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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Tha Prospects Got Next"

Tha Prospects are one of many budding rap groups coming out of N.C. Central University. The group consists of Yung C-Zer and Yung Wyse.

C-Zer, a business major, who is also well known as Ryan Norris, brings style and ladies to the duo.

While Wyse, a freshman theatre major, whose name is somewhat of a mystery, brings business savvy and street smarts.

“We are different enough so that we balance each other out,” said C-Zer. They have already released two mix tapes “Feel Good Musik,” and “Feel Good Musik 2.”

Tha Prospects are now releasing their third, “Cordially Yours, Tha Prospects.”

“Through the mix tape you will get to learn a lot about us and our personalities,” said Wyse, “you will gain a sense of Tha Prospects.”

“Cordially Yours, Tha Prospects” is not the typical mix tape. Tracks featured discuss issues concerning both Yung Wyse and Young C-Zer.

“We don’t talk about most things that commercial artist talk about because that’s not our lives,” said C-Zer.

The Durham natives hope to be the next bold musical act to come out of Durham as well as North Carolina.

Together Wyse and C-Zer create artistic chemistry that is a reflection of their crazy humor and close friendship.

“The bond that we have on tracks is a part of the reason why I am one half of Tha Prospects,” said Wyse.

The two often find themselves out-shining each other in the studio. “It’s friendly competition, but that’s what keeps us going so we don’t get bored,” said C-Zer.

Thanks to Internet outlets such as The Facebook and My Space, Tha Prospects have gained a lot of attention. “Cordially Yours, Tha Prospects” will be available Nov. 1.
- Campus Echo


All of our songs are played on college radio & online radio

Mixtapes: Feel Good Musik, Feel Good Musik 2, Cordially Yours, Da Bootleg Tape Vol 1, Aggie-Eagle Classic: The Mixtape, The Hate-Motivation Theory


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tha Prospects are a hip hop duo consisting of Yung Wyse and Yung C-Zer. The dynamic duo from Durham, North Carolina are a part of the large 13 emcee ensemble, the Microphone Blessing Alliance.

Tha Prospects could not be categorized as one type of hip hop, which led them to create their own sub-genre, Feel Good Musik. Due to their feel good, we just want to have fun music, they have released two mixtapes titled Feel Good Musik and Feel Good Musik 2. Yung C-Zer is the fly boy of the group. He adds to the duo with a comical style, showing that he enjoys having fun in his music. Yung Wyse is the more street savvy of the two, with more punch-line filled lyrics. Dont let the gangsta fool you though, because Wyse has a diverse set of lyrics from songs like Forever where he raps about working hard in the music business to support his family and One Thing Rmx where he makes beautiful music for the females in his past.

The duo have over ten years of combined experience as emcees. After a timely process of writing music, the emcees got their exposure through small battles and ciphers around school. They got their first bit of recognition in high school battling other emcees, like the Bukwild Squad (now the hip hop trio, Thyrday). Battles would take place outside the school, in the cafeteria and even in the hallway before and after school, and during lunch. Yung Wyse and Yung C-Zer also wrote songs during their classes to go into the studio with. The Microphone Blessing Alliance collectively worked on mixtapes to sell to students and teachers.

The road to recognition has been anything but easy for Tha Prospects. It took lots of hard work writing, meeting people and recording in Wyses closet around busy schedules. The group received lots of help by studying other emcees and learning from emcees who had more experience. In 2003, Tha Prospects became school celebrities performing whenever and wherever they could. They would perform in Jordan High Schools hallways, at birthday parties, the school dance, a chorus concert and coffee house events. Their mixtapes and performances led to recognition all around school. The schools newspaper, Falcon Cry, devoted a page to the hip hop scene at the school after witnessing Yung Wyse battle an entire rap group by himself. Both of Tha Prospects were also recognized in the senior superlatives. Yung C-Zer was recognized for being best dressed and best all around, while Yung Wyse, who accepted numerous major roles in the drama department, was recognized as Most Talented.

As the duo continued to grace hip hop heads around the Bull City, they were able to network with many other artists in the triangle. A few of the producers being Khrysis (The Away Team, Thyrday, Masta Ace), Dox (Resonated Radio) and 9th Wonder (Little Brother, Jay-Z, Destinys Child). Tha Prospects have also established connections with Thyrday, Cesar Comanche, Dj India and Dj Samps, to name a few. Tha Prospects have continuously proved they are a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop scene.

With more shows and collaborations in the works and under new management, Tha Prospects are taking steps to be the next big thing to come out of North Carolina.