Los Angeles, California, USA

A little Roxy drama, a little Pavement haze. Lou Reed goeth before The Fall. Baroque synths, wiry guitars, drum machines with soul.


Marc Linquist was raised in Florida under the tutelage of his lounge musician father Allyn Lynn, a one-man combo. Years later in Nashville he met up with Staci Roark, an Okie schooled in the finer points of Rachmaninoff. Together they set out for London, wound up in Kentucky, made their way to Los Angeles, and became Thailand. Armed with Jonah Flicker on guitars and a hardworking drum machine (they swear it has a soul), the band continues on continuin' on.


The Remote Controller Absorbs the Place (2008 EP), Motorcade (2007 LP)

Set List

Single set, 8-9 original songs, approx. 35 minutes:

Heartland Failure
Down in the Trenches
Shadow of a Boy
The Chronic Sigh
Red Bird
The Magic Art
Favorite Sun
Control Control