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Tha Addic Fam.

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Tha Addic Fam. is about being addics towards music. We are real and true. We are a positive group. A family. We love music. You can tell that we are dedicated and hard working. We have a dream. We hope for that dream and we believe in us and that dream. With opportunities and chances we can achieve.


We are Tha Addic Fam. We are located in Western New York (WNY). Based out of a small rural area called Allegany County New York aka A-County. Were not just a group, we are a movement. Gathering all up and coming REAL & POSITIVE INDEPENDENT Hip Hop artists and R&B artists from local to across the globe. In search of new ADDICS, talent, places and faces. Our goal and mission is to be heard all over, to spread the word, to reach out and to change the world in the form of REAL POSITIVE music. We all work together to help better eachother. We all have goals and dreams. This is what we are about. We give you our problems and real life experiences and changes and we talk to you, try to reach out to you, through a pen, paper and a microphone mixed down on a CD and brought to you live at a show. We are the REAL DEAL. Don't hate us bcuz we are different, love us and respect us bcuz we are all trying to do something positive with our lives. It's not about money, cars, jewelry or whether or not we sign that MAJOR deal, it's about the LOVE of MUSIC and living our lives to the fullest. It's about doing something positive for not only us but our family, all the children, friends, the critics and GOD.

Tha Addic Fam. was created back in 2004 by T-Tocs N $hort$top or better known to some as Scott & Mark Haberer. It's a family full of Addics who are addicted and just love music. Music is apart of life. The genres of music you will hear from us are mainly Hip Hop and R&B. Tha Addic Fam. members come from A-County New York, North Carolina, NYC, New Jersey and even one member was born in Africa but now resides in NY. He is currently the only R&B singer in the Family.

All of us addics have been writing, producing, making beats and recording for a number of years. We have put together mixtapes and albums locally and on the internet for a number of years. Some of us have performed at shows and parties. So please feel free to check us out and feel free to leave feedback or any comments you may have and we will gladly get back in touch with you. Thanks!

Influences: Run DMC, Bone Thugs, Rev Run, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Eminem, D12, Nappy Roots, Naughty By Nature, Onyx, Kris Kross, Vanilla Ice, Bubba Sparxxx, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Dre, 2Pac, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, Fort Minor, Flipsyde, MC Hush, DMX, Akon, T-Pain, Kanye West, Ludacris, Smilez & Southstar, UGK, Grits, Haystak, 50 Cent, Lil' Wayne, Big Tymers, Ruff Ryders, The Lox, Diddy, Music In General. Family, Friends.

We are unique in our own way. We don't portray anyone else. We are about as real as you are going to get in this industry. You have those artists who come into the game who are already rich and have loads of money at that fame status already when Hip Hop comes from poverty and less priveledged places and people who practictly come from nothing to something. That is real and that is what we represent so we stay true to ourselves. We bring a positive feeling to life and this music industry which I think is what sets us apart from other bands, groups and artists. There is alot of fakes and negativity in the Hip Hop industry and we are going to change that once we are in deep.


Addic Records Presents: It's Now Official Promo CD online for purchase @

Knuckle Up feat DubGunz got played at our local night club a few times JBs Night Club.

A-Yo feat D.U.B. also got a few spins at our local night club.

We have distributed 30 of our songs to iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon MP3 & Emusic through for downloading & streaming.

Set List

Our set is usualy anywhere from 20-30 mins. We play anywhere from 5-10 songs. We do solos plus our group songs.