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Often compared to the lyrical style of Outkast, and the artistic vision of A Tribe called Quest...LA-based Tha L.O.C.K. (Tha Love Of Constant Knowledge) produces creative, soulful and funky hip hop.


Get ready for real west coast music. Welcome to L.O.C.K’s Angeles.

Often compared to the lyrical style of Outkast with the artistic vision of A Tribe called Quest...Tha L.O.C.K. (Tha Love Of Constant Knowledge) produces creative, soulful and funky hip hop. Originally from Los Angeles, their sound is sophisticated with clear freestyle from Yung Op (Quentin Juarez) and Semaj (James Mays), who rhymes along with the most soulful vocals. Producers in their own right, they provide a fresh face for west coast hip hop that hasn't been seen before. Their forthcoming album has danceable tracks that bring in elements of deep basslines, electronica, dirty south tributes, clever storytelling with funky beats, along with live instrumentation...and a remarkable ability to make fun of themselves.

Tha L.O.C.K. began in 2001, when Yung-OP and Semaj met at a local talent agency in Los Angeles. Freestyle sessions took place more often than not, then a gradual move into songwriting and dance choreography. They performed at local talent shows to develop a fan base and share their talents with the world.

Yung Op and Semaj started recording at a local high school in Glendale, California. During this time, Tha L.O.C.K. grew, learned, and polished their craft of creating good music, while recording their albums, “Tha MIXED Up Mix Tape” and “Ears to the Street.” They also started performing monthly at the University of Southern California called the A.L.B.U.M. (All Live Bangin Universal Music) for a year, until fire marshalls shut them down due to overcapacity. Tha L.O.C.K. branched out during this period: Yung Op entered and won freestyle battles that took him to the New York’s Apollo theatre, and also battling at the 2003 NBA All-star weekend Freestyle Hip-Hop Battle, judged by Jermaine Dupri, Lil Kim, Swiss Beat and LA-radio personality “Big Boy” from Power 106FM. Semaj began engineering songs for several artists like Usher, Tyreese, and Bishop Lamont. He also helped produce songs and beats, arranged vocals, and built music studios for local and international artists. After taking some time off from the show circuit, Tha L.O.C.K. is back at it full time.

Now under a new independent label, the focused and grown-up “Tha Love of Constant Knowledge” (Tha L.O.C.K.) is taking their lessons learned and creating an entire new sound. With another successful mixtape, "The MJMixtape, vol. 2," followed by the addition of two gorgeous, talented She-jays on the turntables, Tha L.O.C.K. is the new future in hip hop and soul.


She's Crazy

Written By: Tha L.O.C.K.

Jesus Christ, why you give her that personality?
This person has gotta be the worst at nagging me
Cause every other hour she’s mad at me
It's like a calamity that’s trapped in this girls anatomy
You created her father and I just dated her
And I’ma be straight with yah I'm on the verge of hating her
You can make a way so she act right, I must have been a real asshole in my last life
Just to deserve this I know I ain't perfect, but shit this ain’t worth it, this chick is a serpent
How can you support this? At least give me her crap in portions
If you don't like ugly she ain't acting gorgeous, but I guess its our fault we got warned
One chick bit the fruit now she got horns, It's amazing hell hath no fury
Cause surely this woman’s scorned, come on. She’s crazy!

(She's Crazy) Why she always tripping on me? Thought I had a woman fit for king
See I ain't never tripping on you and I’m knowing that I’m fit for a queen
Maybe you, maybe me, maybe we, maybe love is the craziest thing
Or maybe I be crazy for you cause I’m knowing you be crazy for me

Jesus Christ, how she figure I'm tripping?
I can't stumble our fall she the reason I'm sitting
Sort of thought i had an angel at first,
Maybe she's falling from the heavens got the Satan in her
I hope not because lately she's crazy, embrace me, then hate me
I think I recognize my rib when it's breaking and
I tryna holy matrimony but, there is nothing holding us
Once she gets to going, no controlling her and I go nuts but so what
You make me reminisce remind me I’m in love with so much, but hold up,
That doesn't take away the fact that all the yappings unattractive to me, what did i do?
Why has this happen to me? I ain't adulterer, I held her, when she needed it I helped her
When she spoke I did more than listen, I felt her
It's nothing left cause I ain't messed up, i'm fresh cut, aye ya’ll, guess what?


