The Greater Good

The Greater Good

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
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The Greater Good is a hip hop duo comprised of etikid and Joey Dats representing Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


The Greater Good (TGG) is composed of etikid (Emcee/Writer), Joey Dats (Emcee/Producer) and DJ Senh, all raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With a unique style best described as modern hip hop, The Greater Good injects a bold new sound into today's crowded music industry.

Before forming TGG, etikid worked on a solo career, producing individual music releases and headlining performances for acts like Slum Village. He quickly gained attention from producer Joey Dats, who was working with several local artists and co-produced two songs on “Folk Music,” the debut album from California’s Far East Movement. The two young artists quickly discovered a mutual respect for each other’s skills and formed TGG in late 2007.

TGG's influences run the gamut and their inspirations span the musical map, with everything from Kanye West to Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest to Pink Floyd, and James Brown to Daft Punk. In 2008, they released their first mixtape entitled "Took You Long Enough"; the CD features the single "Celebrity Status," which went on to become a Top 10 finalist in 91.7 The Bounce FM’s “Bounce to the Junos” Competition 2009. TGG has since performed all across western Canada — opening for the likes of Talib Kweli, Fabolous, Nas, Mos Def, Tanya Morgan and Masia One — and was recently hailed as the next up-and-coming group on, an Asian American online lifestyle magazine. Although currently unsigned, TGG finds praise and support from recording artists and listeners across all musical genres.

In the end, TGG's quest is simple: to chase their goals, create positive music and push their sound to innovative new levels. But above all else, The Greater Good is about one thing and one thing alone: making damn good music.


Celebrity Status

Written By: Jonathan Chung, William Duong, Fady James


VERSE 1 - Joey Dats

Now in the morning I'll be famous (famous)
wrist froze up like botox faces
sitting on number ones, blazing blunts
call me Smoking Aces, amazing huh? (huh)
dude, step back man state your basis
you don't know me like Ghost im faceless
grab 'em girls, get 'em girls
we half way home, she already half naked
sip champagne, my campaign
rise to the top of my game man, ready to aim
and just like Lil' Wayne I'm a straight shooter
shoot to the skies, the stars
now I'm ready for Mars, so let's go

CHORUS - Freddy L

Why you wanna talk about us, asking us for favors
one day hate us, next day read about us in the paper
to all those who ever had a doubt
we told you
in the morning i'll be famous
i'll be famous, famous

VERSE 2 - etikid

ayo my first name etikid, last name irrelevant
they wanted me to let it out, so long to the fat elephant
up in the room, further more what I intend to do
intensify, intelligent lyrics repping the crew
I spit good and I don't see why that fact is stressin you
messing you, guessing you ain't thought I was a spectacle
see now what a rep can do?
no though I ain't testing you
proto means before you came out if we getting technical
so homie we can take it there, but I'm still a young'n so
I'mma keep grinding, "Finding Forever" with the Common flow
animated on stage, no I ain't a comic though
gravitated to SB Dunks to be honest yo talk to em

CHORUS - Freddy L

VERSE 3 - Joey Dats & etikid

ayo i used be to Deckstrous, now i go by Joey Dats
they can front all they want but i ain't going back
so infact I don't have to explain
I'm David Copperfield, vanish on a jetplane
1 step back, and 2 steps forward
stay focused kill 2 birds with one stone
for tonight i'll be nameless (nameless)
my life froze up like pods in stasis
wakin up each mornin is new day
to start something fresh, do something you love truly
chain with a pendant that's not where my image be
heart on every track's my status of a celebrity

CHORUS - Freddy L


TGG Sampler
1. Hit the Shops
2. Celebrity Status
3. Bad Habit
4. Shakes Her Head

1. Intro Ft. Electron Jones
2. Hello, Hi!
3. 86 'til
4. Flossin' / Roamin'
5. We Can't Do it Alone
6. Skit
7. Celebrity Status ft. Freddy L
8. Keep Me From You ft. Freddy L
9. Too Late ft. Christina
10. You Got It Good ft. Freddy L

Celebrity Status (Top 10 Finalist in The Bounce FM's Bounce to the Juno's Competition)

Set List

'86 Til
Hello, Hi
Celebrity Status
Hit the Shops
Bad habit

Running Time: Approx 20 Mins