Tha Regularz

Tha Regularz

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Shantele “Pretty” Pretty, born June 13th 1985 and Shardae “Illy” Turner, born June 8th, 1986 were both born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore, MD. Pretty was introduced to the world of DJ’ing at the age of Eight as her uncle Matthew played a local block party in Sandtown. He invited her up to get a feel for the turntables and that is where music really began for her. As her interest in music progressed, Pretty wanted to learn to play an instrument. She picked up the Alto Saxophone at age 12, took a few lessons and joined the Milford Mill Academy band in 1999. For Illy, her music journey started at the tender age of Four, when her family realized she had a gift to sing. Her first solo, singing “Tomorrow” by Orphan Annie, was performed at her Pre-School Graduation Ceremony. From that moment on Illy was deeply rooted with the culture of Music. As a Kid Illy would write stories and poems that by age Eleven transitioned into the form of songs. This was also around the time Illy started to indulge in the art of DJ’ing.
Pretty and Illy later crossed paths attending the same High School, Milford Mill Academy. The two connected by playing on the basketball team together only to later find out they shared something more special in common; Music. Pretty recalls that moment as: “It was a school party where we realized we both did the same thing. Two of our homeboys were doing the party actually. I wanted to get on so I hopped on the tables and started rocking the party and Illy was like “Yo you Dj too, I do this too, that’s crazy!!". Security guard came up to me saying they needed someone to DJ this party because their DJ couldn’t make it. I said, “sure when is the party”, he said “tonight”! We ended up doing that party together at Club 320 on Eutaw St. From there is where our partnership formed.” “That was really when the whole PrettyIll thing started, just by us doing parties together” Illy said.
In 2003 Pretty graduated and left Baltimore to attend Clark Atlanta University leaving Illy behind feeling as though she had lost a partner and friend. While Pretty was away at school Illy started to get into production. Learning how to construct a track from start to finish from scratch. Seeing her passion for the craft, her Uncle brought her first real keyboard. It was on that machine where she learned how to do tha basics as well as learn how to use what she had to get what she wanted. In 2004 Illy created her first solo project as an artist, writer and producer. Meanwhile, away at school Pretty was giving a copy of a production software called Reasons. “Man I remember when my homey Marc first told me about the software and I was like I wanted to do that too. He put it on my computer for me and from there I was hooked. I remember getting very little sleep for weeks after that cause I was up trying to learn how to make beats and how to become good at it. I was trying to learn the ins and out of the software. I stopped going out as much; if I was in class and I heard something in my head I would leave class to go make a beat. That’s how serious I was.” As Pretty got more involved with producing she realized that she needed to know more about the business itself and surround herself with others with the same interest. Around 2006 she began, finding numerous internships in the Atlanta area surrounding the music field. The most influential one was working with a.Fam Entertainment which was a independent label ran by, at the time Aftermath’s Super Producer Focus… “That’s when I really got addicted to the life of a producer. The late nights, early mornings! I loved it. I loved being in the studio all night. I would have to leave the studio at 6AM, go home to shower and get dressed so I can be on time for my 8 o’clock class and be rushing back to the studio after. I knew I wanted to this. I learned so much during that time just by watching Focus… He gave me another outlook on what it means to be a producer and create records, not just beats. There’s a difference. I will always be grateful for that experience.” Pretty shares. Illy later joined a group with one of her bestfriends Called "The Baltimore Buck Team". Just when she felt like she had a place to grow her musical career, her best friend, whom she’d joined with, encountered a stroke. Needless to say the group disbanded. Shortly after that Illy moved to Los Angeles, California to attend The Los Angeles Recording School. “I was interested in learning the ins and outs of audio engineering. I felt as if I could be good at it at some point If I practiced.” The crazy thing is Pretty would send me tracks that she made for me and I would just write. Write as much as i could and It was during that time that we came up with "Tha Regularz" for our group name because we had did a song that was called Tha Regularz and just thought about that whole concept and was like yoo? this should be our name.”
Illy came to Atlanta in May 2008, to attend Pretty’s Graduation ceremon


Life in The 2080's: Cruddy Whipz and Pogo Stickz - Recorded 2008, Released 2011
Moist Muzik - Released 2011
Tha Mo' Money Mixtape - Coming Soon