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Shhhhhhh... (Quiet, I Think I'll Let My Talent Speak For Its Self)


Dontavius Demond Riggins also known as T.F.Y.E. was born April 15, 1989 in Moultrie, GA to Elizabeth & Willie Riggins. He grew up on the westside of Camilla, GA on the small street of West Circle. He has 5 brothers and 1 sister, one of which who usually raps with him. Tony "Big Chilly" Riggins and T.F.Y.E. started the rap duo "Big Chilly & T-Fye." They released several albums together but currently has been forced to cut the collaboration due to the Army & location. T.F.Y.E.'s up & coming album "T.ruly F.or Y.our E.ntertainment" is set for release 9-11-09. It will feature Big Chilly and will be produced by Jeremy A. Smith, also known as J@S04. 3 rappers, 1 producer, & 1 master producer forms the legendary Indie Group, "Ju & J Productions". These guys joined during the summer of 2006 with members T.F.Y.E., J@S04, Big Chilly, Tyler-B & $hyne Man. T.F.Y.E. is now focused on serving his country, finishing college, opening a photo studio & a accounting business, getting his first novel published, making money, and most importantly; getting a record deal. His 1st single "Supastar Status" from the "T.ruly F.or Y.our E.ntertainment" album features Big Chilly. It was written, recorded and released on January 1st 2009. T.F.Y.E. and J@S04 will continue working on the new album; hopefully this will be another one to be remembered, I know it will.

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How Do I Feel About My Talent?
Ummmm, Nothing But GR8NESS!
I Shoud've Been Signed...


Success (Umma Make It) Lyrics from The Album "T.ruly F.or Y.our E.ntertainment"

Written By: T.F.Y.E. (Dontavius D. Riggins)

Well, I Guess They Right Big Chilly…
Them A & R’s Don’t Want Me…
All They Want Bullshit…
And Bullshit I Don’t Make …
This The Truth…

Dream In Yo Mind And The Dream Been Sold?
Damn, Man This Dream Getting Old…
But I Feel It In My Soul Man I Know Umma Make It
One Mo Show In I Know Umma Make It

All These Underground Albums Is I Wasting My Time?
Hell Nawll, They Just Blind…
Because I Feel It In My Heart Man I Know Umma Make It
Just Give Me One Shot I Swear I’ll Make It

When You Punch You Punch Soft, You Dab, Strike Lightly
I Punch So Hard I’ll Make Mike Tyson Bite Me
Beast In Da Ring, 4th Round Is Unlikely
You Going Down Now, 1, 2, TEN!
K.O. Outta Here I’m Champ, Been In It 6 Years In I’m Still Da Champ…
The Best Comes To Life, But They Call Me So-So…
Fuck, My Money Like The Nose Of Pinocchio
Well Dat Is When He Telling Da Truth
I Can’t Wait To He Lies, I’ll Be Buying This Booth
The Truth Is, It Really Hurts Like A Tooth pull
It’s Opposite Of The Effects Of A Red Bull
And That’s Why I Hate When My Niggas Die
And That’s Why I Hate When My Bitches Lie,
If You’Onn You Don’t Wanna Fuck, What Da Fuck You Gotta Pussy For
I Thought You Was Hard, What Da Fuck You Getting Mushy For

Uh Uhh, Umma Make It, Yeah I Gotta Make It
Take It or Leave It, I’m Fleeting Administration
Been Through The Various Cycles Of Life & Temptation
A Lil Pain, A Lil Blood Lost As Men-stru-a-tion
A Lil Love From Some Fans But Most Still Hating
I Just Call It Tough Love But Offense I Ain’t Taking
See Umma Make I-T, And I Ain’t In Da Tech Fields
I’m Working Hard, As The Ones In Da Corn Fields
Shucking These Beats, And Cutting My Lines,
But In Da Heat, You Continue To Savor Rhymes
And Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Made By Dinner Time
Plus A New Weave Will Be Made For My Old Dime
Sitting There Prehistoric, Str8 As A New Spine
Getting Better With Time, As Antique Wine
Put Heavy Shades On Her, Now The Antique Blind
So Keep Getting This Flu, Come And Taste This Swine

Oh, You Fucking Thought It Was Over
I Told You I Got Make, So Let Me Make It
Give Me The Fucking Ball Cause The Shot I’ll Take
Even If It Aint Sports, Like 50 I’ll Take It
Whateva It Takes To The Top I’ll Clamber
And Then I’ll Have The Money And The Stanza
Put L-Y-NN Behind My Amber
Umma Need A Pornstar And Bout Three Cameras
Plus I’ll Be Mobilized, Supastar Status…
Money & The Fame, Just Like Barry,
Thinking Green Is Good, Just Like Larry,
Bird, No Longer Sitting Behind My Thunder,
Verbs, I’m Doing Everything I Drum’Ov,
Ooops I Mean Dreamt, Carbon As Shawn Kemp
Playing My Ben Wallace, And Punching Like Jack Demp
Playing Behind The Stars, I It Call It My Scott Pip…

Funny Money lyrics from the album "T.ruly F.or Y.our E.ntertainment"

Written By: T.F.Y.E. (Dontavius D. Riggins)

Song: Funny Money Artist: T.F.Y.E. Album: T.ruly F.or Y.our E.ntertainment

[Hook] (2x)
You Gotta Get To The Money, Before It Get Me
Bills Need To Be Paid, We Struggling See
This Mulfucking Money Keep Laughing At Me
This Mulfucking Money Keep Laughing At Me

[Verse 1]
Ga, Get, Get Money, That’s That’s The Standard,
Trynna Nail The Game With’a MC Hammer,
Getting Bankrupt, Not A MC’s Standard,
Still Shitting On These Niggas, Where The Fuck Are The Pampers
Rrraahhh, This Right Here Be Da Jammer,
Just Trynna Gross Dollars Like Kung Fu Panda…
Rrraahhh, I Don’t Play With The Standard,
Touch It Get Red, University Of Alabama
My Money Like My Bitch,
And I Can’t Stand’er
I Be Like Damn’er, Damn’er, Damn’er,
Suck A Goat Dick, And I Hope You Get Cancer,
Just Like My Grammar, Put My Flow In Da Slammer
Supastar Status, I Want The Money And Da Glamour
These Boys Str8 Flaw, They Aint Nothing But Some Shammers
Rrrraahhh, But Ima Keep Spitting Cancer
Even Though They Foul Like Barkley, Ima Get This Broccoli

[Hook] (2x)

[Verse 2]
Oh That’s J@S04, Yeah He Hot On Dem Beats
Oh That There T.F.Y.E. He Be Spitting On The Beats
Fuck Both Of Them Guys, They Aint Hotta Than Me…
Talking Behind My Back,
Oh That’s What’s Hot In Da Streets?, Trick Plz
Tell Camilla That I Got’em, Big Bruh I Got’em…
Ju & J I Got’em, Let The Fam Know I Got’em…
Dranking On Henn, Got Me Feeling Like A Giant
A Mulfucken Giant…
I’m An American Idol Baby You Can Ask Simon,
Or Ryan, I’m Lying…
Ainnn Shit, Nawlll Ainnn Shit
I’m Just Yo Average Hood Nigga With Dreams Of Getting Rich,
And That Was Flip, Just Put The Sources On My Blueprint…
Funny Money, This Shit Aint Funny This Makes No Sense…
Rest In Peace Dolla, Yeah I Offer My Condolence
Rest In Peace Dollas, Cause I’m Tired of Being Broke, Shit…

[Hook] (2x)

I See This Today, And I Will Face My Money
I Will Face My Money


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