The names that get dropped on this band include Peter Murphy, Iggy Pop, Death in June and others. From cheery and acoustic to dreary to rock in the drop of an eye the band fits into a bunch of genres but never neatly. An unusual underground act that has been around for the past 15 years.


Thanatos' sound has been compared to everyone from the Psychadelic Furs to John Sebastian.

The band began as a studio project of Patrick Ogle and Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal. The band recorded two CDs, "This Endless Night Inside" and "An Embassy to Gaius" before the band became a live act. Both records are sparse and acoustic with occassional electronics and lots of reverb. The live band initially was Ogle, guitarist, William Tucker and bassist/keyboardist Eric Polcyn. Over time several drummers were used in the band. After the death of William Tucker in 1999 the band went dormant reemerging in 2005. A new CD is in the works.


This Endless Night Inside (1993, Projekt Records)
An Embassy to Gaius (1995, Projekt Records)
665 Neighbor of the Beast ep (1996, Projekt Records)
Blisters (1997, Projekt Records)
Illegalteenagebikini (side-project, 2003, Precipice Recordings)

Set List

Set lists vary wildly. We do one set and we do very few if any covers. We can do sets from 30 minutes to an hour and a hald as is necessary. Thanatos is available as a band or an acoustic act.