Tha Rupness Monsta
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Tha Rupness Monsta

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"The Rupness Monster"

Hip hop is funny when it comes to real estate - if you're from Compton or Brooklyn, you've got some automatic cred, but if you call Podunk, Arkansas or Boise, Idaho home, or even, say, Winnipeg, you've gotta try a little bit harder. In this regard, it's a credit to his hype production (well, his vocals too) that the first couple times I heard K-Rupson on the radio and didn't catch his name, I had no idea he was coming from the same city as me. A founding member of Peg City's Moonshine Kru, Krup has been a fixture in the city's rap scene since he began spitting in '97, and his flow has come a long way since. "Home Brew" thoughtfully represents his Winnipeg roots while "Ride to Die Girl" rides this great "Buffalo Gals"-esque beat while guest Maiko's chorus fits the mood perfectly. Also highly recommended are "Message" with its skittering sample, "Show Me", and Lu-Cypha's guest spot on the battle epic "Infection". (Murrk, - Thomas Dorey - Stylus Magazine 2006

"Tha Rupness Monsta"

I heard the hype about K-Rup$on and got myself a copy of his debut album on Sure Shot Records to see if the hype was right... This album dispels the myth that if your of Scottish decent you cant rhyme for shit. Straight from the off K rips into his doubters with his intro track, an awsome beat sets off the mood in Rup'$ Intro... this album is all about setting the record straight and giving a big F.U to those that hate on anything good. Its a mish mash of beats, varying in attitude from the chilled sound on 'People' with the earie sound clip of some chick to the crazy slap-dat-ass beat on 'Sex You'. This album bring everything to the ring, beef, sex and clique emphasis. Buzzmad of Moonshine Kru fame laces 'Hatin on Tha Fams' with a verse. 'you know what you are, you dont give a damn'. There are lots of people out there that want to bring a person down, whether its because of the music you listen to or the success that you enjoy, everyone knows a hater and this is a slap in the face for them. 'This is Real' sends out a rallying call, not just to himself but to everyone listening, to make something out of yourself, not to follow the trends and be yourself and make your life what you want it to be. Its not my kind of track beat wise, but the message is definately worth listening to and this track leads on perfectly to 'Hip Hop Poem', registering his disbelief at the state of hip hop. There is a sense of urgency in the beat, 'seems like hip hop is going in the wrong direction, it's to motivate your heart, soul, bodyand mind' rather than the pop star emcee's (you see on MTV - KJ), i loves it. Buzzmad lends his support; 'most emcees talk shit and violate the true ones that come through' to the message as the track draws to a close. Many of those that follow underground hip hop will relate to this track in a big way, addressing the frustration many feel about the less than average emcees making a killing from talking shit. The first thing that i noticed about this album was the quality of production, the producers did a great job on this one, and its a worthy flag ship product for Sure Shot Records, and Canada as a whole. There is just too much to this CD to write into a short review. 20 tracks of varying styles each with its own authenticity, its a fresh sound to break up domination of the radio waves that commercial hip hop enjoys now-a-days. For more information check out: ( ( - Underground Scenes UK


Intastella(2000), Eclipse (2002), K-RUp$oN's "The Album"(2004), DJ Combo's "Hostile Takeover"(2005), Cleaning out the Dungeon Compilation(2006), Tha Rupness Monsta(2007). ** ALL albums independently release through 129 Street Productions. Singles from almost all of these albumns got spin locally in winnipeg on 3 seperate stations for the past 4 years.(101.5 fm, 95.9fm, 107.9fm). Also i have ben featured on a DJ Vlad the Butcher mixtape(Northern Nightmare), And a DJ who kidd mixtape (canadian coke pt2).




-Co Founder of Moonshine Kru -Founder of 129 Streeet Produktionz -Preforming locally in winnipeg for 5 years. -over 100 shows locally - Featured on Dj Vlad the butcher mixtape 2007 with 2 placements -Featured on Dj Who Kidds "Canadian Coke pt2 w/2 placements , upon review also givin the HOTTEST TRACKS recommendation on the mixtape -Headlined for Peg City HOlla 2002-2006 (a 4 day hip hop festival known canada wide). -headlined for Names such as Bobby Valentino , The Game,G-Depp, Joe Buddon, Black Moon, Royce da 5'9, Jeru tha Damaja, N.O.R.E, Tha Rayne, Classified and more. -Released 7 cd's commercially.marketed and Distrubuted Locally (and independently). and have sold over 2500 copys locally from retail and hand to hand, along with an additional 3000 copys promo city wide thru shows and public appearences. -3 TV interviews and a live preformance on Shaws Def 11 Local cable tv. -Over 50 radio interviews Between local campus stations 95.9 ckuw & 101.5 umfm, along with Flava 107.9 fm. -100's of spins on 95.9fm, 101.5fm and 107.9fm as well as cbc. -Runners up for dig your roots compilation 2003.(over 100 canada wide entrees(we made it to the last heep). -Founder of Websight in 2005 . Over 225 users registerd and over 20000 hits. -3 Successful Cd release Partys thrown with over 200 cds sold at each one. -Multiple hits on 107.9 winnipegs local hip hop station Countdown including "Sex me" By MoonSHine Kru,"HOmebrew" by K-Rup$oN, as well as "I'm Ready" and "The Realization" produced By K-RUp$oN FT. Tynisha.SOme holding the number 1 position by Vote for over 7 weeks str8! -Producing for other local groups such as Mood Ruff, Shadez ov Blaq, Jon Smith, D-Grimes and more. -well known for a stand out sound and production, as well as for his talent for being a Great preforming artist who delivers high energy while preforming live. Respected as one of the best in the winnipeg Hip Hop Scene. -Dedicated to his work,his music and to his groups success.