Lil' Maal "The One & Only"

Lil' Maal "The One & Only"

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Original, I like to make people think when they are listening. I also love seeing people reactions when we rythme. I use everyday things in which people can relate to and Just vibe to at any given moment.


Well Jamaal a.k.a Lil Maal' Tha One & Only started rapping in 2005 with a 4 member group called the Texas Hoolagans, Which ultimately branched off on good terms to create a 2 member group called Certified Starz. We had much success performing live, Collabrations, Mangaging and Popularity. Our Influences include all Past, Present, and Future artist that are atleast taking a shot at making it big. And what set us apart from other artist in the music industry is our wordplay. We had a Gift for saying things that make people say "WoW how did they think of that?" Now Thats Lil'Maal Branched off into a solo artist he is currently recording a studio album in Dallas, Tx


Light's Off
I need a Bit*H
So Into you
In her top 8
Blades Choppin

LP's Texas Hoolagan Takeover
Flatline's Finest
*Certified Starz*

Set List

It feels good to be certified
Do ya Dance for me
Yall heard of Us
Feeling My Style
Tonight's The Night
We Taking over this year
Blades Choppin

We can do anywhere from 5 to 60 minute sets