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My Bible And A Microphone



Byron Keith Long Jr., better known as “Tha Future,” was born and raised in Bronx, New York, where becoming a man early was not unheard of. Byron grew up in a single parent home. Because of this he felt as though he did not get to experience the true essence of being a child. While his mother was working, he had to assist with raising his younger brother.
At the age of 15, Byron moved to Virginia with his father. He gave his life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Ghost. A prophecy was spoken over his life, which said that he would be a great man of God, but like most young people he didn’t understand exactly what his calling was, nor was he trying to figure it out.
As Byron got older, he began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which eventually lead to him selling drugs. Byron’s younger brother always tried to imitate him because he looked up to him as being his older brother. This got the younger brother into a lot of trouble. In 1999, the Long family received a devastating phone call saying that his younger brother had been arrested for armed robbery. Not really knowing how to cope with the situation, Byron started doing more with drugs and drinking in order to soothe the pain that he was dealing with. It was then that he began writing poems to express what he was feeling at the time.
While still searching for his purpose in life, he moved back to New York in 2002 in pursuit of becoming the next big Hip-Hop artist. Reuniting with some childhood friends who were starting their own record label, Byron would become one of their new artists. While In New York, Byron learned how to compose and formulate his poems into songs. In 2005, Byron decided to move back with his family who had moved to North Carolina. He developed a new and improved attitude there and he started a group called “Tha Usual Suspectz”. The group consisted of himself and a high school friend who already had a reputation in the streets for his rhyming abilities. The group did well for a little while. They did shows and even had a mixtape, but the money was slow so they reverted back to the only thing they knew to do which was selling drugs.
After years of going back and forth to court and going to jail for short periods of time, Byron realized that the lifestyle he was living would get him one of two places: in jail, or in the graveyard. Byron prayed to God and asked him the question, “What is it that you want from me?” He’d already lost a lot of friends. Some he’d lost to the streets. Some he’d lost by death, and others had gone to prison. He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t one of the ones who had fallen victim to these circumstances. He vowed to God that if all of his cases were cleared and God allowed him to have a fresh start, he would do all he could do to stop others from making the same mistakes he made. After praying this prayer, God honored what Byron asked.
Byron’s music isn’t your ordinary gospel rap. It is full of real life situations that we, as Christians, deal with on a daily basis. His main goal is to help those who have no knowledge of God and allow them to tap into the greatness that God has for their lives.