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Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B




"Live INK Spotlight Artist-Tha PHoundation"

1.Best music advice ever given?
Don't let people run over you, every opportunity isn't a good opportunity, you have to be able to say no in this business, always stay humble and watch the company you keep.

2. What's your music making process?
Well we all have separate lives so when we aren't able to get in the lab and vibe we come up with concepts during our own time and bring them back to the group and we go from there.

3. Who are some of your music influences?
DJ Screw, UGK, Outkast, Scarface, Lil Keke, Pokey, Z-Ro, Trae, 8 Ball and MJG, Snoop, Biggie, 2-Pac, Jay Z (Relli lol), KRIT, Boosie, Webbie, we can go on for days.
4.How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Mood Music, we have music everyone can vibe too, whether it be for the club, for the gangstas, just whatever people like to hear, except we put our own twist to it

5.What makes your music unique?
You have 4 different personalities, and we think that blends and meshes well on the track, so the sound is not the same as everybody out there

6.Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?
Holdin Slab gettin played on 97.9. We was wired up.

7.There are not many rap group out anymore. What made you decide to join forces?
As far as joining forces, E.P., Murk, and King D are family, we been rapping together since elementary school, A1 aka Relli went to high school with E.P. and King D. After high school we linked up and created the group and been rocking since, started off with about 10 members (RIP Nutt Dizzy) and after different circumstances were at 3 (Relli, E.P. and King D) later on down the line we added Murk into the mix.

8. What's next for Tha Phoundation?
Our 2nd official mixtape "Phrom Tha Ground Up Vol. 2" will be dropping real soon, and we have some shows coming up in July, dates and times will be posted on our website - Live INK

"Tha Phoundation Read from the Book of Lil Keke, and So Should You"

Tracing the growth of Lil Keke these days is a fun topic to touch on while also discussing his legacy. We spoke with Da Don back in September, leading to the build of his Heart of a Hustler album while he was mentioning working with two up-and-comers from the local scene.
It made perfect sense for someone who walked pretty much without a mentor, cutting his teeth on screw-tape freestyles, to lend his ear more and more toward the younger guys. If anyone in Houston outside E.S.G. wrote a book about hustling on top of organ-heavy funk-raps, it would be Keke. He's pretty much The Dean of Hustling, and he needs students.

Add Tha Phoundation to that list.
These disciples follow the same pattern as Don Ke, doing any and everything imaginable to avoid getting caught up. That includes up to and admitting with brutal honesty -- not being in church since 16, walking around at 5'9" with a couple nines and the same sort of sterling mean mugs that could put some haters on milk cartons.

At least that's what we're getting at once hearing Tha Phoundation's "Grind Like Mine." They're quite scary and, much like Keke, would do anything legally to produce more coin than the United States treasury. By the way, Keke makes an appearance here with a nimble move to make sure he name-drops the group, mentions more about his continued attempts to gain money and then evaporates. That hustling bible still has a few pages he needs to write, I suppose.

Thus, get like them, embed this into your new playlist where achievement is found by working from the absolute bottom, and enjoy it. - Houston Press

"Kickback Sundays Season 3"

No matter the showcase any crowd will get restless, but the boys of Tha PHounDation did the unthinkable. After three rounds of cyphers and multiple performances the crowd faded off to the patio or the bar. Once they took the stage, people actually came back in; talk about resurrecting the show. They truly laid the “PHounDation” for the next act. Teresa even exclaimed “I love this sh**! This is what Kickback is about, you think you wanna leave but they pull you back in!” - Drank Epidemic

"Tha PHounDation on True Sole Radio"

Tha PHounDation on True Sole Radio - True Sole Entertainment

"Randon Summary of Tootie's Event"

Randon Summary of Tootie's Event with Tha PHounDation - True Sole Entertainment


You can’t build anything without Tha PHounDation and this H-Town rap quartet is vital proof that with a strong foundation compiled with determination and talent, the possibilities are endless and in this case, realities.

A’one aka Relli is the producer of the group. His style of perfection allows him to be creative. His metaphorical punch lines and brash attitude, is a recipe for disaster on any track. The clever, lyrical guy, that loves to make beats. A’one also has his own production company and manages different artists.

Murk is a certified engineer and realest on and off a track. His realness and raw talent transports in every bar that resonates over a beat. He always gives a relatable feeling to the streets, while maintaining his laid back demeanor. Murk owns his own clothing company MIP. EP Tha Triggaman is the flare in the group. EP can light up any record of choice with his vigorous persona.

