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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Electronic





HipHopDX Premiere: FREEWIFI rapper Tha Rift is making his mark with a new video for “Bitter” featuring Beezy Notes. Directed by Gage Reagan, the visual kicks off in a high rise hotel, where the Los Angeles transplant is waiting for his lady. Before he knows it, all hell breaks loose when she figures out his infidelities.

“The song is about dealing with the frustration of relationship problems and ‘bitter women’ hence the lemonade stand in the video and cover art for the song,” Rift tells HipHopDX. ‘”Bitter Bitch Lemonade’ basically translates to bitter bitches always causing us men stress [laughs].” - Kyle Lukes

"Tha Rift Pigeons & Planes"

Back in 2013 we wrote an article called "How To Get Your Music Posted on Blogs." Half-jokingly we included "Get a Pigeons & Planes tattoo" because back then about 12 people read the site daily. Well, Tha Rift from FREEWIFI was one of those people, and he went and actually got a P&P tattoo.

Now, when we wrote that in 2013, Pigeons & Planes was very different. We posted new music we liked and lists. That was about it. But since then the brand has grown and evolved into a platform that puts on live shows, sells merch, and creates original video and series like What Had Happened Was and our newest endeavor, Hounded. We also still make lists, post new music we like, and are always trying to discover the best new music from unknown artists. So we do not want this to set the precedent that getting a P&P tattoo means you are guaranteed a blog post.

However, in 2013 we said that we would do this, and Tha Rift held us to it. So, here is FREEWIFI's latest song "SALSA," and it's actually pretty hot. The three Minneapolis MCs trade bars over the Angelo Bombay produced track, and "SALSA" is full of clever lines that deserve an extra listen or two. So while we can't guarantee getting a P&P tattoo will get you a post anymore, it will still get out attention. And if you bring the heat like FREEWIFI did, then a post might happen. Check our "SALSA" below: - John Walaszek

"FREEWIFI/THA RIFT - Hot 97/Peter Rosenberg"

Rosenberg Radio - Hot 97


Rostrum Records has an impressive reputation for brandishing carefree tunes through artists like ex-flagbearers Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and current astro-rhymer, Mod Sun. FREEWIFI, a trio of fun-loving rappers from Minneapolis, Minnesota, dials into Rostrum’s airy attitudes with the fun yet redundant Connected.

FREEWIFI’s debut is mostly devoid of depth and insight. In its place are weight-room flexing and frat-house frolicking from three young rappers who probably saw Dead Poets Society at a young age and decided to make “carpe diem” their mantra. Connected’s airy attitudes, so prevalent in Hip Hop, are digestible and even enjoyable because they’re conveyed with tight flows, which in turn are bathed in appealing production.

Group members J. Plaza, Tha Rift and Daddy Dinero actually employ simplistic rhymes as a strength. The opening “M.A.D.E.” features an elementary chant with “I got it made, I got it made, I’m getting paid,” which won’t be heavily deciphered on Genius but is endearing in its catchiness. Bolstered by rolling drums and an upbeat bassline, the track allows these three young rappers to endlessly entertain with their elation. No song embodies FREEWIFI’s ability to mine power from basic bars than “Ego,” the single that caught the attention of Rostrum. Rhymes like ‘Think y’all can do it like me/Nigga that’s unlikely/Is you rollin’?/Bitch I might be/I’m so motherfuckin’ icy,” are as well-worn as Joe Mauer’s athletic cup, but J. Plaza’s crisp flow and assertive delivery keep the listener engaged. It’s this ability that elevates the LP above stagnancy and champions replay value.

FREEWIFI is clearly a talented collective. However, the group’s debut would have benefitted from much more thematic diversity. As impressive as the packaging is, the fact remains that when the music is unwrapped, there’s not much new to see. This results in the lyrical content growing weary two-thirds through the 12-track album, with the beats generally offering variation to the melee. Angelo Bombay puts some spice in “Salsa” by sprinkling thick drums with softer sonics and an ominous bassline. By contrast, “Fuck It” features a beat that sounds as cringe-worthy as the dial-up sounds before free WiFi was common in coffee shops. Whether production is ear candy or jarring, Connected sorely lacks in impact and variation.

