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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE
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"Tezo – Loud Packs"

"“#Shoutout to #MyGuy Tezo, follow him on twitter : @Tezo (You’ll get the my guy part aft you listen to the tape) Kreemo & All Day Recess. Look for more to come from Tezo x Originalfani in the near future. Listen to the mixtape after the jump.”"
- Originalfani -

"Tezo for Prezo"

Tezo for Prezo
On our way back from Texas, we missed a flight and got stuck in the airport for a few extra hours. My brother fell asleep as soon as we got to the gate but I had to stay up to listen for our name.

While sitting there looking through my phone a guy sat next to me. He’s probably early twenties and makes a comment about twitter which is what I was looking at. We talked for a minute about “Uber twitter”. Which is my favorite twitter app for the Storm. But I digress.

He asked me what I was doing, where I was going and all the basics. He told me he was going to school for music promotions. I asked where and he told me Columbia College Chicago, which was the delightful school I graduated from. So, we talked more and he told me he was going home for a ‘business meeting’. He had to meet up with some people.

He told me about a guy he is promoting currently named Tezo. He’s a rapper out of Cleveland. We talked more and he told me that I should check him out. I typically play the polite card and say, “ya, sure, of course I will” and then I never do. But I was at work last week and got a little bored so I checked out his website Tezo for Prezo.

Now, I’m not huge on rap but I like some stuff, and this I liked. It’s a refreshing sound that you don’t typically hear out of underground rap. He has some good lyrics and the tracks are mixed super well. It’s quality and I thought I’d be listening to a bathroom recording.

I downloaded the mixtape and you can too by clicking here (there is some very strong language!). It’s really good. He actually sounds like a few different artists and there is some subtle sampling happening but its still his own product. From track to track it jumps a bit from hardcore to more R&B but start to end it works. Plus, if you like what you’re hearing, get on his site. For you Clevelanders, he’s playing in your backyard!

I just thought I’d share that with you guys. Let me know what you guys think about Tezo. I’ve got some more underground artists I’d like to share with you but only if you want to hear them. Let me know!

You can follow Tezo on Twitter and you can follow the man who told me about him, FamFamous on Twitter. - Brandan

"Tezo – ‘My Name’"

That guy Tezo came out to the Chi and shot himself this first official music video. Check out the visuals for “My Name” above, and grab his mixtape Loud Pack here. - eighty81

"MC Tezo gives voice to his hopes and ambitions"

Even though Cleveland-based rapper Tezo cites familiar influences (Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Scarface), he feels his sound and style stand out. "People say what's most unique about me is my voice," said Tezo (aka Martez Little), 19, a 2009 Brush High School graduate.

"It's something nobody has ever heard before. It's like raspy but still like fun and an energetic sound. The style of my music is more hardcore club, but then again it's still good music and something you can play in your car."

Share 0 Comments After releasing the catchy 2008 single "My Guy," which had more than 15,000 downloads, the MC returned last summer with his mixtape "Loudpack."

Next up is the fall EP release "Tezo's World" with a full-length album planned right behind it.

"Really, I want to start touring," said Tezo, who plans on attending Cleveland State University in January to become an audio technician and producer. "I want to get out there and start doing college tours."

Tezo has booked a 10 p.m. show for Friday, Nov. 5, at the Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights. Also on the bill are Smoke Screen, Keyel, Erika Kayne and Kickflip B. Tickets are $12. Call 216-321-5588
- Jon Benson, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Vote Tezo For Prezo"


Up and coming rapper Tezo hails from the city of Cleveland, but soon his name will be known across the country. His unique sound and energetic flow has generated many catchy jams, with many more to come. His first hit “My Guy”, which was downloaded over 15,000 times, made him a household name in the streets of Cleveland.

Tezo showcased his talent and new songs at Buzzntheburgh’s Nightmares On Carson St., and every one was a hit. Working with local rapper Nate Fox, the two have produced several songs that are about to leave a mark on the rapping world. If you haven’t heard any of their work yet, make sure you check them out asap.

Click album Art below to download his latest Mixtape “LoudPack” which was produced by Nate Fox from the cleveland duo All Day Recess.

- Josh Soberdash, Buzzintheburgh.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Tezo is the last of a dying breed. The majority of up and coming artist have followed trends and aligned their sound and image with those of the leading industry artists. Tezo has remained true to his grass roots approach to recording his music. You'll find yourself enjoying his music because it evokes emotion… and it's hot! Not because it's littered with gimmicks and references to fads in pop culture.

Tezo does his own thing, and has been working day and night creating a new lane for his signature style of music. Over this winter, Team Tezo decided to put the brakes on their movement, which was gaining momentum faster then we could have anticipated. This was in order to ensure not only that Tezo was fully prepared for the hectic schedule and non-stop hustle associated with a career in the music business, but also to allow all aspects of Tezo's team members to become in sync with one another.

Currently, Tezo has his own recording studio, and has been cranking out the hits daily. Tezo represents the streets. Even more, he represents the youth, and the struggle to overcome life's obstacles in hopes of achieving a dream. Follow @Tezo on his journey to the top. "Last Place….Fast Pace".