King D is the balance of Tha PHounDation, the voice of reason per se. His ability to thrive off a musical entity and produce crafty lyrics is the way he contributes. You can also catch him harmonizing on a few songs, as he is the singer of the group.

Tha PHounDation, originally forming in the summer of 2005, started out with about 8 members, but after transitions and real life circumstances, they were then left with three members, consisting of, A’one, EP and King D. The fourth member, Murk, who is also the cousin of twins EP and King D, didn’t join the group until three years ago. Since then, these guys have been on a mission to dismantle the rap scene.

Their musical influences range from Scarface and UGK to Outkast and Z Ro. With not many rap groups, with the exception of a few, making noise in Houston, Tha PHounDation, already has a leg up in the game. Their upcoming mixtape, Phrom the Ground Up Vol 2, features rap artists, such as, Lil’ KeKe, Propain, Killa Kyleon and Dorrough. - Houston Trend Magazine

"@ThaPhoundation Ft. @LilKeke “Grind Like Mine”"

@ThaPhoundation Ft. @LilKeke “Grind Like Mine” -

"Check out the track right here LISTEN Tha PHoundation ft Lil Keke “Grind Like Mine”"

Check out the track right here LISTEN Tha PHoundation ft Lil Keke “Grind Like Mine” -





"Tha PHounDation"

A’one, EP tha Trigga Man, King D, and Murk Dawg are Tha Phoundation. Each member, brings something different, to the table. Yet, all together the puzzle is complete. I think as long as they keep B. Stewart out of the booth they will go far. LOL yall know I am a goof ball. With features from, some of Houston’s elite, how could they do wrong? -

"The Internet is Going Nuts Over Tha PHounDation"

Featured in Coast 2 Coast Magazine - Coast 2 Coast Magazine

"Hip-Hop Group Tha PHounDation Release the Single “Drunk Enough”"

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

Tha PHoundation has released the single “Drunk Enough.” The track, presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Promotion, is now available for download and streaming.
Tha PHoundation is comprised of 4 members A’one aka Relli (group leader and producer), EP tha Trigga Man (brings a wide range of vocals), King D (rapper and singer), and Murk Dawg (creative concept creator). Each member brings their talent to the group making a unique sound. Determined to make music unlike other artists, they mix songs with electric synthesizers, organs, keyboards, and bass.
The group has released several projects to date and plan to continue to grow on their path to success in the music industry. Keep up with all Tha PHoundation updates by following the group on Twitter.
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"What to do 4-7-12"

Killa Kyleon, Propain, Dj Chose, Tha Phoundation -


Drunk Enough
Excuse Me Miss
Give it to Me Featuring Kirby and C-Lacy
Grind Like Mine Featuring Lil' KeKe

Holdin' Slab gets played on DJ Michael 5000 Watts Sunday show on 97.9 the Box



Tha PHounDation is an extremely talented Hip Hop Group. Each member brings different aspects to the group that makes them successful.

A1 AKA Relli is a producer/rapper that brings a lot of instrumentals with him. He is the president of a production company called Block Bleedaz Music. Aone considers himself Commander and Chief of Tha PHounDation, and his concepts are often the heart of the songs.

EP Tha Triggaman, with his Southern Swagg, always adds the perfect flavor to the mix. His range is incredible from song to song. One song he raps quickly and clearly; then he comes back with a slow one for the ladies. (He gets on the hooks every once in a while too) His nickname while recording is One-Take-Jake because he gets in and out of the booth quicker than anyone around.

King D is considered the clown of the group always making people laugh with his quick and entertaining jokes; he can also impersonate anyone perfectly. His humor comes out a lot in his verses, but he also knows how to come in flawlessly once a theme is established for the song. King D is one of the only rappers today with enough confidence to sing mid verse. He doesnt mind getting R&B on you. Play any instrumental and he freestyles to it.

Murk Dawg is the quietest guy in the room, but he is the loudest one on the track. His verses are often the groups favorite. He has a very talented mind and when he comes up with a concept for a song or verse, the song is immediately elevated. He is currently going to school learning how to mix and master songs.

With each members different voice and style and concepts, Tha PHounDation is on their way to being a worldwide success. Already gaining fans in the Southern United States their sights are set on the entire country before they conquer the world. You Cant Build Without Tha Phoundation.

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