We fuss and we fight, if you love me then why do she yell, and she cuss, and she scream.
I can't figure why though I try, and I try to deny that the crazy one’s me

Maybe she ain't nuts, or maybe I’m anxious or maybe this ain't us
Or maybe this paint brush hasn't hit the canvas doing damage to the picture we paint
Or maybe I’m reading it wrong like Davinci'll say
Cause now I’m feeling a difference in the picture I see
When I look in her book of favorites it's a picture of me
And the feelings reciprocated with your plan in place and you turn water to wine.

She’s crazy… (repeat 8x)


That's That Knock

Written By: Tha L.O.C.K.

Everybody if you feel the beat if you want me to bring you heat then repeat and say
That’s that knock... say That’s that knock...
Everybody if you feel the beat if you want me to give you heat then repeat and say
That’s that knock... say That’s that knock...That’s that knock (repeat)

All my people on the floor say…That’s that knock
All my people getting’ dough say… That’s that knock
Look even if you’re broke say… That’s that knock
If you really want mo’ say… That’s that knock

Semaj enter with tha flow so appealing, watch me flip it, put your toes to the ceiling
We kill it cause we know that you feel it, plus I give a good rap like tortillas
Yeah I’ma act a fool when your girl put it on me with her backwards move
Who me, JB, yeah that’s the dude who made pronouncing your name backwards cool
Uh do you feel the knock put your hands to the roof if you feel Tha L.O.C.K.
If you feeling hot you can strip your top move your frame to beat and commence to drop
This is just for the dancing, party people in the room put your hands up
Ladies if you don’t gotta man and you independent then the kid understand you
But let me tell you what I can do, keep you hot like the flame on a candle
And keep you fly like a plane to the Cancun and make it knock do the same with the anthem.


This is a song called “That’s That Knock” this bang like gangs like that’s that cop
Don't try and touch baby that’s that hot in other words what I’m saying is
That’s that L.O.C.K. shiiitt
Head to floor like a headstand don't say you can't cause I know that you can
Can you bartend one to her hand tell her sip ‘til you TIP like you the rubber band man boo
Feel that Bacardi people, Patron and the Goose for my party people
In the zone getting’ loose ‘til your body fevers if you fresh like me and your card is legal then
We can head back lit like the head lamps, and wrestle one another ‘til we get cramps
I’m just trying to see where your heads at if we can knock to a spot where a bed’s at
Cause you a Queen I’ma King like a face card but now Op's on the track like a race car,
And like Cingular L.O.C.K. trying to raise bars and get cake sliding through like a bank card...(chi ching)
So this is for my base in the trunk, for my dudes here who is blazing the skunk
For my techno, hip hop breakers and crunk, for the girls in the club pretty face getting drunk
Say “That’s that knock”.... (repeat)


Knock to a track like this, this is a track by Bricks,
Ricky Bricks so in the whole that it sounds like it should be track by Swizz
Say thats that knock... thats that knock... say thats that knock.... that’s that knock…

Set List

Our sets are typically between 25 minutes to an hour. We perform between 5-25 songs, with a a few songs that we reworked last year as a tribute to Michael Jackson (with a new hip hop twist).

That's What We Want
Motion Sensor
She's Crazy
You Sexy
Consensual Sex
Tha L.O.C.K. Snap Monster
Neva Knew
My Music
That's That Knock
Simple Talk
Break Up Song

Michael Jackson Covers/Hip Hop Rework:
Where You Are
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough