Grayslake, Illinois, USA

Thallium is a modern rock band with their own unique brand of music. A mix of classic & progressive rock with a dash of modern metal & pinch of pop, they create a new sound that is all their own.


The Bio

Thallium is a five piece modern rock band that specializes in guitar driven classic to current rock hits as well as their own brand of original rock.

Built on the foundation of the rock solid rhythm section of Bret Wilson-bass & Jim Hall-drums, the searing guitars of Lee Taylor & Paul Krikorian & the brooding vocals of Ric Prida, Thallium reaches for heights unattainable for other bands. Their renditions of tunes like Queensryche’s “Jet City Woman” & Audio Slave’s “Like a Stone” are said to be as good as or better than the original.

Thallium’s original music is reminiscent of their many influences. From the arena rock “Back to You” to the rocking blues inspired “Blasphemy” and the modern rock “Pain”, the band blends these diverse elements into a sound that is unique & all their own.

With these five dedicated musicians, Thallium brings their music & showmanship to the stage in a way which never fails to entertain!

Ric Prida uses Shure microphones & his lungs
Bret Wilson uses G&L & Music Man basses, Roland keyboards, Ampeg amps, Hartke cabs & DR stings
Lee Taylor uses Ibanez & Ovation guitars, Mesa Boogie amps & Marshall cabs
Jim Hall uses Trick drums, Zildjian cymbals & DW hardware
Paul Krikorian uses Schecter & Gibson guitars & Marshall amps & cabs



Written By: Bret Wilson

It started with a little tear in some unseen place
Worn down by years use, never been replaced
The color faded oh so slowly, I did not see
Falling into a million pieces, how could it be

No longer shiny & new
Wrinkled & faded, oh what to do?

Thread by thread, stitch by stitch
Caught me unaware
My life like my clothes has become threadbare
The weave has come undone
Nothing left to spare
My life like my clothes has become threadbare

Little by little the threads they unwound
Slowly come undone falling all around
Bit by bit, piece by piece, used beyond it's means
The fabric's frayed edges, tearing at the seams

No longer shiny & new
Ripped & torn, oh what to do?

Thread by thread, stitch by stitch
Caught me unaware
My life like my clothes, has become threadbare
The weave has come undone
Nothing left to spare
My life like my clothes has become threadbare

Should have paid attention
Should have seen the signs
Should have seen the color fade
How could I be so blind?
Didn't know the threads would break
My ignorance I can't deny
Didin't know until it was too late
Tearing through the fabric of my life


Written By: Robert Jacobs, Bret Wilson

I miss the church’s zone, a sure thing you can really know
I want to see less of this night
You know I’ve been through fire, the cover’s thin ain’t no lying
You know you’ve got me feeling just right
I guess that’s how it is, the more you know, the less there is
I want to hide in this night
It seems the glue that’s holding all of these is letting go piece by piece
So lonely in this night

All this thinking sure feels like dying, it comes on any night
So many things to explain
Maybe I can’t handle this, like dust in a gentle breeze
It flows away in the rain
(Guitar solo)

All that talking with nothing to say, watching it all drift away
Drift away into the endless night
Forever’s hard to change, seems so long, seems so strange
Just disappears into the night
So you stare & you stare & you stare some more
But the view to your soul lies beyond that door
Beyond that point we must all explore
Where there’s everything, or there’s nothing more
Think like that, give the screw a turn
Where up is down & the rest is burned
And all things solid just drift away
Disintegration, its come today, disintegration ….


Winner 2011 Lindenfest "Battle of the Bands"

Recently opened for national touring acts Royal Bliss, Stereoside, Finger 11 & Hinder.

Thallium is currently working on their first CD, "Exposure" to be released in 2013.
Their songs, "Back to You" & "Blasphemy" are currently being spun on, & theedgeon

Set List

This is a sample set list which changes depending on where we are performing.

Jet City Woman/Queensryche
Girl's Got Rhythm/AC/DC
Lit Up/ Buck Cherry
Sweet Emotion/Aerosmith
Back To You/Thallium
Still of the Night/Whitesnake
Like a Stone/Audioslave
Soul Protector/Thallium
Stone in Love/Journey
Rope/Foo Fighters
Cliffs of Dover/Eric Johnson
Slither/Velvet Revolver
Show Me How To Live/Audioslave