sixes

Set List

Covers for rock gigs - set list can be provided on request.

Performance of jazz standards - set list can be provided on request.

Original Songs:

1. (Pitcher on a) Dusty Bar
2. Jack’s Anti Ballad
3. Manoqueen
4. July Came
5. Little Town
6. Play for You
7. I’d be Lying
8. Disastrous
9. Spinner
10. Room for One
11. Face Hard
12. Pity
13. House
14. The Letter
15. One Word
16. Seven Years
17. Eleven Years
18. Kelly Comes On
19. Rebecca
20. Gravity
21. Nothing to Me
22. You Being Right
23. Childs Head
24. Retreat
25. Sugar Fix
26. No Good News
27. What you Know
28. Mostly
29. Backyard
30. Sea of Sanity
31. Star
32. Glory Box (Step into the Light)
33. Henry
34. Comfortable
35. Shadow
36. 23rd Floor
37. 14/03/07 (Song for Jack)
38. Killing Me (Penelope)
39. Cry Forever, Leave Tonight
40. A Lot Like You