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The best kept secret in music


"ThaPsalmist2 - Under the Cover of Light CD"

Las Vegas, Nevada; from a Christian standpoint, you don't really hear about a lot of good things that come from here. Well, I'm here to let you know that there is a remnant of Christian emcees who are doing their thing for Jesus Christ straight from "sin city." One such emcee is ThaPsalmist2, who I've known for some time @; and he's released his debut LP titled Under the Cover of Light.

When I got this album in the mail, the first thing that stands out is the cover art for this project; it is simply amazing. This is some of the sickest artwork I've seen, hands down, secular or Christian. As you can see in the picture to the left, it's a picture of ThaPsalmist2 standing on a set of speakers that has erupted from the ground. The artwork on the back of the J-card is fresh as well, and definitely led me to want to hear if the music was just as good.

With the theme and title being Under the Cover of Light you get the feeling that this isn't going to be your average run of the mill hip-hop album. There are lots of people out there trying to do their dirty "under the cover of darkness" so that no one can see what they're doing; but ThaPsalmist2 is flipping the script as he is rhyming "under the cover of light," which is Jesus Christ, for all to see.

One of the things that you notice when listening to this album is that this album has a much darker feel than your average Christian hip-hop album. Also, with ThaPsalmist2 being from Las Vegas, you would think that there would be more of a west coast vibe to this album, but it's definitely more underground than it is west coast hip-hop. Needless to say, the rhymes and production are fresh and invigorating. ThaPsalmist2 drops some very heavy lyrics that make you press rewind so that you can hear those verses again. Some of the tracks that exhibit his lyricism would include "Intro-Duction of an Emcee," "Meiosis," and "Razor Sharp." Alongside giving you mental calisthenics, ThaPsalmist2 also shows you that he knows how to have some fun with playful tracks like "Just Clownin'," "Incoherent Babble," and the "Outro - Freestyle."

The production on this album is sound as well. Each of the tracks on this album mesh perfectly with ThaPsalmist2's style and delivery, as well as the guest emcees that appear throughout the album (i.e. members of the Boombox Titans, and Excelsius). The production is very laid back and mellow, which lends the ear of the listener to listen more closely to the lyrics that are being delivered instead of focusing heavily on the music; this is essential for an album like this because there is so much that is being said that you don't want the music to be any sort of distraction.

Some of my favorite tracks on the album would include "Just Clowin'," "This is Not a Test" featuring Excelsius, "Meiosis," and "Who am I?" to just name a few. Also, if you're lucky enough to get a copy of the first pressing of this album, it includes 3 lovely bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. Those bonus tracks are just as pleasant to listen to as the rest of the album.

In summary, I had been curious about this album for some time, but never seemed to have the money to actually pick up a copy (or it would slip my mind). I can't believe I slept on this album for so long, and am glad that ThaPsalmist2 decided to send it our way. This is a very coherent album from start to finish; the rhymes are top-notch and the production is complimentary to the lyrics. If you haven't already, this album is definitely worth picking up.

You can check out more about ThaPsalmist2 at his website, and be sure to pick up a copy of his album while you're there.

3.5 out of 5 - by LaRosa

"The Psalmist2 - Under the Cover of Light HCR"

When most people think of Las Vegas they think of the city of sin. Casinos, gambling, promiscuous women, lots of lights and more casinos usually come to mind. Most people don't associate the city with Christian rap but Las Vegas is exactly where ThaPsalmist2 calls home. I had never heard any of ThaPsalmist2's music before I put "Under the Cover of Light" into my CD player and after hearing the first few tracks I felt like he put the light under the cover to hide. However, I am not one to only do a quick listen to an album and then review it, but prefer to dissect everything an artist says before critiquing them. After thoroughly examining this project I discovered there are also three bonus tracks and I have to say that ThaPsalmist2 DOES rep for Christ but you'll have to listen attentively on this 19 song LP.

