Tha Problem

Tha Problem

 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
BandHip HopR&B

"The Best New Thing" to Hip hop as a whole!! Are label is dedicated to makin the best out of our artist!!


What up.... This your boy Problem Child representin the middle of the map, Lincoln Nebraska to be exact. Done brushed my shoulder off to get a few haters off my back.. Can't get rid of them all because they travel in packs. I know I'm gonna blow it's just a matter of time!! Everybody don't shine at the same time, but everybody gets their time to shine! In 2010 best believe the world will be mines.....Cause I'm making good music for old folks, Thugs, and Dimes!!! So if your feelin my Swagg and Flow and want to book me for a show hit me up (402) 570-3320and thats the way it is...You can catch me out Grindin for sho'!!!!!


My Mixtape Hip Hop Lives pt.1. I got a few new mixtapes comin soon, and finally the Album "What Tha Wordlz Craven". My records are spinning on all of the local radio stations and are in heavy rotation.

Set List

I have different set list. contact me etc.