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THA BAYSIX are a fresh and inventive live hip-hop/funk/soul sextet. With sounds that resonates from the streets of the Bay to the core of your soul. Mixing live instrumentation with socially conscious lyrics to deliver an invigorating and inspiring live act.


Hailing from the San Francisco bay area, Tha Baysix delivers a head-knockin and soulful blend of Hip-Hop, Funk and R&B the way only a live band can. Having formed in the spring of 2006, the sextet has been playing in and around San Francisco, including having played such clubs as The Poleng Lounge, B.O.C.A, The Purple Onion, and the Elbo Room. The band recorded a demo in March and are now hard at work in the studio recording their first full length CD. With thought provoking lyrics, harmonized horn sections, ruckus party music, and chilled out Cali-grooves, this band has a sound that truly represents the diversity of the bay area. Tha Baysix has shared the stage with such local artists as D.J. Platurn, Teeko and 4-one-phonics just to name a few.

PS. Yung Mars (lead singer/vocalist) for Tha Baysix has released a solo album. In the last three weeks it has risin from #40, to #19, to #8 on the CMJ hip-hop charts...keep your eyes and ears open, you never know where it might go.


Self Titled E.P. Released August 2007.

Tha Baysix is currently recording their debut full length album due to be released in late 2007.

Set List

Typically Tha Baysix plays between a 45 min. and 1.5 hrs. set depending on the venue/show. The band plays over 30 original songs blending hip-hop, funk, R&B, reggae, and elements of jazz, occasionally mixing some fresh new covers to set the party off.