ThaPsalmist2's rhymes are intricately woven together to help assist you get down in some mental calisthenics. ThaPsalmist2 skillfully elaborates his views through imagery and poetic expressions. Tony Stone threw down on a few of the beats on the album including the flute laced "Intro Duction of an Emcee", in which ThaPsalmist2 immediately comes through with some boastful lines like: "I wanna be more than known as a household product to be set inside the home, I roam city to city keeping ya blocks hot." I think the album would have been better off without the songs "Just Clowin" and "Incoherent Babble". Some of ThaPsalmist2's braggadocios lines on "Just Clowin" are : "My only confines are 16 bars/ when I bust I shine brighter than 16 stars", as well as: "I'm scoring more points in this game than Hornacek." "Incoherent Babble" has an annoying hook and is a plea to nonsense rappers who don't use their mind's potential.

The Las Vegas native comes strong on a few acapella joints on the album entitled "Darkness Invader" and "Manifest Revelations" where he speaks about how life is just a temporary vapor (James 4:14) and how some may not know life's true worth. The theme of not wasting your life appears again on "This is Not a Test". This is one of my favorite jams on the album as ThaPsalmist2 and Excelsius rip this rugged Tony Stone banger. Excelsius kills this joint and ThaPsalmist2 boldly adds, "I've been told, man apart from God is guaranteed spiritual inflammation/ The question I'm raisin, are you prepared for your eternal destination?" "Premeditations One" is a dope track in which ThaPsalmist2 expresses his awe for the sovereign God and I was impressed by guest feature "Torch" who straight flips it on "Premeditations Deuce" as he states, "(My master) Coverin a multitude of sins, since non are righteous on the earth/I'm holding this message tight within, I'm on the frontline and it hurts."

ThaPsalmist2 is no stranger to alliteration and demonstrates his poetic creativity on "M.E.L.L.O.W." which stands for: I Masterfully Emancipate Language, aLeviating Old Wishful thinking. Alliteration is also seen on "Proclamation" featuring HipHopHead, in which they take turns spitting verses in which every word in every line begins with the same letter. The concept is dope but I think the lyrics will go over the head of the average listener.

Songs like "Music for your Mind" and "Meiosis/Mitosis" let you know that ThaPsalmist2 wants you to expand your mind and awaken your consciousness. Without Christ to renew your mind this would just be positive thinking, which is why ThaPsalmist2 makes sure the listener takes heed to God's word to expand their mental state. On Bonus Track #2 he says, "In the Word I find/ peace and joy and block stress out ya life like a pantomime." He follows that track up with the third bonus track where he tells of Jesus' lovely earthly ministry and crucifixion and pleads with the listener to believe in the one who rose on the third day. "This is my final plea, I hope you heed it/ Cause Jesus is the only one who for our souls interceded."

After listening to the album a bunch of times I was unable to get adjusted to ThaPsalmist2's voice and delivery. It seemed to me that he often tried to bunch in too many words into each bar. Undoubtedly though, ThaPsalmist2 is a talented brother (he also produced lots of the songs) and has lyrical skills and a brilliant mind. As ironic as it is, I think he would be even doper if he talked less about how dope he is. Those who like "deep" lyrics will enjoy this project and will have their minds elevated after the CD is over.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

--Believin Stephen - Written By: Believin Stephen @ May 2005

"The Psalmist 2 - Under The Cover of Light WTW"

The Psalmist2 is from Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be a gamble for me to say you might be taking a chance if you buy this CD. I’m just joking…this CD is really not all that bad. There were a lot of thoughtful lyrics on this project, which was designed to help you think about life. One of things I didn’t like about this CD is that it lacks consistency. See, in every CD you look for particular things like good production, Christ-centered lyrics, great flows, etc. This project has all of that but they are some times hard to find throughout the album. Psalmist2, Tony Stone, Kwon 5966 and Sundance head the production, which was good but just like everything else on this project, it was kind of inconsistent. Yet, this is an album we can recommend to most people.

