Thai Paul

Thai Paul


Thai Paul's digital expression of feeling trance, living electronic, and looking for a place to chill, is all inclusive to PS Love.


Independent artist and fanatical DJ/Producer, Thai Paul continues to electrify hearts and pump candy sounds thru your veins. Formerly, DJ at Antone's Nightclub in Austin, Texas and has performed in Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States. He has opened for top musicians such as: Bob Schneider and Paul Van Dyk.

In 2009, Thai Paul earned recognition as one the Top Artists of the Year in 2009 by UK Radio, CityBeat. His first original album, PS Love was released September 2009. End Of An Ear Record Shop says "Local DJ mashup style and downtempo... sexy". Thai Paul's digital expression of feeling trance, living electronic, and looking for a place to chill, is all inclusive to PS Love. His music is available digitally everywhere and at independent record stores in Texas and Arkansas.

Thai Paul was born a professional traveler in Thailand, and lived in Japan while attending St. Mary's International School. He started to learn about dj'ing as a teenager from DJ Quicksilver in London. Upon his return to Thailand, he became the first original DJ to take over the electronic trance club scenes.

Opportunity arose and moved to Hawaii with his family. While attending at the University of Hawaii, Thai Paul was also a Radio Jockey and mixed for KVUH Radio. In Hawaii, formerly, he was known as DJ Bond at the clubs.

Since November of 2004, Thai Paul has been working to compose and produce his first musical album. In fact, on September 29, 2009, Thai Paul's first album, PS Love, was released.

One of the main focuses, during the making of PS Love, was to build a connection between the music and emotions. Tommy Spurlock, a friend and phenomenal guitarist, collaborated with Thai Paul on Austin Night Life, Track 13. It was the highlight of recording process. With vocalists, Candi Sanders and Amelia Ozyck, Thai Paul's feelings of true love for Sammi, his soul mate, were made public by expression and lyrics. He hopes that his music brings you joy and energy, or just a simple smile.

For 5 years, Thai Paul has committed his life to this collection of songs, while working as a DJ at Antone's Night Club, a Thai waiter, and attending the University of Texas. Currently, Thai Paul is residing in Arkansas and plans to begin touring the U.S.

Thai Paul works to promote expression through music. Feel free to contact with any questions about Thai Paul or his first album, PS Love or bookings for your upcoming events. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing your response about his music.


Debut Album:
PS Love-September 2009

Radio Air Play:
Bad Boy Angel-KMXF 101.9fm
Fayetteville, AR
Austin Nightlife-KWRF 105.5fm Warren, AR

Streaming on 7/

Set List

Typical set list is a vibrant, one to two hours, original set of the 16 following songs:

My Sammi Space
Angel Wait For Love
Bad Boy Angel
LUMU 24/7
Bunny Angel
Air Trance
Austin Chill
Sad In U.K.
Ducky Love To Dance
Ducky Trance
Naked Shake
DJ Soul Dance
Austin Night Life
Sad In P.M.
PS Love
Always In My Heart

Depending Upon Vendor Request: Various Music May Be Mixed In During Show. For Example, Hosting DJ Event For Private Party-Special Requests Will Be Granted.