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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Psychedelic





With more venues per head than any other city in the United States, Austin, Texas more than lives up to its braggadocious epithet, “Live Music Capital Of The World.” That said whilst Austin is probably best known as the home to the music industry’s biggest piss-up, SXSW, it has also produced some fabulous bands in its own right, with the likes of Spoon, Explosions In The Sky and Okkervil River proving that Austin doesn’t just do music for ten days a year. The latest excellent act to emerge from Texas’ music heartland are today’s featured artists, Thanks Light. - For The Rabbits

"Thanks Light Melt Minds and Faces with "Family Jewels""

Adrenaline-infused pscyhedlia pours out from the hard-rocking warped reality of the Thanks Light. Their new single "Family Jewels" begins normal enough with the hushed and seductive vocals of Zane Ruttenberg but quickly devolves into a chaotic swirl of reverb that is reminiscent of noise rockers METZ or Pissed Jeans. Thanks Light embraces the appeal of structured alt-rock but moreso relishes in it's destruction, amidst a myriad of synths, gutteral growls, and shrieking guitars. "Family Jewels" is the first single off of the new LP Psychonauts, which as the name suggests, should be a mind-altering exploration into the fractal conscience of one of Austin's more unique rock bands. - The Deli Magazine


We’re excited to premiere and exclusively stream Thanks Light’s latest full length release, Psychonauts ahead of its official release tomorrow. Listen below and head over here to download the album tomorrow!

All from Central Texas but living in Austin, Thanks Light is made up of Zane Ruttenberg (guitar, vocals), Foster Farmer (bass), Glenn-Michael Frels (moog, synthesizer, piano), and Paul Wataha (drums). On their fourth full-length release, Thanks Light has developed a quick-paced weirdo rock sound, balancing soul and contempt. There are glimpses of At-The-Drive-In, Modest Mouse, and Howlin’ Wolf in one, cohesive record. Combining catchy and chaotic, “Psychonauts” somehow effortlessly devolves into tumultuous harmony. - Quint Magazine


Thanks Light, Austin-based progressive-punk foursome just released their mad music video to their psych-grunge track “Family Jewels.”

Inspired by the influence of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley and David Bowie, the ensemble integrates various counter-culture genres to produce a new age take on rock music. Thanks Light possesses the self-proclaimed sound of “melted flowers” with echoing vocals, psychedelic keys and hard rock — all with a sense of relatability.

Thanks Light’s newest single is a musical embodiment of their multi-dimensional mantra. On Vinyl is thrilled to present an exclusive release of the smoke filled, raging-awesome music video to “Family Jewels.” Occupy your senses with madness and rhythm with Thanks Light’s unfettered visual representation of their latest track. Engage! - Atx On Record - On Vinyl

"Remy's Playlist: New Music - Issue 4"

I particularly had a soft spot for, Texan alt-rockers, Thanks Light. Enjoy! - Remy's Music and Film

"Songs To Get You Through the Week"

Oddball psych rock group Thanks Light sound more like Man Man than the Black Angels but their most recent single “Family Jewels” still packs enough haze and repetition to soundtrack any number of trippy montages. The structure of “Family Jewels” is where the psych elements most come into play, as it gets most of its character from the spontaneous shifts in layers and tones rather than complex chord changes. Zane Ruttenberg’s vocals keep the listener constantly on their toes, wielding a wide variety of techniques ranging from menacing growls to seductive coos, while Glenn-Michael Frels’ piano fills and spacey synths spill out around the edges. It’s a weird, lovable track that makes it easy to be excited for the band’s upcoming full length. - OVRLD

"Sounds on Sunday"

Thanks Light – Family Jewels – Also from Texas, Thanks Light released their new album “Psychonauts”, from which this track is taken, on 14 October. “Thanks Light has previously been compared to Man Man At the Drive-In and Modest Mouse with a dash of outlaw country!” - The Spill

"Thanks Light is Back With Very Pretty Single "Dreams""

They call it “bedroom rock” on their SoundCloud, which we take to mean that Thanks Light's new track “Dreams” from the upcoming Hallelujah, Amen is best played when lying back on your bed in your bedroom in a state of repose befitting the relaxing track. It's the first thing we've heard from this group in a while, and it comes off as a bit Polyphonic Spree, with all its orchestral elements and sunny qualities, but with a more pure indie vibe (especially in the vocals, which are dynamic and reminiscent of a less weirdo Spencer Krug). It's got a lot going on, from piano to an angelic backing choir to horns, and it's quite pretty. We definitely suggest rocking back on said mattress and putting it on full blast with your eyes closed, or maybe softly in some headphones, for a little summer indie respite from the busy crazy world. Watch for the full album on May 6 - The Deli Magazine

"Queso Soup. New Music From Thanks Light."

