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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2007
Duo Hip Hop Trip-hop


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what: The Teal & Purple Mixtape Release Party

when: March 20th 8pm – 11pm

where: UNCC, Norm’s Room

cost: free 99, so no excuses…k? :)

don’t you just love when good opportunities fall into your hands?

i was able to catch up with the artists of th3 Higher to discuss their upcoming mixtape & launch party

why? because it sounded awesome…duh.

they’ll also be promoting and featuring other creatives from around the area so…

let’s support one another.

keep reading to learn more about th3 Higher and their mixtape “Teal and Purple”, below:

Let’s start by introducing you to the readers. Where did you grow up and at what point did you become th3 Higher? What’s the story behind the name?

We’re both from the southside of Charlotte, NC. Tyme-Lis was born and raised in Charlotte and Kire was born in Germany but grew up here. As far as the name, we used to go by another, “Lost Wonz”, until about 3 years ago when we completely rebranded ourselves. We were texting about where we wanted to go and through some coercing I was able to convince Kire to change the name. We both came up with th3 Higher. Our name breaks down into a 2 separate entities. The “th3” represents not only the word “the” but the “3” is used to represent that one person everyone has in their life that is the reason why they do whatever it is they do. In our cases it represents fallen loved ones to whom we promised we would make our dreams a reality. They are the reason why we do what we do and why we have the passion that we do. The “Higher” represents where we feel we are mentally, lyrically and in passion.

Do you remember when you first decided to pursue music? What inspired you?

We’ve always had a passion for music. When we started in High School it was mainly as a hobby. Then it went to us not wanting to listen to what’s on the radio. We recorded over 300 songs as “Lost Wonz” and some were extremely wack but others weren’t and people were encouraging us to continue. It was really when Tyme-Lis got back from the military that we had a heart to heart. We came to the conclusion that there was nothing else we’d rather do than make music for a living so decided to go 100% with it. We work for our families. We know we have to provide for them just like they provided for us. Our goal is to get them out of this way day to day way of living.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite artists?

As far as inspirations we listen to a pretty much all things hip-hop but with an eye out for: Kanye, Childish Gambino, Travi$ Scott and Drake

As Charlotte artists, what is your perception of the local creative scene and where do you see yourselves in its progression?

The scene here is growing and it’s amazing to see especially as locals. There is so much talent here and we’re excited to be a part of it. We see ourselves as right in the thick of it. After this tape drops we plan on climbing the ladder if you will. We want to make it to the top because many people have held that spot down but done nothing for the city. We want to get there and bring everybody else us and get them the shine they deserve.

Cumulatively, th3 Higher has been making music for roughly 8 years. How has your style evolved over time?

Our style has changed greatly. We’ve learned over the years that people just want real. We’ve rapped about things that we’ve never done and although the verses were dope, people can see through it. Everything really changed when we linked up with Anubis Inc. With them we’ve been able to hone our craft and grow as artists.

What separates the two of you from other artists?

Our swag breh!!!! Nah it’s our personality. So many people out here strive to be something that they aren’t or have malicious intentions but everything that we do and or say is the truth. We want to breed a culture of love within the community. We work day and night to make that happen. Most artists are in it for themselves and don’t really care about the next man.

You’ve been working with Anubis Inc. as a producer. What do they bring to the table & how do they help make you a better artist?

Mannnnnnnn Anubis Inc. is the plug. We all went to school together so how everything came about was just crazy. Throughout those 8 years we made our own beats and worked with other producers but we always said if we had producers that were on the same wavelength we were on we could truly create. Then these guys came out of nowhere with the dopest beats we ever heard. With them local we were able to work together and build our sound. th3 Higher and Anubis Inc. go hand in hand. We can work without their beats but if you want to hear that true th3 Higher sound we need Anubis Inc.

Your upcoming mixtape, “Teal and Purple” is set to launch on March 20th. What inspired the name and what can fans and those new to th3 Higher expect to experience?

The name was inspired by our city. We love our city and this tape is 100% Charlotte built so it was only right to use the oh so smooth colors of our Charlotte Hornets. For the listeners, imagine Naruto Uzumaki fighting Majin Vegeta….That’s what’s about to come through your speakers.