3 out of 5 - What's The Word Magazine

"The Psalmist2 - Under The Cover Of Light Sphere"

The Psalmist2 - Under The Cover Of Light
The Psalmist2 has been putting in work for the last 10 years when he first fell in love with Hip Hop. Over the years his passion for the culture and the truth brought him to where he is at today. Opening up acts such as Boombox Titans, Redcloud and Soup the Chemist the Psalmist2 has been putting in work getting his name out to the masses. With his debut solo album Under the Cover Of Light he invites you into his world as he shares his thoughts and feeling about many topics and issues.

The first single and albums hottest track is called "Stand Amazed". It is produced by Kid Sundance and features Braile and Sundance. Psalmist2 sounds nice with the 2 emcee's and makes for a real nice posse cut. Tony Stone blesses Psalmist2 with a dope flute sample on the track "Proclamation". HipHophead & Psalmist2 bring the lyrical heat over this dope track and complete the song the way an emcee should. "Premedition Deuce" is another dope track that features Tourch on the mic. Both talk about the importance of expanding your mind and not believing everything you see.

The album is solid but has some areas that can be improved on the next go round. You can tell the quality difference between the tracks produced by Tony Stone or Kid Sundance and the once by Psalmist2. The Psalmist2 has a good ear for picking beats as showen on this album and use these producers on his next go round. Also as a independent debut album it could have been cut down by 2-3 tracks and that would have made it a more complete LP.

In the end this turns out to be a good LP and a good place to start for a new emcee in the game. He is well connected as you can see with his guest apperances and production credits. Every emcee grows with time and I look forward to see what the Psalmist2 will come with next time around.


2 1/2 out of 5 Stars -


"Under the Cover of Light" LP 2004
"Under the Cover or Light Preview EP" 2004"
Proclamation EP" 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


ThaPsalmist2, a college student and a native of the “City That Never Sleeps”, has been cultivating his lyrical artistry for the past 10 years. His journey began with a mixtape, given by his older brother, which first sparked his interest in Hip-Hop. This interest eventually grew into a passion; a passion for music, a passion for knowledge, and a passion for truth.
As most interests, his involvement with Hip-Hop started off as a past time or hobby, something to listen to when relaxing; but it was more than a mere expression of how a few generations of youth decided to make themselves heard in society. It was an art. This young man eventually decided to take his interest from the sideline observer, to active participant, and took on the alias ThaPsalmist2 as a stage name (psalmist is in reference to and ancient biblical poet). Being brought up as a child to aim for excellence in all that you do, he didn’t take a liking to listening to rap on the radio. The vast majority of artists seemed to lack a purpose that would ultimately affect their listeners in a positive way, which left him to his own CD collection for musical enjoyment. As time went on he came into a few opportunities (Summer Co-Host of a hip-hop show and Street rep for a couple record companies) that would allow him to network with other like minded individuals in his local area as well as nationwide.
This work gave him the chance to meet a group by the name Elekt Poetz. This collection of emcees (6 at that time) became the starting point of his local network. ThaPsalmist2, or P2 as he is sometimes called, became friends with Elekt Poetz and a few years later began recording with the founding member Kwon 59. During this time he also came into contact with a few other emcees (Jo Cyph, D.B.E., and 2Five) as well producer/emcee Kid Sundance of the Boombox Titans. These connections have helped in the past year he has been working on his project.
ThaPsalmist2’s religious upbringing, education, and like of poetics gives his music a unique twist. His mission as an artist is to bring to the table what many artists lack. To educate his listeners through spiritual and physical truths, and bring GOD’s enlightenment that allows one to achieve their full potential in life. His songs range from upbeat and funny, to mellow, to intense and thought provoking.
Hoping to garner some attention with his debut, set to release October 2004, he intends to better his sound (production wise) and contine to push the bar of lyrical ability upwards. He will also be seeking concerts dates in order to start his education mission of the masses.
ThaPsalmist2 has had the pleasure of performing with Boombox Titans, Elekt Poetz, F.O.M., Future Shock, Sackcloth Fashions, Man of War, Soup the Chemist, Fros-T, Sole Components, CY, Redcloud, and others.