The Full Pledge Munkees

The Full Pledge Munkees

 singapore, Central Singapore, SGP

The Full Pledge Munkees is a Ska Punk band from the tiny island of Singapore. Synchronised upbeat and fast skanking rhythms infused with hard pounding, harmonic lines of the horns section, you will certainly be driven to the edge of your seat when they are in action!


The Full Pledge Munkees (also known as FPM), is one of the pioneering Singapore Ska band that was formed in 1999. Started as a trio, FPM line up expanded over the years and has evolve to a 6-piece outfit.
With many music influences ranging from reggae to hardcore and alternative rock to metal, FPM went on to create their own brand and style of ska-punk relaying positive messages in their music.
In 2007, FPM released their debut LP entitled "Pick It Up!" which comprises of 12 tracks. Over more than 1000 copies had been sold in both Malaysia and Singapore during their 14 states Tour in the peninsular region. Amazingly, the promotions,marketing and sales was done by themselves with a "Do It Yourself" attitude. With assistance from their friends at Nyaring Records (Malaysia), FPM managed to put a mark in the Malaysian underground scene which eventually lead them to a full page interview and album review in Malaysian exclusive music magazine ROTTW.
FPM released a 5 track EP entitled "Mimpi" ("Dream" in English) in mid 2013. Incorporating infectious, upbeat and fast paced melodious tracks, the EP will certainly push listeners to the edge of their seats! A singles entitled "Mimpi" from the EP was aired as Track Of The Week in the first week of April 2013 on national radio station channel, Ria 89.7fm, and received continuous re-runs for throughout that period! FPM was also interviewed for a segment for "SG Akustik Live" hosted by DJ Aura Shai and performed tracks from the EP live on air.
WIth still many grounds to cover and conquered, FPM will continue to produce and spread ska-punk music to Singapore and the rest of the world.


1. The Full Pledge Munkees (Demo) -2001
2. "Nevermind The Ketupat Here Comes the Raya Songs" compilation. Track entitled "Lagu Raya" -2002
3. Singles "Rockska" included in a local multiple genre compilation CD - 2003
2. "Pick It Up!" Full Length Album (12 tracks) - 2006
3. Singles "Mahkota Parade" (OST for local TV drama series "Munah & Hirzi Action!") - 2012
4. "Mimpi" Extended Play Album (5 tracks)- 2013