TGC/ The Gift

TGC/ The Gift

BandHip HopGospel

My group's music is uplifting and powerful. We're trying to change the world and bring up holy hip hop music. My music is very moving and i try to tell stories within my music so that people will know that i tell the truth.


Our music is uplifting and we keep god first in everything that we do. We're like brothers and sisters and we all love each other. Our influences are holy hip hop vets like c-walker, super mario, alphalex, etc. We're seventh day adventists so that sets us apart right there. We've been doing this for years we love to make music about the lord.


685, Big Spendin, and Test My Christ are singles we have on the radio or have had on the radio. Our albums 685 and on A Mission are on sale right now.

Set List

About 3-6 songs depending on what shows we are performing in. 685, On A Mission, Hot or Cold, Test My Christ, Fear God and Holy Matrimony. 2 sets and there usually about 20 minutes a piece. The group in synch were usually dressed alike.