Austin band Thanks Light describes their music as ‘Bedroom Rock’.

“Dreams” is perfect for laying back, relaxing and digesting. Reclining will allow you to appreciate the abundance of things occurring all at once in the song. Lots of interesting instrumentation and cool vocals. I adore the little bit of weirdness at the 2:18 minute mark. It seems certain the song is going to end (and maybe you thought you were asleep) then things quietly start again before the final finish. - I Sing In the Kitchen

"KMNR Radio 89.7 FM - “Hallelujah, Amen” - #15 on the “Top 21 New Music Charts”"

“Hallelujah, Amen” - #15 on the “Top 21 New Music Charts” - May, 2016 - KMNR Radio 89.7 FM

"BMA Magazine - Album Review"

Once the lone love child of Zane Zor, Thanks Light has picked up extra candlepower to become a multi-instrumentalist four piece. On the rocky road to make this sawn-off album (at just eight songs) the band lost and gained two members. Recorded in Zor’s home, they opted for the unvarnished musical truth provided by analogue gear, including reel to reel tapes. This carries over to the songs too, with ‘one, two, three, four’ lead-ins and even a couple of post-song scraps of conversation left on tape.

Everything about this band is eccentric, from the album title to the unusual composition of the assembled tracks. They hurl out the recipe book on conventional approaches to music in this free flowing album that combines theatricality, indie pop, folk and rock. Thanks Light’s whacky approach invokes comparisons with the laisse faire spirit of Richard in Your Mind, but without the hippy psychedelia.

The hint that there’s more character here than usual starts with opener ‘Next to You’. Ukulele driven, its theatrical stance and playful arrangement, including a burst of the kazoo, give it the air of a kiddies’ song. Change the lyrics and it could be some of Peter Coombe’s material. Changing from a one man show to a band has done wonders for the depth and variety of Zor’s music, leaving behind the tinny electronica of ‘Re::Evolution’ from the ‘Pop Rox’ release, or the solo troubadour style of ‘’aLive and Naked’. Highlights appear in the form of the oh-so-cool ‘South of Mexico’ and the punk rock blitz on ‘Making Me (Oh Yea!)’. The musical ground constantly shifts beneath your feet in this record which combines a vibe of tropical romance with a strong dose of fun. - BMA Magazine - Rory McCartney

"Austin Monthly Review - Album Review"

With eight tracks clocking in at less than 20 minutes, this debut “mini LP” offers cool surf vibes (“Honeymoon”), quirky art-pop (“Middle Of the Night”) and punk-tinged garage-rock (“Making Me”). Whittling a more cohesive vision will give the forthcoming releases from this young experimental-folk outfit an added boost. - Austin Monthly Magazine - Neph Basedow

"High Five Friday #25 - Thanks Light - Interview"



High Five - Zane cosmos 8X8 inches 200 ppi


Wild, Florid, Playful, Moonlit, Blissful


The Beach Boys — SMiLE

Pink Floyd — Dark Side Of The Moon

Tom Waits – Rain Dogs

At The Drive In – Relationship Of Command

Animal Collective – Sung Tongs


David Gilmour
Brian Eno
Tom Waits
David Byrne
David Bowie


A Tape Delay/Spring Reverb
Badass Friends
A Guitar
Sweet Vocal Harmonies
The Great Outdoors


Let Loose
Kick Back
Live It Up
Party Down
No Frowns

Check out Thanks Light’s latest single, South Of Mexico below and go get their album Thanks Light & The Hallucinations HERE. - Is Your Clam in a Jam?

"The Permanent Rain Press - Single Review"


Texas-based experimental folk rock band Thanks Light have released their new single, “South of Mexico.” The song will be available on their upcoming album, & the Hallucinations, out August 1st. The eight-track album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp here, and “South of Mexico” can be streamed below. - The Permanent Rain Press

"Through the Wire Music - Album Review"

Thanks Light – South of Mexico (One track a day 10/09/14)

Classing themselves as ‘cosmic beach rock’ Thanks Light have been making music for the last 6 years in sunny Austin, Tx and have just released their “& the Hallucinations” LP. You can listen to the full thing here or just the single ‘South of Mexico’ below. - Through the Wire Music

"The Deli Magazine - Show Review"

