T Good

T Good

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The songs I write are about are real things that's happening and turn people to look at things different. The top reason, to drive people to Christ...he is the real reason we are here today. He is tired of us lusting after this world and not concentrating on him. And that's the truth......


I was born on May 21, 1987 in Columbia, SC. Born and raised in the church, but usually that's the kid whose always in trouble. That was me, got caughtup in the wrong crowd and ended up with a stab wound and a gunshot wound trying to be big and bad. Even with that happening, that wasn't my breakthrough. It was a simple as getting married to a GOD fearing woman who changed my life. Without her I would be somewere else in a worse condition than before. The goal of the music I write is to inspire those who have lost hope. I'm here to tell you that there is hope and no one can tell you otherwise. My music takes turns in and out of the bible and comparing it to the real world. I want to minister to the youth, to let them have a closer relationship with GOD. Making gospel music like the rest of the music is just one method of making this happen. It doesn't have to be with music, it should start in the home. Don't be afraid of what someone thinks of you. As you grow, you lose some, gain some, and some will be in between. You should only focus on where you are going to end up after this lifetime, not what you want people to think of you right then and there. Think things through before acting on anything. If you want a different result, you have to do something different. And that's real talk.


I'm currently working on getting my songs to get on the radio. Not sure what station, that is still being worked out.