The Gentlemen's Club

The Gentlemen's Club


TGC is four musicians with a range of musical backgrounds, from rock to classical. Combined with a unique writing style, we can produce songs that deliver elements of today's pop music, while remaining comfortably outside the box. TGC is not about everybody's music, it's about our music.


Many bands have had to play two sets in one night; The Gentlemen’s Club has played two sets in one night on the back of a flatbed truck. Willing to try anything once, Mark, Andre, Joe and the angelic Lorissa (collectively known as TGC) have relished every chance they have had to find their niche in the Southern Ontario music scene. If the opportunity arises to play a gig, TGC is always at the ready, whether it is on the back of a truck, on the lanes of the local bowling alley, in a hockey arena, parks, gymnasiums or sleazy dives just a stone’s throw away from a nearby crack-house.

Although TGC sometimes has to fight to get noticed in a Kitchener-Waterloo music scene dominated by punk and metal, the band has had no trouble winning over multitudes of fans from these genres, and more. TGC is a “diplomatic” kind of band, and many people seem to dig this mutually beneficial relationship. The band has appealed to people of all ages, from many adoring tweens to older judges for a number of Battle-of-the-Bands. In particular, a local music store owner and sound engineer from Strathroy gave a glowing testimonial, saying he was "surprised at the band’s maturity and originality on stage.”

Creatively, TGC is a band in the purest sense of the word. No one member is the driving artistic force behind the music. Rather, each TGC song is a singular creation by four equal contributors. This ensures songwriting is a unique adventure each and every time, and allows TGC to avoid "mimicking" any other band's sound. Each band member enjoys his/her own music from all different genres and artists; for example, you could find members of TGC listening to Public Enemy, Tool, Bob Marley, John Williams, No Doubt, The Tragically Hip, Rage Against the Machine, Third Eye Blind, Anti-Flag, or Dr. Dre.

Without a doubt, TGC provides a radio-friendly sound that is not easily defined by today's ever increasing musical catalogue.


For Peter

Written By: Lorissa Fontes

We’ve almost forgotten time.
We’ve almost forgotten the time.
We’ve almost forgotten time is passing us by.

So say goodbye as you walk away
And I lose you to this long & winding hallway.
And as this plane takes flight
I wonder what the hell I’m doing with my own life.

As you turn around to walk away
I’m reminded of all the good old days
And those late nights, oh those late nights,
And how the concept of time seemed to never cross our minds.


Well I guess it’s time to grow up.
Well I guess it’s time to move on.
Well I guess it’s time that we realize we’ve had our share of fun.
And I guess it’s time that we realize that this gig is almost up.
And I guess we kind of always knew it was all gonna end one day soon.
I just wasn’t ready to let go of you.


Goodbye, goodbye. With you goes a part of my own life.
Goodbye, goodbye. It’s time we go about our separate lives.
Goodbye, goodbye. And with you goes a part of my own life.

Miss Leading

Written By: Lorissa Fontes

Let me introduce myself
I go by Miss Leading
Or so says everyone else
And this is my story.

I’m so sorry
For what I put you through
But I’m not too sorry
‘Cause it’s something I had to do.

Well I’m so sorry that I hurt you
You need to understand that I
Never meant for this to harm you
I feel like I’m just running out of time

I’m so sorry that I hurt you
I just don’t think that I can perceive
The magnitude of this situation
When I think of it I only think of me.

Just seems that every time I find something worth keeping
All I can do is tear it apart
I never meant to be unfaithful
I can lie to you but I can’t lie to my heart.

They call me Miss Leading
That’s the impression that I leave
They call me Miss Leading
‘Cause my heart, it deceives me.

Awkward silence I’m afraid
That there’s nothing more to say
When it comes down to it I can’t be changed
And we can’t go on this way.

I’m so sorry.
I’m, so, sorry.

Okay here it goes
The explanation I owe
I’m not trying to deceive
Indecisiveness just happens to plague me.


And I’m so sorry that I hurt you
I just don’t think that I can perceive
The magnitude of this situation
When I think of it I only think of me.
I only think of me.
I only think of Miss Leading, yah.


Written By: Lorissa Fontes

Our eyes meet from across the room
Bite my lip as I make my way to you.
I’ve got you in my sight
Don’t want anything more than just tonight.

So feel me, feel me.
Feel me.
Love me, hate me.
Abuse me, tame me.
Feel me.

Oh baby, take your time. We’ve got all night, all night
I whisper to you as you press your lips & body up to mine.
Don’t be shy. Don’t waste my time
I’m gonna blow your mind.


As beads of sweat drip down your face
Know I’ll be gone tomorrow without a trace.
So take a breath and breathe me in
‘Cause tomorrow, tomorrow, you won’t believe where you’ve been.


This is the part where you catch your breath

So, feel me.
Feel me.


Spend the Night EP - 2005 - 8 tracks

Singularity LP- 2006 - 11 tracks

Set List


Surf Side Six (3:25)
Five Dollar Shake (4:08)
Love Shack (COVER)
For Peter (4:36)
What Happened to the Music? (2:40)
Supervillains (3:41)
Platypus (COVER)
Superheroes (4:04)
Singularity (4:19)

END - Set Length - 30 to 35 minutes.

Most often 20 to 25 minutes, excluding 1 cover and 1 song from each half.

Some sets have exceeded 1 hour in length, encompassing both the new album "Singularity", the old EP "Spend the Night", and a number of covers.

Possible covers include:
1) 311 - Beautiful Disaster
2) No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend
3) Greenday - Platypus
4) B52's - Love Shack
5) Age of Electric - Remote Control
6) Dr.Dre - Forgot About Dre