If you could pick a favorite track from “Teal and Purple” what would it be and why?

Favorite track would have to be “Something Wicked” because it’s our entire life story wrapped up in one song.

Any advice for those just beginning who may be nervous about putting their work out there?

Don’t worry about what other people have to say about your music. Follow your dreams and never settle. You only have one life to live why would you live that one life doing something that you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of something that may or may not happen?

What are you looking for after the release of this mixtape? What does success mean for th3 higher?

After the tape drops we’re planning on hitting the road to promote it. We’ve performed in NYC and Miami but that’s not enough. We’re buying a van, fixing it up and we’re literally going to drive across the US and perform anywhere we possibly can. We won’t stop until Charlotte has the respect she deserves.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know about th3 Higher or Teal and Purple?

We’re 2 regular guys out here working our hardest to achieve our goals. If you have a talent or a muse stick to you and never let anyone take that from you. th3 Higher is all about never giving up and never settling.

i’ve heard it. it’s dope. - Socially.Awkward.Soul.Searcher

"Carolina On The Rise"

New music from Charlotte, NC Hip Hop duo the3 Hugher.

Instagram and Twitter:
@th3Higher - Loco Los

"Raps and Hustles"

Check out th3 Higher’s new track “8 Trigrams,” produced by Anubis Inc. This is the first single off their upcoming project “Teal And Purple,” due out March 20th. - Raps and Hustles

"Urban Flair UK"

th3 Higher “8 Trigrams”

th3 Higher, a hip-hop duo out of Charlotte NC. - Urban Flair

"CLT+ Teal and Purple Preview"

Th3 Higher, a hip-hop duo out of Charlotte have been writing, producing and recording music for 7 years.

Their name breaks down into 2 separate entities. The “th3”represents not only the word “the” but 3 is used to represent that one person everyone has in their life that is the reason why they do whatever it is they do. In this case it represents fallen loved ones to whom the group has promised they would make their dreams a reality.

They are the reason why the group does what they do and why they have the passion they do. The “Higher” represents where they feel they are mentally, lyrically and in passion. They have been recording music for 7 years and feel that they have reached the level they should be at to feel comfortable addressing recording companies. As they grow and mature as adults they hope to translate that into music. They use music like many artists as an outlet. Everything that they go through, try, do, want to do, thought about is transposed into their music.

Their image is something that they hold near and dear to themselves. They represent a certain generation, this generation. Our generation is full of revolutionists that are ready to take charge and make a change. They are progressive artists that notice the need for music that doesn’t convey a negative message.

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“We are not conscious rappers nor are we trap artists. We are musicians that take normal situations and turn them into music. We are preformers that energize the crowd via high energy shows. We are pro-marijuana advocates and we aren’t afraid to show that through our music. We make music for everyone for everyone. However we are not concerned with the mainstream trends and direction. We aim to make a new lane and create a new culture within Hip-Hop. We are the voice of our generation.”

-th3 Higher

The members of th3 higher


Tyme-Lis is who many would call the “Wild Child” of the group. He is a no-holds-barred artist that isn’t afraid to say what he feels. He grew up in 2 parent Christian home and taught how to live his life according to the bible. However, upon becoming a young adult he realized that that isn’t the way he wanted to live his life. To his parents demise he dropped out of college to pursue a career as an artist. His lyrics are what people want to say but are too afraid to. Although every verse is packed with tons of energy to make you get up out of your seat he will remind people that the reason he started rapping was to show his capabilities as a lyricist. He got his name from a saying he created: “Know Music, Know Me. Music is timeless, I am Music, I am Timeless”. Although his style sits in a totally different class than that of Kire, they are still going to be at the same places. Tyme-Lis is an artist that will continue to push the limits and dare anyone to stop him.


