My Sister Klaus

My Sister Klaus


My Sister Klaus is embodied by the unique personality of songwriter and composer Guillaume Teyssier whose unique musical gusto has him bridging the gap between surf music, primitive Velvet Underground and classic Serge Gainsbourg like class.


My Sister Klaus' thrive for absolute music greatness and rock n roll epic is somewhat unmirrored on today's stale "Chanson Française" scene.

As intense as say Nick Drake or Syd Barrett in his quest for excellence and pure songwriting, Teyss is a speakeasy regular haunting the darker sides of Paris 18th district.

Renowned for its hookers, transvetites and cheap thrills it's also the homebase for record producer and remixer supreme Joakim (Versatile-Tigersushi).

A chance encounter with the man at Saint James' brings new opportunity to Teyss and opens him the rig of a songwriter carreer that will both pay the landlord and bring out novelty rock n roll retro-futurism.

Teyss' music can only be described as stemming from the stern and socially aggressive Parisian urban context. Together with the band he put up, he explores a combination of a hard hitting classic rock sound (Velvet Underground) some glam reminiscences (T-Rex) and a renewed sense of Panache and Grandeur (Gainsbourg).

Teyss' delivery will probably bring him to par with those illustrious forebods with an album set to further blend Modern Lovers' stroytelling and Max Berlin's Gallic class.


Doo Wake

Written By: Guillaume Teyssier

Comes a slumping Dutch
he loves you too much
He just told me so
then he wants to know
just where sun flowers grow
wonder where did summer go

come on come on
wake up away
come on come on
stand up and say:

And this lady dry
longing to get high
when you make her come
spread the night to noon
would be great and fun
snaker slide me too the moon

come on..

now with the moon drivers
and all the strange dreamers
and the morning queens
and the morning queens
oh let’s cruise honey
oh let’s cruise honey

run and drift away
just stand up and say:OOOh


Written By: Guillaume Teyssier

It's a privateer
Never shed a tear
If you volunteer
We'r takin' to the pyre
Screaming Purtitans

A Privateer
Doesn’t live in fear
Entrusted with her majesty's
No need for sympathy

I got the vision
of an oakum frigate
On the great southern seas
Seeking the unknown
With an uneven gait

A Flamin’epic sail,
hunting among the whales,
yearning for black pearls and ambers..

Sous les alizéés, Cap d’horn, d’espérance
Sea-lions staring at us
as we cruise by :
Impassible Glory,
Ship's crowed
souls so lone.

Beat to quarters
Swallow hard
Loose the bait
don't know the hereafter
Get ready for the fight

Co's it's a privateer
baby don't you shed no tear
when you volonteered
you knew you would see
the pyre of puritans

Burning for her majesty
don’t need your sympathy

It's privateer
baby don't you shed a teer
Wicked Crew , ocean blue
Galons emptied and dry
lurking in the pirates' eye


Upcoming debut release on Tigersushi Records, February 2006.

Set List

Doowake ,
Stereo Eyes
Call Yourself a Zero
Lady faust
Château Rouge
She Shines
Off White
Banshee Muse
La Tour de Nesles
Miss Lou got Lovers
Tu me Cloues

cover version of I'm so lonesome i could cry