Their influences are as diverse as the songs on their soundcloud playlist, which is full of awesome ear candy. In “Bones”, lead singer Zane’s melancholy wailing is reminiscent of The Highwaymen, as are the solid country guitar riffs. Yet in “Starting Up” and “Re::Evolution”, their songs take on a more cosmic feel... - The Deli Music Blog - Faith Braverman

"Remy's Music and Film Blog - "Psychonauts" Full Album Review"

Info: Hailing from Austin, Texas, alternative and sometimes grunge-rock quartet Thanks Light released their new album, Psychonauts, last month. Thanks Light began tracking Psychonauts at Black Land Hall in the fall of 2015 with Ruttenberg’s longtime friend, producer and fellow musician, Will Patterson of the band Sleep Good. At the time, Patterson was using a massive historic building located in downtown Coupland, Texas, as a sound stage and recording studio to score movies and track bands. The record was initially live-tracked with the entire band playing simultaneously, using this massive tracking room (90 ft X 30 ft. X 25 ft. tall) to create the booming and spacious sounds heard within Psychonauts’ tracks.

Thanks Light initially caught my attention with their smouldering track and single, 'VIP', a rapid high tempo song that trundles energetically from its opening guitar riff and locomotive percussion, fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of 2016. The album commences with the moody Black Keys' sound of 'Dueling Twins', it's like a strange and highly enjoyable mix of math rock and Creedence-esque guitar slinging, a peach with a dash of Metallica and glam rock to boot.

Another single, 'Bones', is a short and sweet plonky piano rock track, here Thanks Light hold back slightly, whilst vibrant it reduces the frenetic pace of the album's opening nicely before we reach 'In My Blood', which, incidentally, is another single. It has a War on Drugs feel to it, lethargic percussion, it's a solid choice as a single, and a definite stand out song on Psychonauts, the vocals are powerful yet calming, which also highlights the quality of Thanks Light's song-writing.

'Damn Dirty Trixxx' is a rambunctious affair, Wolfmother and fellow Southern Hemisphere neighbours from New Zealand, The Datsuns, spring to mind, it's a wonky contemporary rock tune, the glam is alive on this one for sure. After the psych sounds of 'Enjoy', Thanks Light close on a high via 'Conquertik', a reflective moment, like the chiming of a bell tower, the guitar rings out in an open space. Alongside 'VIP' this is easily one of my favourite tracks on the album, the pace is exquisite, lethargic in a good way, the band let the music slowly drip through the filter before it takes off into a fuzzed out finale. My kind of contemporary alternative rock band and then some. - Remy's Music and Film Blog

"Remy's Music and Film Blog - "Psychonauts" #2 International Album of the YEAR!"

Remy's No.2 Album of 2016 - Thanks Light - Psychonauts

- Texas, U.S.A.

Thanks Light initially caught my attention with their smouldering track and single, 'VIP', a rapid high tempo song that trundles energetically from its opening guitar riff and locomotive percussion, fast becoming one of my favourite tracks of 2016. The album commences with the moody Black Keys' sound of 'Dueling Twins', it's like a strange and highly enjoyable mix of math rock and Creedence-esque guitar slinging, a peach with a dash of Metallica and glam rock to boot. - Remy's Music and Film Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



Thanks Light is a psychedelic, garage-rock band grown under a Moontower in Austin, Texas. Their show represents a spectacle of lights and a spectrum of sounds derivative of soothing tones to driving chaos.

What sets Thanks Light apart is their unconventional approach to music. Intricately and delicately they incorporate sounds from indie pop, rigid vibrations of punk, and grungy tones from garage-rock, creating a bitter-sweet concoction of wave forms. This concoction coupled with their obsession of analog equipment allows Thanks Light to apply an old school feel to modern music.

“They hurl out the recipe book on conventional approaches to music in this free flowing album that combines theatricality, indie pop, folk and rock." -BMA Magazine

A dynamic quartet, the musicians of Thanks Light hail from the corridors of UT School of Music to the crowded streets of Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas. Once the lone lovechild of Zane Ruttenberg on guitar, piano, and drums, Thanks Light is now comprised of multi-insturmentalists; Michael Frels on Piano and drums, Foster Farmer on Bass and vocals, and Paul Wataha on Drums, guitar, piano, and vocals. Coming from backrounds of punk, classical, psychedelic, funk, and pop gives Thanks Light the edge to create truly original music. 

"'Thanks Light' offers cool surf vibes, quirky art-pop and punk-tinged garage-rock." -Austin Monthly Magazine.

Thanks Light's music combined with their visually stunning live show offers a night of music that will not soon be forgotten. 

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