Kire is more laid back and relaxed artists in the group. He grew up in a single parent home with his younger brother. He name is derived from his middle name Vidal-Khiry. He has always had a passion for music. He is what many people would called a “Hip-Hop Historian”. His dedication to music came at an early age and followed him ever since. His music will always tell you a story about something that happened or is going to happen. From the party scene, to the late nights with ladies, even the early morning studio sessions, Kire will take you on adventures with every bar. Every verse is packed with metaphors and similes that you may miss the first time around. Unlike his counterpart Tyme-Lis, Kire likes to take the relaxed approach with everything he delivers. But at any given time he will remind everyone why he is nicknamed The Mons

3Pack Promo

Teal and Purple

Teal and Purple is the name of our Third and final mixtape. This particular project is 100% Charlotte from the ground up. We want this tape to encompass all aspects of Charlotte Hip-Hop. We are reaching out to multiple sources in search of aide via promotion or monetary. Teal and Purple is also being captured and formed into a documentary, The Teal and Purple Project. Within this documentary we have already featured over 15 different Charlotte Hip-Hop artists and even some other cities. The goal of the Teal and Purple Project is to expand the national spotlight that is forming on to Charlotte Hip-Hop. There is a movement within the Charlotte Hip-Hop community and we are right in the thick of it and we plan on seizing through the opportunity.

We plan on releasing Teal and Purple on March 20th 2015. It will be available for download on various mixtape websites as well as Spotify, Google Play, Beats Music, iHeartradio any many other online streaming services. The release will be heavily promoted via Guerilla and online Marketing. We have ordered 1500+ Flyers, merchandise and will be ordering CDs. We released the 1st single “8 Trigrams” January 25th, 2015 and it currently in rotation on Touch of Daz, a radio show at UNC-Charlotte. Within the coming weeks “8 Trigrams” will be available on the aforementioned streaming sites. - Brian Cetina

"All The Legends Interview"

Meet Th3 Higher, the Indie Rap duo who’s not afraid to push the limits to bring listeners higher. Interviewing these guys was like talking to good friends over glasses of sweet tea; real and uncut. Make sure to keep this duo on your radar because they’re going to be coming with some big things soon but first read below to find out more about them…

Please Introduce yourselves and tell me your stories..

Tyme-Lis: I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I pretty much stayed in one house my whole life in South Charlotte.
The Meaning behind Tyme-Lis.. I actually got the name while I was just thinking about how music is timeless, and I’ve always said that I am music so [putting two together], that must mean that I am timeless.
I started off rapping like Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, like lyrical conscious rap, then I went to my trap phase, and after that I finally figured out what it means to be timeless.

Kire Da Monster: I was born in Charlotte and I’ve lived here all my life, but I took a four year break when I was younger and moved to Germany, but I came back when I was 8 and I’ve been here ever since. I’m all about chasing my dreams and making sure that I stay focused.

How did you two come together to form Th3 Higher?
T: We first met when I was in the 11th grade and he was in the 12th and I was that person that didn’t know anybody. And during that time all I did was write all day, every day. And one day during class I saw Kire and this other guy, writing and they said that they were about to write a rap and I just thought “oh snap, they write too?!” So I asked them if they rap, and they said yea, so I asked them what they were writing a song about and that I write too and it all went up from there. I finally felt as if I found somebody (Kire) who was on the same wavelength as me, so we went out and bought a studio to record in and we would go from 2:20 p.m. till about 2 o’clock in the morning and we just recorded music. From there we just kept recording and added people to the group, some people dropped, and just kept adding and dropping more people and out of all the new people, the only ones that really stuck around was me and him (Kire). And when I got home from the military and we started the music up again, I felt as if we had gotten better as a group and it was time for a name change, and we changed to Th3 Higher.

What is Th3 Higher bringing to the scene in Charlotte that other arists aren’t?
K: What we try to do is look at everybody who has made it before us, all the artists who are big and who are really successful at what they do, and we try to learn from them and from that we’ve learned a lot about ourselves. Looking at the game right now there’s no real “Outkast-like” artist and so we said to ourselves let’s take over as the rap duo of the game. Tyme-Lis gives you that crazy, jumping on couches, that do what ever you want to do style and I have that laid-back, cold killa style.