Back-to-back offerings “Feeling U” and “Recruit” are the album’s shining moments and do highlight the Minnesotans are certainly capable of depth in their music. FREEWIFI’s lyricism is no stronger on these joints than on other songs, but the trio’s musings about relationships prove they can convey insight in a relatable way. The cuts also bely that FREEWIFI has barely scratched the surface of its potential. For now, Connected stands as a solid introduction and suitable party playlist. - Aaron McKrell


Back in 2016 Minneapolis MCs Tha Rift, J. Plaza, and Daddy Dinero connected with producer Angelo Bombay to create FREEWIFI, releasing a collaboration called “Ego” with a chorus courtesy of Tha Rift’s alongside Plaza and Dinero’s boisterous bars. The group’s name was inspired by the virtual connections amongst these up-and-coming MCs who came together to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Today MASS APPEAL premieres the music video to “Salsa,” a standout track from the group’s debut EP. “As soon as the beat dropped, we thought… Aye! This sounds like some salsa shit,” remembers Tha Rift. “J. Plaza jumped in and freestyled that catchy ass hook, so we tapped into our Spanish selves and the rest was history.”

The song also features a verse from $teven Cannon, last seen rocking with Lil Xan. “We first met $teven Cannon and Lil Xan in Los Angeles while we were in the studio with DJ FU,” says Plaza. “He came out to Minnesota to rock an after-party with us after we performed at Soundset 2017. We had a good time at Soundset…we all were just coolin’ on stage, sippin’ on Henny, watching Travis Scott perform. A couple weeks later we sent $teven him “Salsa” and he sent his verse right back. He killed it!” Judge for youself up top and then get familar with FREEWIFI on Apple Music and Spotify. - ROB KENNER


'How to Get the Bag' with Free Wifi

According to the trio, it's all about consistency, saving, and staying in your own lane. - Revolt TV


The always atmospheric FREEWIFI is gearing up what could be a groundbreaking 2018 for the Minneapolis-based trio consisting of Daddy Dinero, J. Plaza and Tha Rift and their new record, “Took Off” exemplifies that intent.

The Rostrum Records artists have linked with HipHopDX to premiere the record and DD explains how it all came about.

“I was driving around going through beats, enjoying life over a backwood,” he admits.

“Immediately when the beat came on, the first phrase that came from my mouth was,
‘Damn I just took off.’ Immediately, I went home and laid it down. I wrote hook around our current situation. Life is great. Creating our own lane elevated us to the next level. As a result, we took off and don’t plan on slowing down. I played it for the rest of the group and they thought it banged, so they hopped in the booth and killed that shit.”

The Beldondidthat-produced record will appear on their forthcoming Rostrum Records debut, Connected.

Stream “Took Off” up above and look out for the full album on February 2, 2018. - HipHopDX


Still working on that hot first release.



Tha Rift originally hailing from Cleveland OH, moved to Minneapolis MN after leaving the military to further his music career. Rift has made a "huge bang" in the Twin Cities after releasing a song called "EGO" featuring local native artists, J. Plaza and Daddy Dinero. The song caught wind locally and grabbed the attention of Grammy Nominated artist Allan Kingdom, who shared the song via social media and later invited Rift out to perform with the group. The song later landed Rift, J.Plaza, and Daddy Dinero, their first record deal as a group, at one of the largest independent Record Labels (Rostrum Records) in the country as FREEWIFI Music. Rostrum is also the former home to Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Wiz Khalifa is one of Rifts main inspirations for creating music, along with other influences like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Lil Skies. Some of Rift's recent work with FREEWIFI has landed on MTV, WSHH, Tidal, BET Jams, HNHH, Mass Appeal, HIPHOPDX and Pigeons&Planes. Some major artists/producers he's worked with include DJ FU of Ear Drummers; Grammy award winning producer, Rahki who produced Kendrick's "i"; Lil Xan; $teven Cannon; AD; Futuristic; Young Sam; AKT Aktion; and Angelo Bombay. Rift is expecting to drop a new mixtape very soon to follow the release of their FREEWIFI album called "Connected" which dropped Feb 2nd 2018, available on all streaming platforms. 

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