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The best kept secret in music


"Meet Long Lost Relative"

Written by Laurent

We just got some news about a new project involving a member of Berlin based crew, The Phaderheadz. The member in question is Werd, who comes from the Bay Area, and this new project is called Long Lost Relative and regroups Werd alongside Montags Dust, Sick and Thailan. The band are performing live (with turntables, violinist, keys, vocalist and more) and are putting the finishing touches to a small first LP, regrouping 9 tracks, mainly instrumentals. Production is shared between Werd and Montags Dust (a production duo from Berlin) and blends MPC with instruments and turntables. The Phaderheadz also make an appearance on the first track.
The crew is also touring throughout November and December (alongside Mark Hype & Jim Dunloop) so to find out more, listen to some music, check videos and all assorted goodness head over to the site and check it out. Tour dates are also available on there. If all's well we'll have some music from the crew on upcoming Turntable Radio shows.

- Spin Science-Online Turntable Music Resource

"Thailan European Tour Dates"

Thailan is the lead vocalist from MLE Music's recently signed live US trip hop group, Ominous Cloud, and appears on our forthcoming album compilation, Club Lounge Vol 1 (details listed below in the News Section) as well as the highly anticipated debut album from Ominous Cloud.

A spoken word poet from the US, Thailan adds haunting vocals and lyrical wizardry to the trip hop beatz from the boyz. She's touring Europe in February with Digable Planets so go and check her out! Here's the scope...

The Digable Planets are back after a 9-year interlude and they’re touring Europe with opening acts, Mystic, along with DJ Werd and Thailan! The evening will start off with a unique set involving live instrumentation by DJ Werd with vocal accompaniment by Thailan. Mystic proceeds to enchant with songs from her critically acclaimed album, “Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom”, followed by headlining Digable Planets. DP is discussing the possibility of recording the 3rd album but there is no release date as of yet. On this tour they will be performing hits from their breakthrough debut, “Reachin”, and impressive follow-up, “Blowout Comb”. This is sure to be a very special evening so spread the word and see you there....


"Ominous Cloud-info-background"

Will Hough started training for his musical career at an early age. He joined his school's orchestra as a bass player, as well as travelling and playing with a few local bands. His love of music fueled with his passion for life created the insipiration to dig deep into many genres of music. Around the age of 19 he began experimenting with turntables and music compostition and the art of digging for beats. His educational career continued with in depth training at an audio school.

Troy Stoner started playing trumpet in the sixth grade, and after one year decided
he wanted music to be his life. After college he sold his trumpet and bought a drum machine, which he spent endless nights playing.
His educational career continued with in depth training
at an audio school. In the midst of his pursuit as a composer he entered and won the Sasha and BT Remix contests. After which he was able to co-remix two tracks with BT, Kaskade-Steppin Out and Sarah McLachlan-Dirty Little Secret.

Both ended up moving to New York City around the same time, unaware of each others existence. Troy started working in a post production studio. While at the studio he met a fellow intern by the name of William Hough. They traded tracks and admired each other's work, so they experimented with some collaborations. After a few they realized they were on to something. Working endlessly together and creating fresh new sounds, they were introduced to a singer by the name of Thailan and after hearing her outstanding voice along with her deep lyrics, they were sold, hence Ominous Cloud was formed.

* [ndn020] ominous cloud - ep01

* pdf-file about "Netaudio und Netlabels"
by M. Reinwarth []

* press reviews: | IglooMag | DE:BUG ||ominous cloud| - info - background - story


"Thailan CD Review"

The CD defiantly sets a mood. From start to finish Thailan reels you in and swoons you like a siren towards the shore. You could really get lost on a nice spring afternoon, with Thailan's whispers lulling you through headphones. Her smooth sounds are very close to those of Bjork, Enya, or Dido. A great feature of Thailan is her lyrics. They are very true and reflective of her feelings and emotions during the specific times depicted in the songs, and are brought across in a barrage of metaphors or are just straight to the point. Thailan really has a very unique style (mostly rap/speaking with a heavy hip hop feel contrasted with sporadic segments of singing where she reveals an angelic voice) that will either turn you away or suck you in...that is probably the best way to describe this album. Either you will listen to this album and LOVE it or HATE it. Simple as that! It cannot be segmented into tracks; it really is an experience which you should hear from start to finish. The cd is a piece of art…you either get it, or you don’t. Truly one of the most innovative artists to come out of the scene in awhile. It is something to be appreciated and admired.

- South East Scene

"Long Lost Relative Album Review"

Long Lost Relative is an artist collective consisting of a DJ originating from San Jose living in Berlin, DJ Werd of the Phaderheadz. He is responsible for the majority of the production and the album appears as a double LP as well as CD. It also receives production from Montag’s Dust (Kenji 451 and Bruno), Squil and Teao from Audiopharmacy. When hearing the album it becomes clear quickly that it stands apart from fearful party beats and emcees. The effect is appropriately and completely different. Twilight is thus very much relaxed with melancholy tendencies, pulsating rhythms and gentle melodies networking the versatile instrumentation of guitars and flutes for an almost meditative vibe. Outstanding above all is “Beat Breath” with a beautiful cello and a chilling song by Thailan entitled, “She’s Sleeping”. (That the vinyl pressing left out the vocals is completely surprising to me). Sundiata is also featured on the CD in “Regeneration”, “Reflections” and “Adaptations”. The album does not necessarily create new concepts, however offers continuous musical quality. Since most tracks have a lower BPM range, one could even call it meditation music for the Hip Hopper. It’s perfect and most suitable for chillin’. -


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Thailan is a Brooklyn-based vocalist and emcee that got her start in the SF Bay Area where she began developing her skills at open mics and freestyle ciphers outside of Hip Hop shows. It was not long before she began working with producers and creating a buzz for herself in the local underground music scene. From her roots in the Bay to her new beginnings in Brooklyn, Thailan is one of those rare artists that redefines innovation. Her vocal style blends the gritty mystique of blues and jazz with the fresher edge of hip hop and electronica. In any given song, she is found interchangeably singing and rhyming lyrics that weave a light, child-like idealism with mature, and sometimes darker reflections of love, life, and learning. A Vietnamese and Chinese enigma, Thailan was born in a refugee camp in Bangkok and at the age of two moved to the United States. After relocating to New York in 2004, Thailan has worked with Electronica duo, Ominous Cloud, and just finished her 2nd European tour with a Berlin-based hip hop crew, Long Lost Relative. She has also toured with Digable Planets in 2005 as their opening act and has opened for Mobb Deep and the Alchemist. For more info on Thailan and her whereabouts visit or