Who is the most influential artist in the rap game as of now?
K: I honestly feel that the most influential person in the game right now is Drake. I don’t think that Drake can do any wrong with the type of music that he puts out. He puts out a song and the next thing you know everybody is hopping on the beat, and putting out a song, and trying to do the same flow. He’s an internet trendsetter, a fashion trendsetter and he can do no wrong, and even when he’s doing wrong he’s doing right.

T: When I go by influence, I’m thinking about how Migos came into the game and even though they’re indie artists, they had Nicki Minaj, the hottest female rapper in the game, rapping their style. Here was a group that was unknown and nobody outside of Atlanta had really heard of Migos, until Drake hopped on that track, and then their influence was everywhere.

What’s going through your mind right before you’re first really big performance?
T: When that day comes, what’s more than likely going to be on my mind is the fact that we made it, nobody really understands what goes on behind closed doors, nobody knows all the stuff [that’s behind] what we’ve done. So when that day comes I will more than likely break down and cry. Because nobody truly knows how hard it is, except for the people who made it.And even then, they don’t know us, and we all have different stories, and nobody knows our personal stories except for us. So when that day comes it’s going to be very overwhelming.

K: There’s going to be a lot of ranging emotions, a lot of happiness. And I’m going to say that the first time we perform for a packed out arena, it’s going to be the best show we’ve ever had.

Do you plan on staying local or branching out?
K: As artists you should always try to plan out what your goal is and where you want to end up. We don’t really want to be on the same level as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake. I want to be the type of person that I can still connect with my fans and not have so much security around with paparazzi and all that. I think we want to stay on the Indie mainstream level, but of course if it goes out of control, we can’t do anything about it if we get bigger than we wanted to be. We always want to have control over our music, what we get to say on our songs, what type of videos we record and what type of shows we perform.

T: If we had to make a comparison, we want to be on that Chance the Rapper or Childish Gambino level. Where we’re still making nice enough money to support ourselves but we’re not on TMZ for every little thing we do; I want to have a normal life.

Twist: The most embarrassing song that you have on your ipod/phone?
K: Usually when I’m driving I’m listening to my music and I have everybody in the car, and I’ll have my iPod on shuffle and it’ll come across Beyonce. [I admit] I am a 6 foot 2 black guy with dreads and I listen to Beyonce -laughs-

T: If you know me, you know that I am the most non-confrontational person ever. But what is on my iPod the most and what I listen to a lot of is Juicy J.

Thanks so much to Th3 Higher for taking the time to talk to me!
You can find them on their Twitter, Soundcloud, or on Youtube - Jelecia S

"CLT Party Interview"

Who is “Th3 Higher”?

​They are your 2 Favorite Rappers, Tyme-Lis the Author and Kire da Monster, as they would say. Together they form the group “Th3 Higher”, both born and raised in the city of Charlotte, they formed the group last year after dumping they their old name “Lost Wonz”. They begin to explain how the name change happened, “We realized we were totally different artists now, then we were back then. We felt that the only way to move forward was to leave the past in the past.”

The group started making music in 2007, they have performed around Charlotte numerous times as “Lost Wonz”, but has yet to perform as their new name “Th3 Higher”, “but that day is coming soon…yes soon!” as they state.

They draw some of their inspirations from known talents such as: Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Drake, and Childish Gambino. Some nationally known artists that they listed that they would like to work with some day were: Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, OutKast, Odd Future and Nicki Minaj. As far as local artists they would like to work with every artist in Charlotte.

Does the “Th3 Higher” have a deeper meaning to the name?And also does the “3” in “Th3 Higher” symbolize anything?

​The meaning to their name as the previously stated waswhere they see themselves now. They begin to further describe the meaning to the name, “We believe that we are in a higher state than most artists and if you listen to our music the other meaning becomes quite clear.” As far as the 3 in “Th3 Higher” they describe what it symbolizes, “it symbolizes that one person that is the reason why you do whatever it is you do. We all have someone that inspires us to be better therefore th3 Higher is not just us, it’s all of us.”

Getting into the music

On one of their songs titled “Mirrors” featuring Javier Blanco & Erik J had a very unique and soothing R&B sound with a hip-hop twist. It sounded like a track for the ladies but they explained how it wasn’t, “Actually, the track wasn’t for the ladies it was meant to be universal it just so happened that the ladies love the track and Javier Blanco’s smooth vocals.”

