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The Way it is

Written By: Thanh Bui

THE WAY IT IS (Midnight/Bui/Marr)

Verse 1

Hard line, lifelines, big and small crimes just starting out
Lose your house and shut your mouth
Open up and shout
Love and hate you find a mate on consecrated ground
Your love is blessed then it’s a mess don’t let it get you down


That’s the way it is
That’s the way goes
Spend 100 lifetimes getting it right
That’s the way it is
But you’ll never know
‘till the end of this wonderful life
After the madness I’ve seen
I’m still not sure what it means
It’s just the way it is

Verse 2

Wasted, faded how I made it, it makes no sense
Fired, wired, I’m so tired got now defence
War and peace each time we meet, we’re strangers once again
Our love is truth and then we’re through, but no, it’s not the end


Hard line, lifelines, stay with me tonight
Put enough good days together – you have done alright