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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"GO Monday (Live Pick of the Week)"

—Thailand unveil and illuminate a neoclassical kind of dance punk in which the lyrics are clear and the production is clean, energizing and free....with his cool declamations of things intimate and impersonal, lead singer/guitarist Marc Linquist comes off as a more involved Lou Reed, the beats are motorik, and babies need not be sleepy to nod heavily to these pop moments....some of the more admirably interesting practitioners of this kind of pop music.... (David Cotner) - LA Weekly

"We Like: Thailand - Motorcade"

If Sonic Youth teamed up with the Velvet Underground and were fronted by Michael Stipe, you’d have one hell of a super group. You’d also get a pretty good idea of what listening to Motorcade by Thailand has sounded like to me since I opened up the album about two hours ago.

They’ve got four songs you can listen to on their myspace page and two of them you can even download - which I strongly encourage you to do. It’s easy to get caught up in hyperbole with a band that blows you away after only a couple of listens, but this album is supreme pleasure. Please do check it out, and we’ll be posting on these guys again soon.

If you have $10 left after today’s big release day, purchase this album because I have a feeling you’ll want to be the first to tell your friends about Thailand. - Muzzle of Bees

"In NYC Listening to Thailand"

I've found that even though I am miles away from home I can't stop listening to Thailand....Joe from Radio Free Silverlake has been singing their praises for ages now - including having them play his awesome Let's Independent night at Boardner's this past October with Division Day. It wasn't until the band sent me their album in the mail this past week that I was able to really get a feel for the amazing upbeat synth infused pop tunes.

Thailand recently finished their debut full length, Motorcade. This pop masterpiece was self-recorded in an Echo Park bedroom/rehearsal studio and mastered by Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups, JDilla, Long Distance Runner). Motorcade is a truly wonderful and just plain fun record. "This Officer's Life" could easily be a KROQ classic within a matter of weeks. - Rock Insider

"Thailand - Motorcade (album review)"

I’ve been meaning to post about Thailand’s debut album, Motorcade, ever since I first heard it. Most of the promo CD’s I get are absolutely awful, so it came as quite a shock when I realized I’d stumbled into something that was actually good. Motorcade is essentially 13 tracks of grade-A synth-pop. Staci Roark’s synths are stunning, and mesh perfectly with Marc Linquist’s Malkmus-like vocals. I highly recommend you pick up this album; if Thailand can make an album this good with such little resources, I can’t imagine what they could do when fully equipped. - Shameless Complacency

"Thailand - Motorcade (album review)"

Motorcade is Thailand's debut release and it is a gem. Every song bubbles with synth pop goodness, clever lyrics and Linquist's vocals call to mind Malkmus or even at times Bowie. I can't understand why Thailand isn't signed to a label but I am sure that will soon change. This is clean, fresh, well-executed pop music - a real joy to the ears. - Mars Needs Guitars

"Local Bandwatch: Thailand (live review)"

—the band turned in a taut and kinetic 45 minute set, full of shiny New Wave keyboards, booming drum hits and lead singer Marc Linquist’s rich baritone....Thailand balance their polished 80s sound with bursts of Punk Rock energy, at times reminiscent of the Buzzcocks or The Thermals. The set was short, sweet and incredibly catchy. With their debut LP Motorcade recently completed, it probably won’t be long before the labels come hunting. - Passion of the Weiss

"Thailand - Motorcade (album review)"

Thailand have begun getting the buzz around the blogs, so when they sent me their CD I was curious to see what it was like. I was very surprised. This is music that is uncategorizable, jumping from hard 'n' heavy riffs to electronica, featuring both female and male vocal tracks, going from Wire-type punk, through Human League synth-driven pop, and ending at late '80s–early '90s britpop... It almost sounds like a mixtape. Which is perfect for me, since I let my iPod choose my music for me about half the time I listen. I guess overall they’d be called either synthpop or indie electronica, but who the heck cares. This is a fantastic album. There’s so many cuts that could and should easily become blogosphere and college-radio hits. - Berkeley Place

"Internatlonal Music Issue: Los Angeles"

The City of Angels has, of late, been experiencing a major musical youthquake. So much so that in a recent issue, we devoted several pages to hot new L.A. bands—and yet, from Silverlake to the Valley, more keep popping up every day. Clearly, the days of cheeseball Sunset Strip hegemony are long gone.

Thailand: This neo-classical pop band is a long way from Bangkok, but their mix of galloping rhythms with swelling, energetic vocals is definitely a trip. - NYLON Magazine

"Monday Pick: Live Music"

—the band's glittery midtempo rockers are underscored by driving beats and street-savvy vocals brimming with Cali cool. - Flavorpill


The Remote Controller Absorbs the Place (2008 EP), Motorcade (2007 LP)



Marc Linquist was raised in Florida under the tutelage of his lounge musician father Allyn Lynn, a one-man combo. Years later in Nashville he met up with Staci Roark, an Okie schooled in the finer points of Rachmaninoff. Together they set out for London, wound up in Kentucky, made their way to Los Angeles, and became Thailand. Armed with Jonah Flicker on guitars and a hardworking drum machine (they swear it has a soul), the band continues on continuin' on.