Another one of their songs called “Silver Pharaohs” featuring Fadeaway Jones & Black Lighter Moses was one of their harder songs that had a cool California sound to it with a dope hard beat. They described how they get their sound, “Our sound actually comes from however we’re feeling at that moment. The hardest thing for us to do is to pick a lane so we decided to just write and record how we feel, we get sent beats from different producers and in different genres, so we just let it naturally come out.”

5 Years from now

The duo shows there since of humor by describing how they will be 5 years from now “We see ourselves having 5 boats, 10 houses, a maybach, 2 lambos, 15 yachts, and a 26 bedroom house.” but they got back to reality by stating how they just really see themselves still grinding and having their own label and being the channel to pump the Carolina’s.

Upcoming Projects

“Th3 Higher” has a few up and coming projects coming up. They will be dropping a mixtape late February and will be releasing an album later on in the summer. Be on the lookout for this group, they are just getting their feet wet. In the meanwhile you can subscribe to their youtube and follow their social networking sites below. - Celena

"A Dose of Dopeness Teal and Purple Review"

Th3 Higher, a hip hop duo out of Charlotte NC. just released their latest project "Teal and Purple" A culmination of 7 years of practice the young group and feels that this project is the best work yet. I must say that I agree with them completely. Their smooth wavy beats of one track "Kush God" gives me the feeling of what I like to call "purple" in other words tranquil (haha). I love them because they give me that same feeling that i get from Flatbush Zombies with their eclectic styles in their sound. This tape is a must listen and is their third and final tape. The duo has bigger plans to spread the underground music wave that is Charlotte, NC.

Give their latest project a listen:


Twitter: @th3Higher
Instagram: @th3Higher

YouTube: - Loveyy the Don

"DJ Daz: Teal and Purple Review"

ast month Th3 Higher came on ToD and announced live on air they were dropping a new mixtape on March 20th entitled, Teal And Purple. Well it is 3/20 and the mixtape is here from your two favorite rappers! TAP is a dedication to the Queen City where Th3 Higher was bored and raised in. All production was done by Anubis Hadal nd it features some 704 greats like Goofy Tha Weirdo and Tony P and Braille of Phazer Gang. The tape really will drift you through any smoke session or even on a car ride. Th3 Higher has this to say about TAP and Charlotte culture:

“Teal and Purple is the name of our Third and final mixtape. Although the tape is sponsored by DFE/No Limit East records this particular project is 100% Charlotte from the ground up. We want this tape to encompass all aspects of Charlotte Hip-Hop and Charlotte talent. Our goal is to get everyone on one accord. We’re all moving in the same direction we should work together to make all of our dreams come true. Charlotte is a melting pot and it shows with in our art and the city needs to be pushed in the right direction. Our generation is next up and we need to take the torch and run with it. Teal and Purple is also being captured and formed into a documentary, The Teal and Purple Project. Within this documentary we have already featured over 15 different Charlotte Hip-Hop artists and even some other cities. The goal of the Teal and Purple Project is to expand the national spotlight that is forming on Charlotte’s Hip-Hop culture by unifying all aspects from Bloggers to Photographers. There is a movement within the Charlotte Hip-Hop community and we are right in the thick of it and we plan on seizing through the opportunity and move the city in a direction that’s going to benefit the multi-talented people here.”

Peep the newness below. - DJ Daz

"Easy Eddie: Teal and Purple Review"

Out of Charlotte, NC. This project dropped 11 days ago with 12-tracks from Th3 Higher Produced by Anubis inc.

Th3 Higher consist of half Tyme-Lis the Author and half Kire da Monster. This duo does more than rapping and singing like expected, we hear good vibing over their gothic beats.

Standout track with over 11 hundred plays, “8 Trigrams” is the single. The production and layout of their voices on this track makes it the one to listen to.

