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The best kept secret in music


"Tey is a Hot New Star."

Material: Tey’s music is firmly rooted in the dance-pop genre, and relies on a relatively simple construct of vocals, club beats and minimal arrangements for keyboard and synthesizer. While the material may seem formulaic at times, Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and a palpable soulful influence that lends a melodic quality to her material. Tey’s set was almost entirely composed of original songs centered on themes of love and sex, and a well-chosen cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” is an appropriate song that serves to frame Tey’s fare.

Musicianship: Relying on pre-recorded backing tracks, the only musician onstage was Tey herself, who doesn’t play any instruments. The tracks are solid, however, and an appropriate showcase for Tey’s considerable talent as a singer.

Performance: Tey’s live performance was equal parts cabaret act and live musical performance. It was the live setting that allowed Tey to truly shine. Accompanied by a pair of male dancers decked out in retro garb (think Michael Jackson Thriller-era), and a pair of female dancers whose attire wouldn’t seem out of place in most strip clubs, the emphasis was just as much on the visual as the aural. It was a provocative stage act, to be sure, and definitely intended for an adult audience. Though her live show was more about choreographed dance moves than musical virtuosity, Tey proved herself to be a consummate performer who exuded charm and cheerfully interacted with her audience.

Summary: Far from the run-of-the-mill L.A. club show, Tey’s live act brings club culture to the small stage with tremendous results. She’s carved out a niche for herself in an overcrowded and often unoriginal dance-pop genre; and, one must credit Tey for realizing that good songwriting is important.

Ben Nachman - Music Connection Magazine (Aug 14, 2006) - Music Connection Magazine

"One of Top HOT Artists of the Year"

Popster Tey Punsalan returns with the ultra dance sound of That’s How I feel Tonight. This time around she offers two songs entirely written by her, three co-written by her, and four others. Tey has always had a good sound but on this release she starts to break away from the independent scene, embracing her strengths wholeheartedly.

The album opens with the sensual sound of the title track. A soft ballad about love that puts the spotlight square on Tey’s wonderful vocal work. She has a very soft voice that fits the R & B influenced sound of this song like a glove. Her cover of “Sexual Healing” is another highlight. Instead of approaching it straight on she takes a Hip Hop oriented approach musically. I really like how this song is set up because the Hip Hop aspect dominates when Tey is not singing but when the verses roll around her quietly powerful voice takes center stage and the Hip Hop feel takes a backseat. The obviously Cher influenced “What Can I Do” is another favorite of mine. Tey’s voice is a little more in your face on this one and because of that she proves that she is more than a one dimensional vocalist. Another very noticeable thing about That’s How I feel Tonight is how strongly Tey is coming into her own as a songwriter- she has a lot to offer I think and I’m excited to hear more of her original work.

Overall this is easily her strongest release to date. There isn’t a whole lot of really good independent pop music out there, thankfully Tey is changing that. Fans of good pop, dance, and R&B music should definitely check this one out.
- Music Connection Magazine

"Impossibly Gorgeous"

The first thing you notice about Tey Punsalan is that's she impossibly gorgeous. You just have to get that out there: she's stunning, and it's going to help get her noticed. Fortunately, there's also a lush pop voice to go with those modelesque looks. "That's How I Feel Tonight" finds Tey mining some familiar territory, but doing it in an intriguing way.

The construction of the disc is a near equal conflux of covers and original material (five tracks were written or co-written by Tey), but it all carries a unique stamp. While the obvious over-genre here is club-worthy dance-pop, there are elements of jazz, disco and Motown R&B. And even though it is completely danceable, Tey's smooth delivery lends a lower-key feel to the proceedings. There's a quality of stillness and tranquility in the midst of the beats, and that makes it not quite like much that I've heard before.

Among the highlights are "Take Me High - lounge remix", which typifies that merged aesthetic of dancefloor chillout, and "Never Knew Love", a terrific take on the track popularized by Dionne Warwick in the disco era.

Tey succeeds with this record, and the fact that it's difficult to describe is actually a tribute to the skillful production and musicianship. There aren't many artists that are trying to do much with club fare; the fact that Tey can breathe technique and sensuality into the mix with equal skill ensures that she's going to be around for a long time!

Troy Brownfield - Shotgun Reviews (Apr 24, 2006) - Shotgun Reviews


Take Me High
Mouthful of Love
Thats How I feel Tonight


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born in the Phillipines, Tey came to the States as a child and grew up in Chicago. She spent her youth there with her three brothers, and attended both catholic and technical school. She also grew up with a cornucopia of animals, fish, pigs, dogs, rabbits and cows. Tey's taste in music runs the gamut, she likes it all, even country.