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"interview on (July Edition)"

Lil' Maal **The One & Only** has a new single out with His Cousin Lil' Ricky (Mr 903) "Bladez Choppin." His new Mixtape, "Finally Certified". will be in stores in August. He Recently sat down with and Talked about his upcoming projects. When did you start rapping?
Lil' Maal: I started in high school, didn't really get serious until like last year You have your own independent label "Flat line Entertainment" correct?
Lil' Maal: I wouldn't say my own, I mean it's really just a group of solo artist that's making a movement and making noise in Texas. How did you hook up with the artist of Flat line?
Lil' Maal: We came up in the same game in the same Town. I mean we aint all from the same hood but our town is pretty small, I hollad at em and here we are. Who are some of the people you worked with on "finally certified"?
Lil' Maal: My cousin Lil Ricky, Nitro which is another Flatline artist, Jamez Bund, Big Ro, Stay Gutta, Arnaz Hussein my patna from the United Kingdom, and a lot more people. How long did it take to record the Mixtape?
Lil' Maal: I own my own studio so it was just picking which songs to use for this particular project. I mean I aint dropped a mixtape since summer 2006, so basically I been recording since then. How did you come up with the title for this album?
Lil' Maal: Well Me and my cousin Rick are the certified starz, so I just kind of nabbed it from that group name What makes "Finally Certified" Different than some of the other Mixtapes already out there?
Lil' Maal: The Diversity of this mixtape, I have R&B, Hardcore Rap, Club Bangers. Inspirational songs, all types of songs on here…A lot of people tell me I should have made this a album, but I got something better in mind for my album. You've already been mentioned with some of the hottest hip-hop artists out. Do you feel any pressure on your debut album release?
Lil' Maal: Who mentioned me with hot hip hop artist? Nahh but Yeah I feel pressured about my first album, It's all about sales, I'm taking so much time on this album Which is titled "Check Tha Sound scan" by the way, I don't see it dropping until spring 2008. Do you think growing up in a small town like Tyler was instrumental in your rap lyrics?
Lil' Maal: Well I'm actually from Palestine, which is even smaller, so yea I was limited, but I been a lot of places and seen a lot of things here lately that keeps me motivated. Has East radio been supportive of you?
Lil' Maal: Hell Nah, I'm getting more spins in West Texas, Houston, Dallas, the panhandle and places like that. But I still got love for em , I guess Do you feel the rap game has gone pop?
Lil' Maal: In some instances yes. If you don't expand into new horizons or expand what you're doing then what are you in business for. Which pioneers of rap do you most admire?
Lil' Maal: Bone Thugs, Tupac,, Run DMC, The Roc, Screwed up Click, DJ screw How has your life changed since your success?
Lil' Maal: I'm cautious of my surrounding…watching out for those that don't support or agree with the position I'm in—the haters. I can still go to the mall and stuff I mean, I aint all that big yet. I don't think. But people are starting to recognize me. Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?
Lil' Maal: "Finally Certified" August 3rd , and ye that's a Friday, I'm dropping on Friday so we can celebrate success that weekend. Oh yea Check our myspace and show sum love. and



Light's Off
I need a Bit*H
So Into you
In her top 8
Blades Choppin

LP's Texas Hoolagan Takeover
Flatline's Finest
*Certified Starz*



Well Jamaal a.k.a Lil Maal' Tha One & Only started rapping in 2005 with a 4 member group called the Texas Hoolagans, Which ultimately branched off on good terms to create a 2 member group called Certified Starz. We had much success performing live, Collabrations, Mangaging and Popularity. Our Influences include all Past, Present, and Future artist that are atleast taking a shot at making it big. And what set us apart from other artist in the music industry is our wordplay. We had a Gift for saying things that make people say "WoW how did they think of that?" Now Thats Lil'Maal Branched off into a solo artist he is currently recording a studio album in Dallas, Tx