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tha Southpaw

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The songs I write and perform follow no fad, but instead create trends. My style switches up with every verse. The live performance is even more amazing than the recordings. From energy driven club tracks to songs that make just plain while out on the dance floor


I grew up listening to everything from the Beastie Boys to Tone loc to Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine. I write songs that the whole world can feel, not just an individual or small group. Anyone could come to a show of mine and love half of the music they hear and the rest eventually grows on them regardless of musical preferences. I've been doing this for over 12 years now and my skills are honed to a sharp knife of entertainment, energy and passion for rocking a croud.


Now is the Time

Written By: Shawn Romano aka tha Southpaw

It feels like it's been so long,
just tryina make it in rap music,
a beautiful struggle i have become accustomed to,
n it's a gift how i can spit,
how i'm feelin inside,
into this mic and let the feelins die,
thats why i love this game,
i love this pain,
i'm pushin till i make it or i'm driven insane,
puttin my faith into these words,
puttin this ink to this page,
until somebody starts listnin to what i'm tryina say,
thats my word man,
i'm on this curb man,
hustlin these tapes everyday for a better way,
cuz i come too far just ta give up,
ain't callin it quits,
i'm ballin my fist,
grindin till my family's rich,
this is life man,
and i'm a dreamer at heart,
i make it happen cuz i got it inside a me from the start,
i'm a cold hard killa,
about that scrilla,
i'm that much illa then most a these cats,
i deserve,
everything i earn,
cuz i been workin so damn hard it's like i'm livin n burnin,
livin n learnin,
now is my chance ta shine,
n it's gone happen cuz the time is mine,

Now is the time (what)
this is the place (huh)
me in this game it's happenin whether u like it or not
can't be denied now
i'm walkin my path ta fate
open these gates n tell the king i'm takin his place (repeat)

for me ta show the world what i been trunkin,
ta show em how a true soldier rolls with the punches,
i neva give up unless i'm dead in the streets,
long as these beats gotta knock then i'm bringin the heat,
so what u thought dogg,
i was just gone fall off,
make a couple records underground then just ball up,
i got an iron will,
i'm high n i'm dyin ta spill,
willin ta give u my last breath ta give u ya fill,
best get ta know me,
because i'm bout ta own this game,
you'll see the name south to the paw cross the frame,
before i'm finished,
believe you'll see alotta shit change,
i'm raisin the bar,
settin trends shiftin the game,
makin my move to the top,
can't lose when i drop,
get loose in this booth now they cruisin ta cop,
my newest a thoughts,
it's all comin togetha,
n my flights takin off no matta the weather,

singing break:
I'm movin,
no more dreamin i'ma do it,
picked up the pace now i'm cruisin,
this is my fate i ain't losin,
no it ain't happnin

too much drive in these eyes,
ta eva be denied,
set out to be a star n dedicated my life,
until i die thats my goal,
i'm live at these shows,
no gimmicks this is me,
i'ma seasoned pro,
go head check me,
if u don't believe my steeze,
but when it's all said n done u gone believe in me,
cuz i'ma prove it,
i said it in the break i ain't losin,
until i make it big i'ma nuisance,
there ain't a place u can hide,
these words are alive,
feedin off the curb till they heard n get signed,
it's worth all this time,
worth losin my mind,
least i got somethin ta live for insteada just dyin.



Backwood Records Presents: JUST THE BEGINNING

Set List

I have an hours worth of music
Now is the time 5min
stick n move 3 min
V.I.P. 4 min 30 sec
line up 4 min
get down 3min 30 sec
clear the dancefloor 4 min 45 sec
get the club crunk 4 min
place your bets 3 min 30 sec
gotta be a place 3 min 40 sec
give you the world 3 min
i'm back man 3 min 30 sec
all in 4 min
grown folks talkin 3 min 30 sec
sounds country 4 min
hit that pass that 4 min
stealin the show 4 min