The Teal and Purple project was created “to instill a sense of pride in Charlotte.” The Album itself tells their story from childhood to present and Th3 Higher reveals that “Something Wicked” is the microcosm of the entire project because

“Within that song you have a little bit of everything we do. The hook is uber ratchet. The verses are life stories and the ending shows our love for all things dope”

after listening to the track “Something Wicked” i felt like it could be EASILY the anthem for the entire album the chorus is really fly.

Follow Th3 Higher on Twitter and checkout the Teal and Purple Project below. - Easy Eddie

"th3 Higher x Multiplayer"

Coming off the first drop of their #WeeklyDosage series, Th3 Higher, brings “Multiplayer” to listeners as motivation to spark up and chase your dreams with your team. - See more at: - Precise Earz

"Almost Famous Promo - Kizzy"

Almost Famous: Charlotte Hip-Hop Promo Video, Almost Famous is a documentary currently in post-production by Parallel+ Production Co. - Patreon

"ToD Exclusive: Watch Me Roll It x th3 Higher"

th3 Higher is back at it again with another #WeeklyDosage! The Charlotte duo has been giving us some bangers but let’s not get this track confused-this is still hot-they just take a lounge approach that is reserved for only the boss rollers. “Watch Me Roll It” is what you play in the back of a Rolls Royce while twisting a fatty for your significant other. The strength of the cover art alone let’s you know it’s going to be a groovy song. Vibe out below. - Touch of Daz

"ToD Exclusive: Multiplayer x th3 Higher"

Th3 Higher is back with their #WeeklyDosage and this time they want everyone to chase their dreams in “Multiplayer”. Check it out below. - Touch of Daz

"ToD Exclusive: Statment x th3 Higher"

Th3 Higher has been putting in work when it comes to the Charlotte hip-hop scene by creating a platform for artists to showcase their talents with an open mic series called “MFGD” and collaborating with like-minded taste makers to bring a unity within the city. Th3 Higher will be giving you a weekly dosage of dopeness to keep fans satisfied and to build some motivation for others. The first offering of heat is “Statement” which is a reply to their CIAA show being shut down by the police department of Charlotte. Listen below and stay tuned for next’s week track. - Touch of Daz


DJ Daz of Touch of Daz and Tyme-Lis of Th3 Higher team up for their second installment series.
If you haven’t noticed SNY promotes quality work and takes the time to share in our opinion the best talent. Today we share with you a compilation called “The Chosen Sound – Vol. 2” which features some rising producers in North Carolina.
“The tapes only feature 10 producers or less because we want it to be a “chosen sound” of the best. TCS will expand into other states in the near future,” explains DJ Daz. What we noticed on this instrumental tape is the emerging talent who bring in deep 808s that will get you dancing, make you feel like you’re on the 1 train in New York City or has the cross between a mediation/ride out vibe. Our favorites on this project include “OJD“, “Gusto” and “How I Love You“.
Comprised of some familiar faces including Apo11oTONE, Grove$ide and Jerm Scorsese we were happy to see some new names such as Fatman Leek, Benny Lasco and ED$ on this project. You can stream and purchase below. To get more information on how to be on the next compilation visit - Shiyana

"ToD Exclusive: Watch Me Roll It x Th3 Higher"

Th3 Higher is back at it again with another #WeeklyDosage! The Charlotte duo has been giving us some bangers but let’s not get this track confused-this is still hot-they just take a lounge approach that is reserved for only the boss rollers. “Watch Me Roll It” is what you play in the back of a Rolls Royce while twisting a fatty for your significant other. The strength of the cover art alone let’s you know it’s going to be a groovy song. Vibe out below. - DAZZ


Still working on that hot first release.



We are th3 Higher, a hip-hop duo out of Charlotte NC. We have been
writing, producing and recording music for 8 years. Our name breaks down
into a 2 separate entities. The “th3”represents not only the word “the”
but the "3" is used to represent that one person everyone has in their
life that is the reason why they do whatever it is they do.  The
“Higher” represents where we feel we are mentally, lyrically and in
passion. We use our music like many artists as an outlet. Everything
that we go through, try, did, want to do, thought about is transposed
into our music. This is why we feel that our style of music is easy to
relate to.

Band Members